PS4 controller support for iOS

Hello! New to IF but before I purchase a Pro account, want to know about PS4 controller consistency with my Apple iPad Pro. So far, every time I launch the app I have to re-map my controls and after about 15-20 minutes of simulator time, I lose connectivity with the Bluetooth controller. Of note, I do not own a Mac computer or PC that I can download shareware to help. Is there an update coming out soon?
Thank you kindly

I’ve heard of very few cases where people successfully use a PS4 controller to fly…although I imagine it’s not the best supported controller.


Regarding the controls having to be remapped;
It’s something we’re working on.

The controller turning off is however not something we can do much about, since that is a controller specific feature. Not sure if changing it while it being connected to a PS4 helps, but i know there’s a setting for it in the PS4.


Thank you all so much for the input and I am looking forward to the update!

I fly with a PS4, and enjoy it much more than tilting the ipad…

Yes, it auto-off’s after 20 minutes in my case, so you need to remember to switch views every 10-15 minutes to keep it active…

A bummer if you are long-hauling overnight…

The issue in IF is the Controller won’t reconnect to the game, even though it DOES reconnect to the ipad… THIS IS IF SPECIFIC, and should be eorked on by the IF team.

For info, another iOS simulator DOES reconnect to the controller, even if it auto-off’s.

Please IF team, lets fix this…

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I’ve had the same issues. I prefer using the controller, but got tired of mapping the inputs each time. When it comes to the controller disconnecting, try adjusting it from the sound/devices menu on the PS4. You should be able to disable the auto off function of the controllers.

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Wait a minute? You can fly using a PS4 controller!!!

I knew it could connect to the iPad, and I’ve played many games with it before, but you can fly with it?

How does that work?

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Just pair it with the iPad, then go to the controls section in settings and assign the inputs, sensitivity, etc.

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