PSAM | Palm Springs Air Museum

Hello again guys, I spent a few days in Palm Springs lately for a vacation and just had to go plane spotting. Over the next few days ill post around 4 spotting topics from Palm Springs.

I dont remember all of these so if it doesnt have anything about it and you know something about it or what it is feel free to comment so I can add it!

Starting off we have “Bunny” a working P51

Not sure what this is but its great I think

EA-6B Prowler now replaced with the EA-18G Growler

Next up a Lear jet

Star of topgun right here the F14 painted in the Fast Egale 107 livery (1981)


F18 Hornet

A6 Intruder


A4 Skyhawk

A4 Skyhawk

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Awesome shots Griff!


Cool! If I’m ever in Palm Springs I’ll have to go there!


I need to go to Palm Springs to see that P-51…


I will not tolerate the prowler disrespect 😭😭😔 nice pics

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Oh shoot the text broke. But he’s that’s the EA-6B prowler which has now been replaced by the EA-17G Growler.

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Some nice quality photos 👌

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Really great photos!!! I wish Australia had a museum like that!

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Phenomenal shots! The P-51 and the Stearman (the 2nd photo) with that vintage car in front of it looks amazing. Nice job!

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