Providing better customer service / Air Traffic Control on the training server

This post is for training purposes only I’m just trying to get a better idea of how to be a better air traffic controller on the training server providing the best customer service I can so can somebody take a look at these pictures and see if my setup or the way I was thinking was correct. According to these pictures I wanted to use Runway 16L & 16R for all departures and Runway 22 and 23 for all arrivals would that work 👀20190513_194539_HDR 20190513_194550

No, use the same runways for takeoff and departure. You can route all aircraft departing to 16L and have all arrivals on 16R for example. Or mix it and have arrivals and departures on the same runways with the departing aircraft lining up while the landing aircraft vacated the runway.

Timing aircraft on runways that cross each other is a nightmare, best to avoid.


So 22 would not be in use?

Personally I wouldn’t use it unless the traffic levels got to a state where it was unavoidable. 2 runways, in the shape of 16L & R should give more than enough flex for traffic even in a FNF.

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Thank you I never thought of that I know is Infinite Flight and you’re right is it best for the controller to avoid any stress you’re right thank you

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That’s a very good question because it’s available

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I’m working the controller job right now doing ground and Tower on a training server at Tokyo International and I just told two aircraft to come in on the parallel one is coming on Runway 23 and the other one is coming in on the runway 22 is that a problem

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That works, if you’re able to - avoid crosswind landings. Particularly when they have 16L & R looking like ideal landing conditions.

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I was thinking the only real parallel have to worry about is when they’re coming in on Runway 22 and it taking off on 16 right when I asked but no intersecting departures and they got to turn onto the runway after they crossed Runway 22

And I think that people get the misconception that if I’m using Runway 16 left and 16 right for departures and because it’s green they think that those are landing or arrival runways and they’re not

Why not use them for arrivals aswell as departures?

Because I like giving a pilot an ILS Runway or approach versus a GPS approach and I think it also gives both arrivals and departures two runways ways to choose from let me amend that if I’m lucky enough to have a good approach controller with other Runway he gives them an approach for it and I can deal with it I’ll accept that

I dont feel like you’re factoring in all considerations, the fact is - the 16 runways are the longest, therefore more ideal for larger aircraft. By all means route smaller aircraft to 22 and 23 but a 747 or 380? I would always stick them on a 16.

Crosswind landings are notoriously difficult, purposefully sending aircraft for a crosswind landing is bonkers if there isnt much traffic to factor in.

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And this is why I love the Infinite Flight community and this forum I didn’t factor in those things size of the aircraft ask certain questions about size of an aircraft before and I was told as long as they can park at the airport they can get any Runway they want

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Not necessarily Haha aircraft size is a huge factor - or an aircraft that has to land quicker for one reason or another.

Considering your factors you’re right I might try to sneak a A380 in on Runway 16 left even though I prefer that to be just for departing traffic

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Can Runway 23 handle the A380 as I’m not inclined to put that big bird on Runway 22

It’d be a lot better if you tried allowing pattern work.

Just sayin’…


Actually I have no problem with allowing pattern work but when the pilot goes above the pattern altitude and I give them the right command of descend the pattern altitude and then they turn around leave my frequency and then come back in and ask for landing