Public reveal of 20.1

It would be cool if IF hosted a live web session to launch 20.1. Kind of like a reveal of a new car. We could all connect and the IF staff could walk us through all that is new to 20.1 and then afterward it’s launch for us to use.

The team has already done something similar, giving us previews of things that might come in update 20.1. I would recommend for you to keep an eye on the #announcements and #blog categories, as well as #tutorials, and monitor their social media for further information or updates.


I’m pretty sure the release will follow suit of previous updates; a trailer is released after the update has been sent to the app stores for review. I don’t see them doing a webinar of sorts as a trailer is more likely to build up suspense etc.


Why is it 20.1 not 20?

It’s the first update of 2020. The 2nd update would be 20.2.

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