PSA: Supporting IOS Users

PSA: Supporting IOS Users

tldr: Offload, don’t delete

Hello all, I have a PSA for those whom are fixing issues with IOS devices.

The situation

Every now and then, when helping people with issues, we get to the inevitable step of having to delete the app.

However for IOS users, there is a better, less nuclear, solution.

I present to you the offload.

How to do it

Click me

The process is identical on iPadOS

Open Settings then follow the below steps:

Why is this better

Offloading is a better, less nuclear solution to fixing most problems than deleting the app, since you keep the replays. You will also keep the installed aircraft (see section “It still didn’t work”).

This is because *as shown in image 4 of the How to do it section, apps are divided into the “App size” (app itself) and “documents and data” (replays, aircraft etc). By offloading the app, you only remove the “App size” section, and since this is where the code for IF is housed, it should fix most problems.

It still didn't work

In some cases, problems such as corrupted aircraft etc might be the root cause of your problems, sadly this does (IF staff correct me on this) mean that you will need to delete the whole app.


Instead of rushing to the "delete the app" solution, try this less nuclear method first. It won't be the end all be all of solutions, but it can allow you to keep your replays whilst hopefully fixing your problem.

Note: I may have, probably have, got certain things wrong here, if anyone be it from IF staff or otherwise have any corrections to this, please let me know and I’ll make the edits


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