PSA call sign, but no livery?

I’m not sure how long the PSA airlines call sign has been in the choice list but I just noticed it today. I looked through all of the liveries and didn’t see a PSA livery anywhere. Maybe a taste of things to come? Maybe I just missed it (max apologies in advance if so)? Also a quick end note when can we expect illuminated cockpits for night flying? Keep the blue side up!


They’re are a few like that, I think the list just needs updating.

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In the real world, there are some commuter flights that use the PSA (Blue Streak) callsign. It operates for American Eagle (ex-PSA flights) specifically from KCLT, KPHL, and KDCA. The aircraft this callsign is used under is the CRJ family.

This is why we have other callsigns like Skywest, Express jet, compass, etc. They’re all commuter flight callsigns.


Although, technically, that wouldn’t be used in IF currently, as we have no American Eagle CRJs…

BTW, you may want to read the post I created below:

That PSA is not the old PSA. When us airways merged with it, they made a subsidiary so they can keep the rights to the name.

Interesting article. Not sure if the American Eagle livery is a worthwhile endeavor for the CRJ, then again we do have a Delta livery for almost every Boeing craft in IF. Didn’t know if anyone had any info regarding whether the PSA presence was coming or needing to be removed. I think Delta Connection can be operated by PSA but I have not looked into it.

PSA is only an operator for American Eagle, far as I can tell

PSA airlines, as well as Piedmont, are directly part of the American Airlines group.


There’s the answer, thank you both. They’re really popular out here at KCVG. I wouldn’t mind seeing AE in IF.

Regarding the cockpits, some already feature lighting (any new aircraft from Cessna Citation X onwards). Your graphics settings for the planes must be set to ‘high’ or ‘very high’ in order for this feature to be active

Off the top of my head, planes with lit cockpits include the Citation, the Dash-8, the A320 family and the 747s.

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