PSA: Apple app store prices to increase in UK, Turkey and India

UK will rise to make £1 equal $1, and so forth. This is a 25% rise. Infinite Flight app, aircraft, regions and live will all go up from £3.99 to £4.99

Turkey goes up by 30% (TL 2.69 app becomes 3.49), and India goes up by 33% (Rs 60 app becomes Rs 80) (sorry, can’t work IF prices)

But remember, you can get live from for the same rates as before, using the dollar pricing.

Increases will be happening in the next week.


They blame it on the exchange rate yet they’ll happily keep their (average) 42% cut of every sale in the UK…

Nothing like milking a cash cow.


Yeah they blamed brexit on the reason for the £800 price increase in the new MacBook pros, Apple like to use that excuse all day!

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I mean, a temporary adjustment due to exchange rate fluctuations is understandable… but their pricing of late has just become outright extortion…


If 3.49 is really in the Turkish currency, it is equal to 1 euro.

Plus it includes the 20% of VAT.

Once the pound rebuilds again I’ll be interested to see how quickly they lower it…


Really sad about this. :(

Hopefully prices won’t increase on the account webpage (they shouldn’t, it’s a US price) so we should still be ok.

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Yep, that is good. But I’m worried about in-app purchases, such as aircraft.

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Smirks as I have Live+


Thanks for the update.

How bout Hong Kong?

Oh great me broke


Welcome to what people in the US face with apple stores weekly, lol

Sad Its wery weird with al these currensies

Was planning on buying IF planes and areas in India, but guess I’ll have to buy them in UAE.

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