Providing foreign aid to Tonga with love

As you all probably know by now, Tonga had an volcano that erupted underwater that caused a tsunami and destroyed a lot of homes and land. The tsunami waves could be felt even at the US West Coast. Many nations have been aiding in military aid for Tonga over the past week, so i decided to help out Tonga with a foreign aid flight to Tonga as a USAF C-130

Loading up the cargo at RAAF base Townsville (YBTL) in Queensland, Australia for the 3 hour flight over to Noumea for an overnight stopover.

Getting the final preparations ready.

Departed runway 19 with nearly maximum takeoff weight with all of the supplies i am taking there for Tonga.

Reched a full cruising altitude of 18,000ft fpr the journey to the first leg Noumea.

About halfway between Townsville and Noumea
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Descending into Noumea

On final approach into Noumea La Tontouta International airport (NWWW) on runway 11

Landed, parked and opened all the cargo doors for more cargo to be loaded on.

Now after an overnight stay in Noumea and a few circjits to see how well the weight of the newly loaded cargo in the c130 will go in flight, the aircraft is going through its final preparations to head off to Tonga.

Final preparations for the flight

All checks are complete and all cargo doors amd compartments carrying vital supplies have been loaded onto the c130 with engine 1 and 2 starting up.

Backtracking runway 11

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Departing Noumea heavy with supplies.

Reached full cruising altitude of 24,000ft.

After an uneventful 2 1/2 hours, the descent into Tonga has begun.

Doing a flyover the runway at Tonga airport (NFTF)

On final approach into Tonga airport.

Taxxing to the gate after a smooth landing into Tonga

Parked at the gate in Tonga with all engines shut off the all cargo doors and compartepments open removing all the supplies for the people of Tonga in need.

As i flew over Tonga i decided to try and fly in a heart shape before i landed to show that we are all here for you Tonga. Stay strong Tonga ❤

Thankyou for viewing this post. This took me a long time to make. ❤❤❤


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