Providing better customer service / Air Traffic Control on the training server

I would love for my customer service skills to be included in pattern work but the inbound and outbound aren’t the problem it’s the customers AKA Pilots that ask for pattern work and then always Fly Above the pattern altitude and it’s not the GA aircraft…Its the HEAVIES…t to be honest even on the training server the general aviation aircraft stay in the pattern it’s the Jets and Heavies regardless of their grade…it becomes too much

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Heavies can fly patterns though…

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It would be nice if they stayed at pattern altitude when they request Pattern on departure

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Then open a tracking thread. You’ll get people who know how to complete patterns.

See mine: @AsternDestroyer's ATC Tracking Thread [PASSED MY PRACTICAL]

Unfortunately, these are only an option if you wish to one day become IFATC.


Why not just use all the runways for departure, arrival, pattern work ect? That is the best customer service you can offer.

How am I going to learn on the train and server when you have this going on just look at the pictures and they can fly expert at any time! And I stated no pattern work20190513_214900|449x600 20190513_214913_HDR 20190513_214917_HDR and I stated no pattern work

Unfortunately, grade doesnt indicate pilot skill or professionalism.

No excuse for it as a G5, but that’s the TS for you.

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Just for the record this is not a post about pattern work can you please stop bringing that into the equation it’s off topic

How can I provide better customer service. I said no pattern work 🙄 do you honestly not realize the hypocrisy you are saying in your own topic?


Of course I know how to do pattern work I just don’t want it at my airport what’s the problem now can we get back to the topic which is not pattern work

I know I know beating a dead horse with this one.


@Mags885 @Jeodanie_Smith… Interesting lesson and discussion here. Suggest next time @Jeodanie_Smith you move this type learning experience to PM once a duty expert tunes in. Suggest also you Contact an ATC recruiter appears you have the makings of. A fine IFATC. Regards All, Max


Thank you very much that was the most positive response now I’m just scared to take the test😬😂😂😂

Complaining about people not listening to you isn’t going to make you better at this. Everyone in this post is trying to help you work on your skills. Take it or leave it.

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Everybody’s opinion mean something but when they try to direct the topic off of what the topic is about what am I supposed to do

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If you put your effort toward doing things the correct way you would go far as an ATC. Denying a service because you just don’t feel like it goes against providing good service which is the question you asked in the topic. Re focus your efforts son.


As long as they don’t interfere you should provide pattern work which is the best way to provide service. You’ll see people still go above pattern altitude on expert. The fact is a VFR traffic pattern can vary in altitude. Some military patterns go up to 5,000 feet for simulated flameouts. That’s my two cents

I like how you’re looking forward to potential conflicts although I would reference you to this when picking the landing runway

If you would like to read more about intersecting runway ops I have some great resources for you.

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Sure please do.

But somebody just did send me the Flightradar24 and I’m running my airport just like they are in real operations I don’t see planes taking off and circling around the airport to land at the same Airport… so when I have my arrivals on runways 22 and 23 I was correct and all the departures on 16 left and right
I believe this is jeppesen and explains the operational constraints in Tokyo. In IF we don’t have to worry about noise pollution, or airspace restrictions, or even nighttime operations. Therefore it’s not beneficial for us to deal with our traffic in accordance with real world procedures as it could cause unnecessary delays.
Edit: Sometimes they do offer a good way to be efficient

As for the FAA guide to intersecting/converging runway ops

Chapter 3-9 is departures and 3-10 is arrivals

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