Providence Flyout @KPVD - 161700ZFEB19

Providence T.F Green International Airport Flyout(KPVD)
(Picture credit goes to owner
Event Details:

Server: Expert

Airport: KPVD

Date: 2019-02-16T17:00:00Z

Hosted By: @Nolan_Hastings


  • No trolling

  • Proabaly will be departing off of runway 5 or 23.

  • Listen to ATC (If there is any), or properly use Unicom

  • Enjoy the flyout

Airport Map:


Airlines Serving PVD:

  • Air Canada

  • Allegiant

  • American

  • Delta

  • Frontier

  • JetBlue

  • Norwegian

  • Southwest

  • United

Concourse Map:

Gate Assignments:

Gate 2 - Frontier A320 to KTPA

Gate 3 - American A320 to KCLT

Gate 4 - American CRJ-700 to KDCA

Gate 5 - American A320 to KMIA

Gate 6 - American E175 to KPHL or KORD

Gate 7 - Allegiant A320 to KPGD

Gate 8 - Norwegian B737-800 to EIDW

Gate 9 - United CRJ-700 to KEWR

Gate 10 - United B737-700 to KORD

Gate 11 - United CRJ-700 to KIAD

Gate 12 - JetBlue A320 to KMCO

Gate 14 - Air Canada CRJ-200 to CYYZ

Gate 15 - Southwest B737-800 to KMCO

Gate 16 - Delta B717-200 to KATL

Gate 17 - Southwest B737-700 to KBWI

Gate 18 - Delta CRJ-900 to KDTW

Gate 19 - Southwest B737-800 to KRSW

Gate 21 - Southwest B737-700 to KFLL

Gate 22 - Southwest B737-700 to KDCA


FedEx Cargo 1 - MD11F to KMEM

FedEx Feeder 1 - Cessna 208 to KMVY

FedEx Feeder 2 - Cessna 208 to KACK

FedEx Feeder 3 - Cessna 208 to KEWR

UPS Cargo 1 - B757-200 to KBDL

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