Prospective VA Staff Request Thread

Finnair Virtual

We are an IFVARB approved VA, we hope to offer pilots an amazing Experience, We have many codeshares, many routes and aircraft to choose from! did we convince you to join? fiil this form!

Here is some Important Info about us!
Operations Plan
Our Website
Our Instagram

  • Must be at least Grade 3 in Infinite Flight

  • Must have an Active IFC account

  • Should Be 13 years or older

  • Must have an Infinite Flight Pro Subscription

  • Landings/Violation ratio should be no more than 0.25

  • Swearing, cursing, sexism, racism or discrimination WILL NOT be Tolerated.

  • Must have access to Slack and AirTable

CEO: @Hardlanding_Hussain
COO: @That_Guy14
Routes Manager x3: @That_Guy14, @tunamkol, Vacant
Flight Supervisor x2: Vacant, Vacant
Mentor x2: @tunamkol, @GBKarp
HR manager: @anon50451935
Media Manager: @FLIGHT2

Thank you Everyone!

This thread was created by @Hardlanding_Hussain and @DeccyB


Our website has been temporarily unpublished. Please contact @CaptJackson if you would like to fill out an application. We apologize for this inconvenience, and hope to have our site up soon.

NetJets Virtual aims to be the most innovative and unique VA on the Infinite Flight Community. Our goal is to provide pilots with one-of-a-kind features to create an experience like no other VA has to offer. We believe that innovation, professionalism, and transparency are all key to creating a successful virtual airline. Led by a seasoned VA veteran, NetJets Virtual is ready to take the VA experience to the next level.

Our Purpose (Mission Statement): At NetJets Virtual, we are committed to providing a fun, innovative, and unique virtual airline experience through the use of new and original features, an open and inviting atmosphere, and a responsive and dedicated support team.

Our Vision: Our vision at NetJets Virtual is to become one of Infinite Flight’s most trusted, most flown, and most loved virtual airlines.

NetJets Virtual is looking for five talented individuals to lead our main Departments:

  • Flight Operations (FLOPS)
  • People Operations (POPS)
  • Feature Development (DEV)
  • Public Relations (PR)
  • Information Technology (IT)

We believe everyone has something to bring to the table. That is why, for our first round of staff recruiting, we have no basic qualifications for applicants. While previous virtual airline experience is a plus, professionalism, maturity, and a good work ethic are far more important. If you describe yourself as a trailblazer, innovator, or pioneer, you are probably a good fit at NetJets Virtual.

We are also looking for individuals to join our Launch program. As a Launch Ambassador, you would be assisting pilots with the onboarding process from the submission of their application until they feel comfortable at NetJets Virtual. The Launch Ambassador is responsible for explaining procedures, accompanying pilots on their first few flights, and promoting activity in the skies and on our Slack channels. The Launch team is separate from the staff team, so pilots can feel comfortable reaching out to them with any questions, concerns, or criticisms.

If selected, you would be leading one of the six core departments of NetJets Virtual. These departments are the heart of the VA, and are responsible for creating new features, moderating pilots, and managing all operations. As this is a new VA, you would be building your department from the ground-up, creating policies and documents, determining different roles and responsibilities, and setting the direction and purpose of your team.

All staff members are expected to:

  • Assist with moderation of the Slack channel.
  • Assist the President and other departments when necessary.
  • Interact with pilots, answering any questions, and making them feel at home.
  • Manage their team and determine the purpose and direction of their department.
  • Abide by NetJets Virtual flight requirements (at least one flight every 14 days).

For specifics for each role, please see the dropdown below:

Role-Specific Responsibilities

Executive Vice President, Flight Operations

  • Manage the entirety of the pilot team.
  • Create and manage our in-house education platform.
  • Assist pilots with the rules, regulations, and policies of the VA.
  • Create and manage events, group flights, and flash flights.
  • Create and manage scheduled routes, including our EXperience platform.

Executive Vice President, People Operations

  • Managing applications, the recruitment process, and the onboarding process.
  • Administering written exams for prospective pilots.
  • Sending invites to the Slack channel, and helping pilots get acclimated once admitted.
  • Managing any disciplinary or code of conduct breaches.
  • Maintaining pilot and staff records.

Executive Vice President, Feature Development

  • Manage the development of new features for pilots.
  • Work with other departments to successfully implement new features.
  • Maintain and update existing features to make them even better.
  • Interact with pilots to better understand what types of features would appeal to them.

Executive Vice President, Public Relations

  • Managing the brand and public image of the VA.
  • Managing our Instagram and Twitter accounts, and creating original content for social media.
  • Collecting responses from pilots on their experience at the VA, and using these responses to create testimonials and other marketing campaigns.
  • Coordinate with the IFVARB on any issues (along with the President).

Executive Vice President, Information Technology

  • Manage the Crew Center and website.
  • Manage the creation of new Crew Center accounts.
  • Answering any questions relating to the Crew Center, website, or Slack.
  • Monitoring flight activity, and notify FLOPS when a pilot has reached an inactivity milestone.
  • Assigning awards and ranks in the Crew Center.

Launch Ambassadors

  • Assist prospective pilots with the application process.
  • Be a guide to new pilots, assisting them with onboarding and their first few flights.
  • Create tutorials and guides for different parts of VA operations.
  • Help boost activity by engaging pilots, leading group flights, and any other way you see fit.
  • Answer any questions from prospective or current pilots.

Having access to the Expert Server is a plus so you will be able to fly with pilots of all levels. The Launch application is separate from the staff application. Please see the links below. Feel free to submit an application for both.

To apply, please send @CaptJackson a DM. Once you have applied, we will provide a short questionnaire to determine if you would be a good fit at NetJets Virtual. After reviewing all applicants, we will send result notifications via the Infinite Flight Community. You may be offered a different position than you applied for if we think you would be better suited for a different department.

For more information about our organization, please see the following links:

Still have questions? Send @CaptJackson a direct message.

Some applications may close earlier if we have found the right candidate. You will receive a result notification by August 19, 2020, for EVP positions and August 14, 2020, for Launch positions.

Position Status Closing By Positions Available
EVP, Flight Operations Position Filled Closed 0
EVP, People Operations Position Filled Closed 0
EVP, Feature Development Accepting Applications August 17, 2020 1
EVP, Public Relations Accepting Applications August 17, 2020 1
EVP, Information Technology Accepting Applications August 17, 2020 1
Launch Ambassador Accepting Applications August 11, 2020 2

Job listing posted on July 21, 2020. Last Updated August 9, 2020

We are not affiliated with the real NetJets. For their website, please visit


| Website | Operations Plan | Expierience Statement |


  • Must have a valid Infinite Flight
  • Grade 3 on Infinite Flight
  • Must not be IFVARB blacklisted
  • Good standing with IFVARB and IFC
  • Access to slack
  • Must file a PIREP at least once a month

Staff and Open positions

Position Name Tasks
CEO @United2 Oversees everything that goes on at the VO. Runs everything behind the scenes
COO @Josh_Smith Runs day-to-day tasks at North America Pilot’s Club
President @Butter_Boi Deals with all IFC related issues. Head of the Board.
Head of Airline Affairs OPEN Accepts all PIREP’s, run the day-to-day for our programs, helps in crew center management, and hands out weekly and monthly awards
Head Recruiter @Gtmkm98 Accepts all-new pilot’s, hands out callsign, and helps get pilot’s adjusted to our crew enter. Assists COO and CEO in multiple tasks
Chief Education Officer OPEN Help’s run our wonderful training program. They run all practical, entry, and rank test. They also help in answering any aviation related questions.
Education Officer OPEN Help’s run our wonderful training program. They run all practical, entry, and rank tests. They also help in answering any aviation-related questions.
Information Officer @Zach007 Run’s social media, updates pilot’s weekly, creates handbooks with the help of other staff, and hands out pilot promotions
HR and Hub Manager OPEN Deals with all VO conflicts, keeps discussions respectful, and manages all routes and programs for the VO

If you would like to apply for the North American Pilot’s Club staff team, please contact @United2!

NOTE: Chief Education Officer, Education Officer, HR and Hub Manager, and Head of Airline Affairs positions are open!


XoJet VA - Experience Private Flying


About Us

XoJet VA flys almost everywhere from Africa To USA, there are endless opportunities. We fly in a professional manner creating a more realistic Private Jet VA. We only have 1 plane in our fleet, the Citation X which is a beauty to fly. But if you get bored of that plane are partnerships with other VA’s will allow you to use different planes on different routes-So are you ready to join the team where possibilities are endless?-XoJet-making it simple and easy

Our Website


  • have Slack
  • 13+ of age
  • Active on Slack and IFC
  • Fill out forum on Website
  • must be a trust level member on IFC
  • Grade 3 on IF

I Our Current Staff

CEO: @Brody_Swiatek
CO-CEO: @nolan_brant12
Head Chief Pilot:
moderator @Grizzly-Bear

Open Staff Possitions

If you are interested in a position DM me @Brody_Swiatek

Position Name Job of that Position
Operations Manager @USA_ATC Helps with daily things happening in the VA
Chief Pilot-OAK - Incharge of OAK base and does check flights on the new pilots of the base
Chief Pilot-FXE - Same as above ^ but for FXE Airport
Partnerships Manager - keeps in contact with Partner Airlines and etc
Events Manager - Sets up all events for XoJet and Partnership events sometimes
Crew Base Manager - Checks the forums filled out

Find Us On…

Cessna 750 Citation X (N753XJ) Aircraft Pictures & Photos ...


YouTube - Home | Facebook

Instagram's new group chats sticker for Stories lets your ...


Welcome to Aerolineas Argentinas Virtual!


We’re looking for staff that will help AEVA reach greater things and help the community!


  • Training Director - Taken @sergio_campero
  • Routes Manager - Taken
  • Flight Log Manager - Taken
  • Recruitment Manager - Recruits pilots
  • Events Manager - Creates and curates events
    Any Position you think is helpful.
    To Apply please PM @Stellar_G


  • Must be 13 years old or older
  • Must have an Active Pro Subscription
  • Must be at least Grade 3
  • Must have access to the Slack App
  • Mature Pilots Only!
  • Must be able to log at least three flight per month

Operations Plan
Experience Statement

VA Status: Currently Pending Review!

The expiration date of this request is: → 2020-10-12T05:00:00Z

Why Us:

We are a gateway into a new world!

We here at Aerolineas Argentinas create a gateway throughout the world from our Latin American hub; we promote the unity of all Infinite flight members, we strive for excellency and hope for the making of this VA to be fun, to both pilots and staff members!

Thanks, and we hope to see you soon at Aerolineas Argentinas Virtual!


| Website | Experience Statement (bottom) | Operations Plan

About Us

Allegiant Virtual was founded by our CEO @KTJ_Mitchell. We fly to over one hundred destinations across the United States! Along with that, we hope to offer all of our pilots a unique and fun experience! We began the approval process on 2020-08-23T05:00:00Z and hope to be IFVARB approved soon!


At least Grade 3

Cannot be IFVARB blacklisted

Should be 13 years or older

Access to Slack

Staff and Open Posistions

CEO: @KTJ_Mitchell
COO: @Prerb
Head of Internal Affairs: @Cheryl_Tunt
Routes Manager: @WheelerAviation
Education Officer: Vacant
Chief Recruiter: @Rockydawg_42
Events Coordinator: Vacant
Social Media Manager: @Zach007
Assistant Recruiter: @Cptphil

Anyone interested should contact @KTJ_Mitchell via PM!

Thank you for your interest!


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This thread is only for groups awaiting approval, please use your existing thread for open staff positions.


Introducing Jetstream Virtual

JetStreamVirtual logo

About Us

JetStream Virtual is a non-profit organisation based on the mobile simulator, Infinite Flight. We are an All-Executive Jets virtual airline with no prefixed routes. We are located at four hubs, WSSS, LSZH, KLAX and VRMM with WSSS, KLAX and LSZH as our Main Hubs which assist us in having a greater reach across the virtual world of Infinite Flight. VRMM is where all our pilots start from, our Training Hub. It is also where our pilots go through their recertification flights. We specifically chose VRMM as it is one of the few airports that are located on the equator while providing execellent connections to major airports.

Here at JetStream Virtual, we aim to be as realistic as possible. We serve the virtual niche market of flying private charter flights. We provide luxury short hauls to luxury ultra-long hauls for our virtual customers.

We look forward to having you on board with us!

Website | Operations Plan


  • Have at least 3 months of staff experience in any VA.
  • Have a valid IFC account.
  • Have a valid e-mail address
  • Have access to Slack and Airtable
  • Be 12 years of age or older
  • Be willing to take an interview via IFC


CEO - @Millard_Lee
COO - @CameronH21
Chief Pilot - @Ibrahim_Asif
Routes Officer - @Wei_Kang, Vacant (1/2 filled)
Flight Officer - @Amrlazer , Vacant (1/2 filled)
Events Officer - Vacant (0/2 filled)
Writer - Vacant (0/1 filled)

Anyone interested should contact @Millard_Lee via PM!

IFVARB status: Awaiting Review

We are looking forward to having you on board with the team!






•Trust Level 2
•Minimum age is 15
•Must have Valid Infinite Flight Pro Subscription
•Must have access to Slack
•Can learn things fast
•Grade 3 or higher


CEO - @HazemRaafat
HR manager - Vacant
Media Manager - @IF-EGYPT_YT
ATC Instructor - Vacant
Graphic Designer Manager - Vacant
Events Manager - Vacant
Chief Pilot - Vacant
Recruitment Manager - Vacant
Public relations Manager - Vacant

Egyptair Virtual is now officially hiring. We’re looking for pilots and motivated staff members to assist us in running and leading this Egyptair Virtual into the Skies.
There are limited vacancies available so hurry up and join MSVA

IFVARB status: Approved

So if you are interested contact @HazemRaafat


Screenshot 2020-08-17 at 2.42.34 PM


Operations Plan


•Minimum age is 13
•Must have Valid Infinite Flight Pro Subscription
•Must have access to Discord
•Grade 3 or higher

Our staff:
CEO- @FlightisticYT
Check Pilot/Trainer- @N2628P
Events Manager- VACANT
Publicity Director/Social Media Director- VACANT

We are officially hiring. We are looking for nice, proactive staff members and pilots to lead us forward! If interested, PM @FlightisticYT . Space is limited, so join quickly!

Currently being reviewed by IFVARB.
Logo credit: @GreenFire
Thread Credit: @FlightisticYT



We are currently under certification process and looking for a staff that can help the VA soar high !


CHIEF PILOT CLOSED @Philippe_Gilbert

To be a part of staff in the 9WVA, you need to fulfill some requirements:

  • Grade 3 or higher
  • Have access to slack
  • 16+ years of age
  • Active on the IFC
  • Basic understanding of English
  • Not IFC blacklisted

If you have fulfilled the above stated requirements, then feel free to:

Apply Now !


Hello everyone! We are Austrian Virtual, a VA which strives for realism and professionalism while ensuring that progressive learning is taking place and the experience never becomes stale. We are currently awaiting review by the IFVARB.

Our website:

Our operations plan:

Our routes:


We are currently recruiting staff. The vacant staff positions are listed below:

  1. Pilot Recruiter - (@Fung_Sum-sum)recruits pilots, guides them on setting up their Slack profile and briefly introduces them to the VA
  2. Head of Public Relations - (@Ethan_Lee1) comes up with strategies to uphold a good public image and to attract more pilots. The Media Manager reports to the Head of Public Relations in our VA.
  3. Media Manager - (@InfiniteArya) responsible for all the VA’s social media accounts. Develops and enhances the image of the VA through digital means. The Media Manager reports to the Head of Public Relations in our VA.
  4. PIREP & Route Manager - (@Ocean1c) is responsible for managing all PIREPs submitted by the pilots and updating and organizing routes in our route database.
  5. Chief Pilot - acts as the leading pilot for events we host or take part in


  1. Must be 13 years of age or older
  2. Must be Grade 3 or above in Infinite Flight
  3. Must have an IFC account
  4. Must have an Infinite Flight Pro subscription
  5. Must be able to use Slack professionally
  6. Must not be on the IFVARB’s user watchlist
  7. Must be fluent in English

To apply, please contact our CEO @soorajrajivekumar. We look forward to having you!


Showcasing the Great Russian Airspace

Hi everyone, we are Aeroflot Virtual - a VA currently awaiting review in the IFVARB platform.

To make our VA successful, we need your help as staff members to secure the name for Aeroflot Virtual


  • Grade 2 or higher
  • Have access to Slack Workspace
  • Not IFC Blacklisted
  • Good level of English Communications
  • Have an IFC account and must be active

Available Positions.

  • Events Officers x2
  • Routes Officer x1

We look forward to welcome you in our team. DM @Adrian_K to apply or if you have any further questions.

Stay Safe And Happy Flying Everyone!

NOTE: This is an updated version of our official request thread.


You saw right, the IFC will see a Thomas Cook Group VA filling the gap of all the mouth watering Thomas Cook, Condor and Sunclass routes. But we, need you.....

We want a small and friendly staff structure, so we have

Position Member What they Do
CEO @FlyCymru101 Basically make sure everything goes smooth and people get what they want
COO @Azuolerr Manages the website, the crew centre, and will take charge of the VA’s day to day running
HR You!? Recruit pilots, make events, manage pilots and deal with any problems from a pilots prospective

One staff position? Yes, that’s all we want and all we think we need. A small VA in the starting process needs a small tight-nit staff team who can work together

What will be expected of me?

We don’t have to many requirements, but the ones we do have are very important.

  • No designated age requirement, just be the forums age requirement and act mature and sensible

  • Fly once every 30 days

  • Be active on Slack every week

  • Follow our rules

  • Be grade 3 or above

  • Would like to have been in VAs before (pilot or staff), but not always required

  • Able to use AirTable, or be willing to be shown how to use it

  • Proficient in English, just conversational is all we need

I want in!

Simply message @FlyCymru101 and we’ll go from there

Website, still under improvement ;)
Operations Plan
Experience Statement


Welcome to Air Austral Virtual!
Explore Differently

Air Austral now has its very own Virtual Airline, and you can be a part of our journey to approval! Upon your application being approved, you can expect a fun, welcoming, and working atmosphere, as well as a rewarding role among our staff and pilots.

Air Austral is the flag carrier of the French overseas territory of Réunion in the Indian Ocean. Known for its stunning volcanos, picturesque seaside towns, and amazing reefs and aquaculture, I believe everyone should be allowed to explore this stunning island.


Position Status Name Brief Description
COO Position Open - Deals with everyday tasks within the VA
PIREP Manager Position Open - Logs pilot PIREPS onto our Airtable pilot sheet and also manages Airtable routes sheet
Head Pilot Position Open - Helps new pilots on their journey in the ranks of REUV
Media / Events Manager Position Open - Helps CEO in IFC thread, manages all of REUVs social media and events.

To apply for any of these staff positions, simply PM @Aero and we can sort arrangements from there.

Requirements for Staff

  • Grade 3
  • Have an active IFC account (Infinite Flight Community)
  • Have a legal, active Infinite Flight live subscription.
  • Have the ability to log in 1 flight a month
  • Access to Slack app

VA Status: Currently Under Review

The date this staff request expires is: 2020-11-29T11:00:00Z

I believe people need to see and discover the beauty of Reunion, as well as Africa and the Indian Ocean as a whole. I was blown away at the beauty of the scenery and I feel that there is so much more to IF than the big hubs, the ATC Schedule, and the mainstream routes. We have a fun, chilled atmosphere that will suit any pilot, no matter what skill level.


We hope to see you soon in Air Austral Virtual!


Welcome to Eurowings Virtual.

We are a German low cost carrier operating all across the Infinite Flight Globe but predominantly within Europe. We have an ever growing schedule introducing more and more routes as we grow. In addition to this we are already a very technologically advanced Virtual Airline with a Crew Hub where our members can reserve flights to fly within Infinite flight. On here you can track the hours you have accumulated within our Virtual Airline and progress through our ranking system which is all explained upon our Website.

As a Virtual Airline, we aim to replicate the Airline industry as much as possible. Creating an enjoyable experience for all. Not only this, we hope to provide an atmosphere that everyone can feel safe within.

Our Team:

CEO: @Alfiebc2003

Open Staff Positions:

COO: In this role you will help with the day to day runnings of the VA (1 Position Available)

HR: You will be tasked with helping the new members settle in to the VA as well as other day to day tasks that will be confirmed when you apply. (3 Positions Currently Available)


  • You must be grade 3 or above

  • You must be able to join our VA Slack

  • You must have an active Infinite Flight Subscription

  • You must have a decent ability to use grammar correctly within the English Language

  • You must be able to log a flight at least every 30 days

Please do not hesitate to apply, if you are unsure wether you fit the criteria then PM @Alfiebc2003 and we can discuss wether the role is right for you.

To apply please PM @Alfiebc2003 . We look forward to welcoming you to our team. Good luck!

Website | Mission Statement | Experience Plan

Update: The COO role has been made newly available. Please do not hesitate to contact @Alfiebc2003 if you have any further questions.


We are now hiring at Access Air!
We are here to have a fun customizable experience for our pilots.
We Run out of KAUS and are flying all around the globe.
We operate the 738, A321, A350, and the 77W


  • Must be 13 years old or older

  • Must be TL1 (preferably a TL2)

  • Must have good grammar in English

  • Must have an Active PRO subscription

  • Must Have a google account to access our discord

  • Must be able to log 1 flight every 2 weeks.

  • Can not be staff at any other VA/VO


  • Staff on discord

  • Able to vote on events

  • Our staff team will get to choose 1 new route when we get approved

Staff Positions

Position Member
CEO @Aviation2929
COO @Stellar_G
Recutier/trainer @AviationFreak
Events Manager It could be you
Cheif pilot @American634
HR Manager It could be you

To apply PM @Aviation2929

Website | Operations Plan


LOT Virtual is now hiring!

LOT Virtual is a virtual airline based on the leading mobile flight simulator for iOS and Android, Infinite Flight. Our aim is to establish a VA where pilots can experience LOTV’s hospitality, as well as to enjoy flying our diverse fleet of aircraft and routes in a fun and friendly environment.

Website | Experience Statement | Operatons Plan

Note: The website is currently down for maintenance.

IFVARB Status: Awaiting Review

The requirements needed to join LOT Virtual’s Staff Team:

  • Must be 14 years of age or older

  • Have a valid, legal copy of Infinite Flight and its Pro Subscription

  • Grade 3 or higher on Infinite Flight

  • Trust Level 2 (Member) or Trusted TL1 (Basic) on the IFC

  • Must be in good standing with the IFC, IFVARB, IFATC and all official Infinite Flight organizations.

  • Must not be on the IFVARB Watchlist or Blacklist.

  • Must have access to Slack and Airtable, both of which can be found below:

| Slack | Airtable |

Staff Position IFC Username Tasks
CEO @HappyDays Supervise & organize all daily operations of the VA and run everything behind the scenes.
COO @Delta_Dave Run the day-to-day operations of the VA to ensure smooth running.
Route Manager VACANT Validates PIREPs and supervises the route database, making necessary changes as possible, such as adding new codeshare routes or deleting old routes. Selects the ROTW routes.
Pilot Recruitment Manager VACANT Accept/denies applications and is tasked with completing the check rides. The Pilot Recruitment Manager has the final say on whether the said applicant must be accepted into the VA or not. Recommended being Grade 4, but not necessary.
Graphics and Visuals Manager VACANT Has decent skills on photo-editing software (examples could be Photoshop, Gimp, etc.) to create the visuals and banners for the website, VA thread, and event threads.

Query Expiry: 2021-02-08T21:00:00Z

If you meet all requirements above, and you’re interested in working with us, please PM @HappyDays to apply or ask any further questions. Looking forward to having you on our team!


LOT Virtual is not affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed by the real world airline LOT Polish Airlines, Star Alliance, or Infinite Flight LLC. All logos go to their respective owners.


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