Prototype planes!

The MD11F for UPS in IF is N287UP. I am loading that plane today.

Looks like the skin needs an update for that little piece of fedex cowling! Hehe.


Very good looking bird there even if there’s the FedEx purple


The pilot’s logbook be like: ”Fedex 0 / UPS 1” 😂

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It’s one of our better looking aircraft! UPS is in the process of repainting their aircraft, as some are looking pretty forlorn.

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Hey Blake!

I tried to post this under the appropriate topic but the selection wasn’t available, maybe because I’m a new user on the forums or something. I went with this because that specific plane is in IF, a stretch, I know.

Thanks for your help!


Just edit this to #real-world-aviation

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It will not allow it as it must be approved by moderators.

Awesome photo nonetheless @calico765! Loading an MD-11 must be a cool experience.


Cool is certainly a word for it. My favorite ones to load are the 757/767’s, as they are the easiest. The MD-11’s are a bit of a pain, as we have a certain loading sequence to prevent tail tipping.


This is awesome! Do you work at the airport, or how do you get ramp access?

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