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I thought it would be a cool idea, with this new replay system if we could instead of just sharing them with specific people be able to mark them as “Public” where they would be submitted into a whole big list of replays in the app where people can see other peoples public replays. (Maybe to organize you could search for the comments or the person who uploaded the replay?)

I’m not saying I expect this feature to happen soon, heck I don’t know if it’s even possible right now, but it would be a pretty cool thing to think about.

I’m not even saying it has to happen inside the app, although it would be cool a third party website or something would be nice as well.

This is just a small idea I came up with considering that the replays are files now and there are a lot of things you can do with them.

Tell me what you think, if this would work or not.

It’s not a bad idea, but we already have the #screenshots-and-videos section on IFC…


Yeah, I realize, but this would take some of the waiting and issues with doing it that way has, for example to get it on the screenshots and videos section you’d need to first export your replay to google drive (which is the most reliable way at the moment, Imessage has been said to be irreliable by the mods, and Email is an option there but has been said not work). Then upload the link from google drive onto IFC. Plus having it in the app would make it accessible to everyone in the app (and probably a lot easier to access)

In short, It would be a lot easier to share replays with the world with just one quick button
and shared replays would be easier to access.

I agree with @Coolman. We already have #screenshots-and-videos for a reason. No need to have a subcategory in a category like that. But that is just my opinion. :)

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Yes, I know that exists, but it’s not really a huge domain of public replays, it’s basically just another way to share replays on IFC. (where you would still need to go through the steps of getting the replay on your computer, etc.)

I am not sure that everyone wants their replays available to everyone to watch. Also, Im not really sure why people would take up their own space to download other people’s flight. Also, make sure to vote for your own feature request

Okay, so, say you kept it in IF. That would require one of the following:

Either everyone is allowed to access everyone’s replays. The good the bad, the ugly. Apart from granting them read-only access to everyone’s credentials, these files couldn’t be read without remaining on the IF Server rather than stored locally.


A large place in IF which stores every replay into which users can place or duplicate their replays they want others to see, which only slightly lessens the number of replays needing storage.

Well, what are you looking at, then? A massive increase in storage requirements and server load. With the advent of Global, IF moved to a streaming model for a reason. If they were to then turn around and start loading down the servers with months, then years, of accumulated replay data files. (Which, in turn, requires more server capacity, a larger farm, higher prices…)

It just doesn’t make a whole ton of logistical sense. The current model doesn’t load the servers because the files are locally stored by the end-users, until they off-load onto cloud services. Taking all of that data and putting it back on the IF servers is not ideal logistically.

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Well it wouldn’t be forced, you would have the option to make it public or private

I didn’t say all replays would be public, that would be left up to the person who made the flight. However you make some good points here, and like I said, I don’t know if it’s possible, but if it is, I thought it would be a cool thing. I’m not insisting that we do this. Heck even if it was easy to do, shouldn’t be top priority. I’m just saying it would be a nice feature if it was possible and easy to do.

But again, good points, give some good insight into how anything added could have repercussions on things already in the game.

So you’re thinking about a video-sharing platform like YouTube, except only for IF replays?
This sort of thing would cost a lot of money, and I currently don’t see enough reasons to justify the price.
But you’re right, it is an interesting idea to think about.

Yup, That’s basically what Tim_B argued, which makes a lot of sense.
This feature is basically saying that if it would be easy to do and not to costly it would be a nice thing to add, but in no way am I saying this is a necessity.
If it’s too costly or too hard or just impossible all together, don’t add it.

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Maybe someone will set up a (third-party) website like this and have people post links from onto the site rather than post full video files. This could eliminate the need for a huge website storage capacity.

Honestly, I really like your idea. I’m probably not going to vote simply because I don’t think IF themselves would do this type of thing, but I’ll let you know if I myself decide to use it.

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Exactly, I never said it had to be in the app.

I also said, even if it was third party it would still be a pretty cool thing.


I think that the sharemyif website are exactly matching your idea

well the problem is it’s still a code that you have to share to specific people or people on the IFC. There’s no real way to just browse the website and see some replays.

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This is a good idea, BUT… we have a place on this forum to post them.

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