Public Apology

Due to my unacceptable behaviour today at IFC, I want to apologise to all IFATC members of whom I have offeded roday, especially @Neeson52 who did a great job at RKSI, and nearly got into a verbal fight over minscule things. As such, I am ashamed of my behaviour. As a member of SVA, I would also want to apologise to @Transport_Hub @TwinsRock88 and @AndrewWu for being such a nusiance on expert server meant for professional pilots. It was my inability to understand the situation and thus causing such a huge blow up. This public apology is neither forced by SVA nor pressured out of IFATC or the general public of the Infinite Flight Community. I would like to take this time to reflect on my actions for 3 weeks and not flying for the time being. Once again, please take note that this is not a forced action, but rather my responsibility to own up to my mistakes. I hope that everybody will understand my actions. As said, I will not be flying for now for the next three weeks. Thank you.


Please flag it if you feel it’s inappropriate for me to comment!

You are a good guy. We worked together before, not long ago.

We all have bad days, trust me.

I was a bit frustrated about your rant as I’m IFATC myself, though I have had nothing to do with your case, still felt that such rants are against all of us. Like we were fools having no clue what we are doing, and most of the rants are clearly stating this in one way or the other.

Depsite all this,


…and this, what I honestly really do appreciate, was you taking your time and put effort into this open apology. No matter what happened, how small or huge the issue was, you admitted that you were in the wrong and after the rant you did not hesitate to share it with everyone here!
This is something most of the rant posters here on IFC forget to do in most cases (not to mention those posts from IFFG, but that’s a different story).

You are the man in my eyes and it is good to have you amongst us!

And, in my opinion (although it might be really insignificant to you), there’s no need to further punishment, or any punishment in general, at all.

As long as your case helped you to learn something, your ghosting already did what it’s meant to be used for: to helps us, all of us, to spend some time learning from our mistakes and become a better person than who we were before!

I am hoping to see you in the skies, showing the professionalism that’s already reflected in your message above.

Admitting our mistakes today is the first step to become a better person tomorrow!

Tomorrow, I’ll be at home, please drop me a message anytime if you want to hang around together.

Be it on casual or training, it would be good to fly on your side, anytime!


You could have just sent me pm I feel this is private matter these public apologies is becoming frequent here.Am not trying to sound rude but it’s good you felt the remorse and apologized.

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