PS4 controller disconnecting

Hi so I use my PS4 controller to fly sometimes, the only thing is, often about 20-30 mins of flying in, the controller will stop working. It will be on still, still connected to my phone, and I try resetting to defaults but it’s gone and I have to restart the app which is annoying. Does anyone have any tips on how to fix this?

I think the controllers have something built in where if the buttons or joysticks aren’t moved they “Turn off” As on PS4 You can change it from the default of 30 minutes. To whenever. So i think they’re default is 30 minutes when not connected to a PS4. And you don’t have to close app. Just turn bluetooth off, turn it back on and reconnect your device. Do it in steps to avoid having the app close. The controller i wouldn’t recommend for any flying unless you’re doing T&G’s or GA flying where the joysticks are constantly moving


The thing is though I enjoy flying spitfires close to the ground at Hugh speeds which requires a lot of turning and correcting so I’m not sure

I really don’t recommend using controllers. Because connection issues and whatever else, hand flying with the device is the easier option. But maybe keep playing around and you’ll find something maybe.