protest and request access u

for Infinite Flight LLC, I want to protest because the facilities were not provided after I paid for it. I bought back, but after I logged in to my account, I did not get access to live flights and other access

Are you sure you logged into the same account you bought your sub for? Maybe schyllberg or others could help with this one.

yes, I am sure that I have already paid for it with this account. I have my video link as proof

above there is my channel link. Please listen to the video

I’m sorry, but the video doesn’t show up. Could you give the video link please? It just brings me to your channel, not the video.

as proof, you can ask the CEO of EZYVA that I have subscribed to this account. I ever. fly with him from Gatwick to Glasgo

Let’s try not to @ seb he gets to every support topic and makes sure all of them have gotten a solution and assists when he can.

@Ilyas_Aviation for the purpose of this thread can you please list your device type and Operating system?

Sorry, I do not understand

I realize, but we don’t have any access to view subscription information of other accounts. It’s kind of hard to try and solve if we can’t see stuff like that.

What type of operating system do you have and why type of device.


IOS/Android (OS)
Apple iPad/Android STab(Device)


Just send a email to support team will help you


Schyllberg said this in a previous support topic after someone didn’t see his subscription even though he bought it. Maybe this helps you as well.

  • Tap “GET PRO”
  • Tap “I already have an account”
  • Tap “Restore to default account”

This is the topic if you want to see it.

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pause video in minutes to 11:58

Or it can help

Android. My phone android

I don’t see anything wrong at 11:58

I don’t either. It looks normal for an online session.

Please do as others have mentioned.

Either sending them a email with proof of purchase of subscription. They will get back to you with a solution as soon as they can get to it.

No need to continue to show us proof we can not help you further.


My account is visible in that minute

My account sir, in that second, you can see my account. This is proof that I have subscribed using this account

Yes, at that minute I don’t see anything wrong with the account. But I would definitely agree with following the advice above.