PSA for those with high-powered devices: Turn off "Limit Frame Rate"!

All this time, I’ve left “Limit Frame Rate” checked and just now tried out what it’s like to turn it off on my iPhone SE and iPad Pro - and realized I’ve been majorly missing out on a incredibly smooth frame rate this entire time. 😱

Yes, it’s not the best for your battery life, but especially if you have it hooked up to a charger, it is SO worth it to turn off this checkbox (in the Graphics settings).

You may all know this, but if just one of you discovers this for the first time like I did yesterday, this post is worth it. 😅


Ooh. Let me try this…

EDIT: Butttterr. You made my day John. Gone up 30fps…

Moving around in the cockpit especially is so nice now…


I have a iPad mini 4 (2 Year’s old) and every time I fly with no limited frame rate the app spacks out just an I’m landing. I found this out the hard way after a 9 hour flight from Tokyo to Sydney. ( But did the flight a second time with limited frame rate on and it worked fine,) but yeah, no limited frame rate is awesomely smooth.

Seeing my flights are usually left in low power mode, I don’t need this. However I might as well try it while coming into YMML in an hour.

As soon as I opene Global I went straight to the graphic setting 😂 suprised to find them all reset

turned it off and enjoying 60fps

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I already knew about this :P

ooooooooooo whaaaat thank you it looks so good now

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