PSP - CNO | The P-38 Warbird

Hey IFC! So the other day I did a flight on the Lockheed P-38 from Palm Springs to Chino. The flight was a bit interesting of course because this aircraft doesn’t have autopilot. After leaving PSP I flew around the area and then headed out west past the two tallest mountains in SoCal. After that I flew out to the dairy farms of the Inland Empire and circled around CNO before bouncing down on runway 26R.

Server: Expert
Aircraft: Lockheed P-38
Flight Time: 00h 36mn

Getting ready for departure at Palm Springs Airport

Turning onto runway 31R

Circling over Palm Springs

Headed out west

Flying over the Inland Empire

Passing by Chino Airport before landing

Turning onto short final runway 26R

On final seconds from landing

Floating over the runway

Parked at the hangar at Chino Airport

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Thanks for stopping by and let me know what picture you liked most!


Boy do I love flying the P-38. And I commend you for doing a flight without autopilot. Great photos as well!

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I was going to fly around the old El Toro airfield (RIP), but I didn’t have autopilot. So I gave up 😂

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