Protesters at London Stansted

Seeing some planes getting in line to land, possibly.

I believe there is an inbound Ryanair from Lisbon on about a 12 mile final aswell

FedEx plane just took off

Tracking flight now. ABout 3 flights on final.

Yup, I said that about 3 mins ago lol.

I’m gonna recheck the livestream

RyanAir took off inbound to dublin.

Can I have the link to the livestream?

They were arrested that means the live stream is over

So many fedex planes taking off, Most of them dont have callsign’s untill there at FL30.

The FedEx MD-11 still does not have a destination.

Live stream has been ended. I think they would have been taken to jail. If anyone spots a Titan Airways 757 from Stansted to either Ghana or Nigeria that is the flight they were stopping

the plane should honestly just start its take off roll…

i mean assuming these people have ok and stable mental conditions, they would move out of the way… right?


FedEx usually operate a. Daily flight to Memphis at this time so I think it’s going there

Keeping a eye on Stansted traffic. If I spot it Ill tell everyone.

Its heading north. To the area above ireland it seems.

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I think this topic should be closed, the protesters are gone

Nah, We are not done till the asylum seekers get to their destination.


No. Now this topic is of finding the plane… (BTW… RWA probably wont be closed because its a open discussion)

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Well let’s call it titan airways search