Prospective VA Staff Request Thread

Hello @Michigan_Aviation,

You are not allowed to post this thread here when the VA hasn’t been picked up by any Leader.

Thanks for your understanding.

IFVARB Supervisor & Leader


China Eastern Virtual Group is now HIRING!

China Eastern Virtual Group is one of the newest VA/VGs to the Infinite Flight world! We hope to be approved in a short time! Below listed are our open staff positions. If you are interested please send @Deakin a personal message regarding your interest.


COO: @JetWig: The COO is the second in command. The COO will be tasked with aiding the CEO in day to day responsibilities. The COO is a high position within our VA. Although we do not require it, we highly advise those to apply have previous VA staff/pilot experience.

Director of HR: Vacant: Our Director of HR will be the lead of our HR team. Our Director of HR will be tasked with all relations internal and external. This includes but is not limited to; VA partnerships, pilot affairs, community support, etc.

Career-Mode Manager: Vacant: Our Career Mode Manager will be tasked with all things career mode. They will be tasked with the upkeep and activity of our career mode, along with creating new ideas to keep the excitement flowing. They will be tasked with guiding pilots through the program and making sure our standards are maintained. Our CM Manager MUST be highly active.

Routes Manager: Vacant: Our Route Manager will be tasked with the upkeep of our routes database. They will be tasked with obtaining and inputting the correct routes for the correct aircraft.

Event Manager: Vacant: Our event manager is responsible for all the events that take place in the VA. They will be tasked with creating and directing internal events as well as creating, managing, and attending IFC events. The Event Manager will be teamed with a group of non-staff events leaders to help cover for various timezones.

Recruitment Manager: Vacant: Our Recruitment Manager will be tasked with the recruitment of prospective pilots. They will be contacting the pilots, administering tests, and inviting them to our Discord Server.

Media Manager: Vacant: Our Media Manager will be tasked with all things social media related. They will be tasked with posting content related to the VA. They will also be tasked with creating appropriate graphics for the VA.


  • Must own and maintain a legal copy of Infinite Flight Simulator.
  • Must have an Infinite Flight Pro subscription.
  • Must be in good standing with the IFVARB.
  • Must be 15 Years of Age.
  • Must be active.
  • Must be respectful and well rounded.

Any questions that you may have, please direct them to @Deakin. We would like to refrain from cluddering this thread with unnecessary messages!

We look forward to hearing your interest!


Operations Plan | Website

Staff Positions:

CEO: @Michigan_Aviation

Head of the VA. Supervises all staff and makes all the big decisions.

COO: @vacant

The COO handles smaller matters in the VA as well as assisting in the jobs of the CEO

CFO: @vacant

Ensures pilots fly safely, as well as other Executive Officer duties.

Pilot Supervisor: @vacant

Will help pilots who have just joined the VA. They will set the
pilots up and give them CC info.

Recruitment Supervisor: @Aiden_Hodges

Responsible for checking pilot applications and admitting them into the VA.

HR Supervisor: @vacant

Will handle pilot disputes, answer questions, as well as other HR responsibilities.

Routes Supervisor: @RagonDragon

This person will have the very important role of ensuring all routes are up to date and correctly entered into the AirTable and CrewCenter.

Events Supervisor: @vacant

Must create and host at least 1 internal event per 2 weeks. They will also create external events and supervise Event Leaders (non staff position)


Applicants must follow these requirements:

  • Grade 3
  • A minimum age of 13
  • Has a legally purchased copy of Infinite Flight and holds a valid pro subscription
  • No recent suspensions on the IFC
  • No recent history of being blacklisted and watchlisted by the IFVARB
  • Access to Discord

Please PM me for any questions or if you would like to apply

Status: In Review

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— Aer Lingus Virtual Is Back Currently Hiring Staff Members!!! —

Aer Lingus Virtual is based off the real world airline Aer Lingus and we operate in the Infinite Flight Simulator. We have been Ireland’s flag carrier since 1938 with our primary hub at Dublin Airport and we operate a fleet of Boeing & Airbus Aircraft. Alongside these operations we fly additional routes and aircraft operated by our Codeshare Partners Worldwide. We operate over 100 routes both Domestic and International. Join Aer Lingus Virtual today and have an experice you never had before

— Available Staff Positions —

Role Description Status Member
Vice Chairman The Vice Chairman is the Chairman’s right hand. He assists the Chairman in certain tasks, collaborates with other staff members, leads key initiatives, and monitors the daily operation of the VA ensuring everything is running smoothly. Vacant ------------
Human Resources and Recruitment Manager The Human Resources and Recruitment Manager is responsible for managing all complaints and problems that members of the VA may have and making a decision on how to solve them. The HRM position is also based on communication with both pilots and staff. This person is also responsible for recruiting new pilots into the VA and has the right to accept/reject applicants based on their eligibility to join the VA. Vacant ------------
Chief Marketing Officer Chief Marketing Officer manages the VA’s IFC Account. He primarily handles all of the VA’s marketing, advertising and all queries individuals outside of the VA may have cooperatively with all staff who have access to the VA’s IFC Account. Vacant ------------
Chief Development Officer The Chief Development Manager is responsible for creating, organizing, and leading events for the VA both internal and external alongside the CEO, COO & CP.​ He also thinks of and implements different activities and strategies to boost both Staff & Pilot productivity and morale. He also keep contact with the CMO regarding partnership events with other VA’s. Vacant ------------
Route Logistics & Codeshare Officer The Route Logistics and Codeshare Manager is responsible for reviewing logged PIREPs and creating codeshare opportunities for the VA. . He has the right to ACCEPT or DENY a PIREP for whichever respective reason. He also manages the route database by opening/closing routes, he also selects the RTOW etc. Vacant ------------
Chief Pilot The Chief Pilot is responsible for providing help to ALL PILOTS regarding basic flight knowledge where necessary. He also ensures our pilots’ skill is of a high standard and professionalism while flying. Vacant ------------
Staff Advisor Staff Advisor is responsible to assist all Staff Members in all decision making regarding the uplifting of the VA. This person must have a strong communication, observational and listening skill to help give the best advice to staff. Vacant ------------

— Staff Applicant Requirements —

  • Applicant are required to be at least Grade 3
  • Applicants must be at least 14 years or older
  • Applicants must have a valid Infinite Flight account which is in good standing with IFVARB of IFC.
  • Applicants must have a Valid Pro Subscription.
  • Applicants must have a Discord Account and be comfortable to communicate via the app.

☘️ Aer Lingus Virtual Group is no way affiliated with Aer Lingus Airlines. For information regarding the real airline visit their website at ​Aer Lingus .
All trademarks and logos belong to their rightful owner.
​​© Aer Lingus Virtual, 2023


@Havoc same thing applies

The are in the review process:

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“awating review” once they advance, they may post


Awaiting review means that a leader has picked them up. They are just waiting to start the review process. It’s alright at this point to post in the thread.

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I don’t believe so. When Baba messaged me as @Flyin.Hawaiian showed, my status was “awaiting review”

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To my knowledge, any Virtual Airline/Organization who wishes to post under this thread MUST have the “Being Reviewed” status on the IFVARB page. “Awaiting Review” means that their application has been approved but are still awaiting a IFVARB Supervisor to begin their review process.

In the meantime, I’ll check in with a Leader.

IFVARB Reviewer

EDIT: Confirmed that a Virtual Airline/Organization MUST have the “Being Reviewed” status to post under this thread.


Ok, thanks for the help and very sorry for any inconvenience but the thing is I was told to post here by Thomas.

Hello @Havoc,

So Thomas allowed you to post in this category ?

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Yes as far as I understood from the post


WestJet Virtual Operation plan - Google Docs |

About us:

At WestJet Virtual it comes from the soul. Every staff member has something to do and finish or begin. It could be from making WestJet Virtual the biggest by training our Cadet Pilots, or it could just be making an environment where everyone and anyone is welcome. We all hope that everyone loves WestJet Virtual!

Staff Positions:

HR: @TruKnight
CEO- @Flyin.Hawaiian
COO- @United403

Route Manager: @AxolotlsMaster

The route manager is responsible for the route database, and crew center routes.

Head of External Affairs:

The Head of External Affairs is responsible for codeshares.

Pilot Operations Manager: @NK_Aviation

This role manages pilots, enforces the code of conduct, and manages the crew center.

Event Manager: @Ryan_Carney

The event manager is responsible for creating and managing Internal and external events!

Pirep Manager: @EnthusiasticAviation

The Pirep manager controls PIREPs on the crew center, this includes Approving, Denying, and editing.

Training program Director.

The T.H.O. is the head of the training team and controls training, acquiring new trainers.

Staff Manager: @Neva

The Staff Manager controls staff, by enforcing rules and the code of conduct. They also scout new staff.

Graphic Designer: @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek

The Graphic Designer edits and creates all graphics for the VA. Including banners, staff pfp’s, and website images.

Website Manager: Open!

The website manager edits the website and makes sure it stays afloat and working.


We require applications to fulfill the following criteria:

  • A minimum grade level of 3
  • A minimum age of 13
  • No more than 2 level three violations in the last 6 months
  • Has a legally purchased copy of Infinite Flight and holds a valid pro subscription
  • A minimum of TL2+ on the forum
  • Good relations and history of the IFC
  • No recent history of being blacklisted and watchlisted by the IFVARB
  • Access to discord

How to Apply:

Simply send a message to @Flyin.Hawaiian, or @United403 with the position that interests you and we can begin the process!

Here is an updated thread for WestJet Virtual! We are still accepting applications while working through the final Stages of IFVARB Approval


If I’ve submitted my application, can i post in here?

You can post once you’ve been allowed to begin the process. Best if you wait for your application to be reviewed and you start the process.


I can confirm that you are not yet allowed to request here.

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Ok, that makes sense

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Am i available to post here now?

Your application has been move to the next stage (awaiting review) but you have to wait your app to move to the being review stage (when a Leader pick your app up).

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