PSA: Forum Etiquette

Hey all,

I’d just like to bring this to your attention.

Recently, I have seen quite a bit of posts that include “lol”/“lmao”/“lmfao”. While these my be okay to use once in a while, please refrain from using them every single post you have.

Another thing that also I have been seeing is excessive punctuation.

Here is a example of both.

“Yeah, the CCX can’t make it that far, lmfao!!!”

Now, what if that sentence was written just a little bit more professionally?

“Yeah, the CCX can’t make it that far.”

See the difference? Not just visually, but also mentally for a reader. Whenever I look at a post that has the mess that was Example One, I automatically think that the writer is not to be taken seriously.

On the internet, you have to present yourself maturely and professionally to gain respect. Sadly, I made some mistakes before (and that’s why I currently am not a TL3).

Many, many people on the IFC try to act professional, and want to gain respect. The problem with that is the fact that you can’t force respect; you have to earn it.

Two great examples of who you guys should model is @JoshFly8 and @NEO. I have immense respect for both of them, and one main reason for that is the fact that when they write, they write well and take time into the post. Without this attribute, even with the great personality they have they most likely wouldn’t be known community-wide as a professional.

The final reason why we all should strive to be professional is for the new users/users that might join. If we can set a good role model for our new members, the community as a whole will drastically improve as a whole. New users also sometimes look at other posts and see if it is worth their time to join the community. Sometimes, if they see one or more bad/unprofessional posts, they might noe join. And this isn’t bad just from a business standpoint; it’s also bad for the community. We might lose potential stories that could have been amazing to read on this forum.

If you made it down to here, I hope that this PSA helps you to maintain more professional and mature on the community. Thank you.


This is all very useful and factful. I try to be as professional as possible within the community.

Personally, in public, I would flag “lmfao” or “lmao” as ,if you spell it out, it is simply rude and inappropriate for use on a public forum, where minors are. I agree, people need to take time and try to present themselves more professionaly fesionaly . I admit ,my posts, will occasionaly have spelling errors in, but they are often fixed quickly. I take it as an insult ,however, when people send me a message in the language you would expect to see scribbled on a toilet wall. It does not bode well, especially if you are asking for my help.


And again, we see another post about forum behavior. Although I do agree with the points you make here, topics like these are just becoming redundant and are starting to clutter the forum. Misha has made his post about this subject, and has pinned it globally. We don’t need every forum member creating their own seperate topic about this.

If you see anyone use excessive punctuation, just shoot him a quick PM. No need to create massively long posts on the forum about it.


I completely agree with all said here. We need to stop people saying all this unnecessary stuff that is actually nothing to do with what you are talking about!


Hey there,

Thank you for the input.

Next time, may I please ask you to just shoot me a PM?

Thanks! :)