Protesters at London Stansted

A group of protesters have marched into the runway to stop a flight going to Nigeria and Ghana taking failed asylum seekers home.

This has only happened within the last 20 mins and has already caused a number of diverts to London Luton and Southend.

A number of aircrafts are cirlcling over East Anglia waiting for landing clearance


isn’t this something that is able to be arrested about? for obstructing safety of others while protesting


They’re obviously going to be arrested.


I’m sure they will be arrested as it is a major incident

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On Facebook there is a livestream which the protesters are holding to get attention

Extra update: the aircraft they are blocking is a Titan Airways 757-200. It’s a chartered flight

Do they seriously not have anything better to do…


This is just sad… All these protesters, especially in the United States are going too far… It needs to stop!


I agree. However they clearly think that stopping one flight will grab enough attention to get more people to join

They should be arrested, going into an active runway in an international airport, is tresspassing, also you’re delaying commercial flights from reching there destination.


I’m surprised that there isn’t police going in and ripping them off the runway already. I believe that trespassing on a runway is an indictable offense in the UK.


I mean, It’s kind of unacceptable to block a runway, but other than that…


It would make for a hell of a good picture to post on the forum, if you entered undetected and were able to take pictures of plane landing and taking off.


I think you would also have a criminal record before you would have time to post the photos 😂


Can I get a link for the FaceBook live and the flight information for the aircraft?

Found the infomation but it looks like only 1 plane has been diverted. Police are working on removing the protester’s.

Better hope your carrier is as fast as they say they are! 😂

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Look at all of the delayed and diverted flights on fr24 where the heck are the police!!

Unidentifed Aircraft taking off from STN.

Bringing in the military! That’s what I like to see, some control over the situation.

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Update: Fedex Plane with no callsign or desination.