Protect Advanced Server

Once again I’m writing this after a disappointing session on advanced. I’m requesting harder criteria to be able to join Advanced Server. Playground already turned into Free Flight Server and I don’t want this to happen to Advanced.

This guy didn’t even understand what the term “Line up and wait” means. So why exactly could this guy join advanced? Controller was called Axel. If I were you Axel, I would have ghosted him without hesitation after not listening to your instructions.


What’s an “Advanced” Server? Max Sends


Agree nothing more frustrating then that on Advanced server…but with a required standing of 25k XP and 100% standing you would have thought that people who achieve this would understand? Not sure how the Devs could make it “harder” for people to join though?

Give the standing an actual meaning?


Would be good to have a “taxiway leaving violation” and a “distance violation”


@Axel_Beder, bad move man…

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What did he wrong

Not sure exactly, he can explain - enjoy teasing the guy sometimes though ;)

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I’m totally backing @Axel_Beder up. He did nothing wrong. This needs to be said

I’d wish to close this thread. I don’t want useless arguments.

Axel is in Europe, either asleep or about to go asleep. You might not get a comment from him soon

Bring back the expert server!


The criteria for the advanced server is already quite high enough.

Leave the poor Frenchie alone. CROISSANT. Sorry had to let it out.


There is ghosting for a reason. If they go to the advanced server and don’t understand basic commands they should be ghosted. Nothing against Axel, I’m sure he’s a great controller, ghosting is controversial and under the discretion of the controller. But I feel that the only way people will obey the rules… If you enforce them!

Guys , we Advanced ATC have very strict ghosting guidelines to follow. I will Let Axel defend his actions on this one. But 1 big problem we run into is connection problems. We try and be very patient but when aircraft either on the ground or in the air are appearing and disappearing it is hard to figure things out sometimes.

Advanced ATC


Can we have category “Why Ghosted” and “Why not Ghosted”?

I think the reason for this is because on free flight server they can do what they like so they come into ATC playground and do what they like and then they do the same on advanced. So I think there should be some rules on free flight server to teach them what to do.

I understand Alex’s frustration but may I offer a counterbalancing view?

Since I have been controlling on the advanced server, I have been paying more attention to pilot’s behaviours vs ATC commands (obviously…), and I’d like to say that most of them are really doing well. Of course, sometimes pilots require odd things like VFR in a jet at FL180 or don’t know the difference between left and right, and this can be irritating, but in the end the experience is mostly pleasant.

As for ghosting: the balance is really hard to find, but I’d rather not ghost anybody at all, even if that means I have to cope with someone else’s erratic behaviour (typically a pilot doing a right pattern when everybody has turned left as requested, or a pilot seemingly thinking that “hold short” means “line up and wait”). Unless there is a “life threatening” situation or the pilot is a repeat offender, I usually try to be patient and give them a chance.

In a nutshell @LSZH34 : I completely understand your frustration, but the good news is that pilots do improve once they get on the advanced server (for instance after a while they stop requesting frequency change from ground to tower once they realise that nobody else is doing it, or they stop reporting each leg of their pattern etc.), unfortunately this is not an overnight change and we need to be patient sometimes :)