Proximity Violation

I wasn’t sure where to put this, so if anyone know please inform me on this thread.

So, here’s the question:

Can you get a violation for being too close to another aircraft in the air?

On the map screen, when you get too close to others, it shows yellow or red on the other aircraft. If you do get a violation, how are formation flights possible, and what is the point of the Flight of XX callsign?

The Flight of XX Callsign tells us to treat you as one unit. You can get as close as you want. Without that callsign, so long as you’re separated by other IFR planes by 1000ft or 3nm, you’ll be fine. The yellow and red simply are warning that you’re a bit close to them. Unless you’re blatantly trying to break separation, we won’t dish out a violation. We’ll work around it and get you folks separated.


So the game can’t give a level one violation for proximity?

Nope. That isn’t a thing.

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Cool! Thanks for the help!

Closed per OP request.