PS4 Controller Use for Infiniteflight

Hey guys.

Just read a topic that you can use the PS4 controller for Infiniteflight.

How does that work? Are there binds for the buttons?

Is it easy and good use?

What’s your experience when using it?

Adding on, my iPad is relatively broken, the screen barely works.

I fly from phone, but flying on iPad would be cool too, would the controller also be useful for this?

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I would say no, I prefer using a joystick since it’s more easy to use


Unfortunately not. Especially not on iOS / iPadOS. Android worked for me around 1,5 years ago.

It’s not good and easy to use. The PS4 controller disconnects every 5 min and it’s not really fun to use as the two joysticks aren’t precise enough to make a good takeoff or landing.

After trying it for a while on my iPad Pro 2018 I can’t recommend it to any device or person which wants to make an enjoyable flight. InfiniteFlight is a mobile simulator made to use with your hands and not external hardware.

It’s not really useful too. You have no extra possibility’s with it that’s why I recommend to stay with the iPad only.

I connected my Airbus certified sidestick to InfiniteFlight as well and yes, it worked. However, it’s not fun as the simulator isn’t optimised for external hardware. It’s optimised for your PS4 or PC. But the best thing about InfiniteFlight in my opinion is that you have a mobile simulator you can touch.

Hope I was able to help you!

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basically you turn on Bluetooth on you android or ios device in the settings, then hold the share and PlayStation button for 5 seconds until it starts flashing. your controller will come up in the options. Now connect it and you will be good to go. open IF go to settings and click devices it will show your controller. you can assign specific buttons for roll x/y and more.
Standard controls you have to find out itself but I’m sure there is a guide on this here in the forum.

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