PSA: In-Flight Assistant (+ in-apps) and SmoothTrack currently at 50-60% off to celebrate 10 years of IF!

Hey everyone!
Just wanted to let you all know that to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Infinite Flight I’ve lowered the price of my flagship app, In-Flight Assistant, the soundscape app for Infinite Flight which offers a virtual co-pilot, GPWS warnings, Passenger Announcements, RAAS warnings, and a VNAV system by 50-60% (depending on your region) for 1 day only, beginning now.

(And that includes each of the in-apps as well. This means you can currently get the whole thing - core app and all its in-apps for just around $10-12 instead of the usual $25!)

Also, I’ve lowered the price of my latest app SmoothTrack - the immersive 3D head tracking app for PC games but which also supports Infinite Flight - by 50% - it’s only around $5 instead of $10. This will also be for 1 day only - so grab it while it’s hot!


Greta feature, I’ll go check it out and hopefully but it!

Is this a one time purchase?

If so, expect some 💰 from me.

Oooooh, and I’m about to buy the vnav feature. Amazing, and thanks!

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was literally looking at getting IF assistant yesterday. Bought it today!! Thanks!

IFA is a fantastic app. Have been fully using it and widely recommending it for years now.

Voice command is the only feature I don’t use (my voice doesn’t seem very compatible with the app) but I really only took it out of curiosity more than to actually use.

Great job on IFA @epaga

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Dropped the cash, bought the app! It’s working wonders!


Any idea on an update?

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I think it is time for me to update the application because I have not seen any so far

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