Public Photos Free to Use

Have you ever seen a very cool photo on the forums, and wish you could use it for a profile picture, logo, or many other things you could use Beautiful infinite flight photos for? Well this is the place where you can find any photo you would like, and save it. Here are the rules if you want to share some of your photos in this chat:

1.) You MUST take the photos yourself, DO NOT share other people’s photos on here (Do not repost the same images someone else took on here!).

2.) Puting a watermark on your photos is not required, nor recommended. If you truly want to put a watermark on your photo, you may.

3.) Max of 3 Photos Per Post.

4.) Do not get off-topic.

5.)If you post a photo here, you cannot allow certain people to use it, they are for the WHOLE community.

6.) Posting a photo here means t is not manditory for people to give you credit for it! That is what a watermark is for.

7.) Have an awesome time looking at other people’s photos, and be sure to share some of your own!

Im sorry if there is a similar topic to this, I tried to find one and couldn’t. Also, many people might say “Best IF Photos” is similar to this, although it is, the photos on there are not garunteed to be free to use. Enjoy :)


Whenever I post a photo and someone uses it in the IFC, I feel like my photo is appreciated. This should be encouraged.

Always ask permission and give credits😉


What do you mean by “our”? What is the purpose of this? Your subject line is misleading.

There are already community guidelines on photo credit.


I understand, and you can get in deep trouble if you use someone else’s photo without their permission (I think?). Would it be helpful if I added a rule that you don’t have to give credit to the people who took the photo? I was tying to imply it by saying watermarks are optional… I also switched it to “Public Photos To Use”. Would that be the correct title? Recommendations?

The best thing to do is to post the photo the way it is(even with watermarks) then give credit by providing the link, name of photographer etc.

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In my opinion, if I use a photo as my profile picture it would be much easier to stick the credits in my bio. Just sayin’.

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We already have rules in place.

If you post a picture five credit if it was not you.

If you post something, others can snag it (it’s the internet after all) with the expectation that credit is given when needed.

If you want to add watermarks or whatever that’s fine if it’s your work.

If you wanted to post a picture for general availability for others without credit, just say so.

I guess I am lost on the issue/problem you are addressing.


I personally enjoy when people do in fact use public photos, they do cite the source (mainly for me because it’s a sign of respect) Having everyone post random photos isn’t fun when you can create it yourself :)

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Easy said then done. I was trying to push for photos that are absolutely free to use, meaning you do not have to give credits to the respected owners.

I was attempting to push for people to post photos that they don’t mind people using, and don’t give them credit. You can lock this topic if you think it really wouldn’t benefit people, or the community.

The easiest solution is this…

You see a cool photo Tyler took.
You pm him “hey bro, cool pic, can I use your photo as my avatar?”


Or it could be even more simple and just take a screenshot and you’re done? 🤷‍♂️

What is the point of taking a picture and not getting credit for it?

I’m a semi-pro photographer IRL. If someone uses my photos without permission, they’re in trouble.


I guess I see you’re point, although I thought it was a really great idea, I always got to remember the possible scenarios before posting the idea. Should have thought about this more, thanks for telling me!

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It’s common courtesy.


While you guys debate about photo credit, I’ll share some of mine for people to use :)


Thanks for sharing after about 15 messages ahaha, :-), good photos!


Thanks! I sent the second one to a friend and told him I was leaving for Hawaii ;)
(He believed me)

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But wait there’s more ;)


Some photos I had laying around…