Puchases charge me double?

I purchased the 787 and some other aircraft which cost 4.99 us each when i get my card notifcation it say that it charges me double oh the same product and this is happened to me more than once,can someone help me?

Is this Google Play? If so, wait a while and you will be refunded :)

Yes it is and it didnt

How long have you waited?

Like seen the 1st of Aug

Oh, have you messaged Google Play Support about this?

No so what do i do

Leave your device, OS, and what platform you bought it on. If you bought it from Apple, check your email for your receipt, you can get information on how to ask for a refund while this problem is fixed, or you can Email the company you bought it from and describe and give proof of the discrepancy for them to give you $5 to your account.

Contact Google Play Support and tell them the issue. Most of the time it’s their issue and they can solve it, not us.

Thx guys because it like now $60 in extra 4.99 sadly

Like @Noroftheair said, contact Google Play and they will look at your transaction history and if you bought double of the same item, they’ll refund it. Most of the time they’ll just look to make sure you spent the $4.99 and refund it without even going in depth with the situation. If they’re on the phone with you for an hour, they lost more than $5 which means they’re losing more than they would have refunded.

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