Prospective VA Staff Request Thread

Trans Russian Virtual Group are now hiring staff!
Виртуальная группа Trans Russian теперь нанимает персонал!

Trans Russian Virtual Group was founded in January 2020 by @SahyaQFFlyer who aims to connect our fellow Russians to the rest of the world. Our COO @Alex_E and the CEO @SahyaQFFlyer aim to make TRVG a safe and friendly environment for all people whether if they are in our VO or not. We are unique because of our Frequent Flyer Program, our Pilot awards, our different divisions and realistic missions whether it’s delivering cargo or saving lives. We cover all of those, would you like to be apart of our amazing team?

Requirements for Joining
Требования к вступлению

You Agree By Reading The Rules You Understand That

  • No Abusive, Jugular, Derogatory, Explicit Content or Racism is tolerated and will result in an immediate ban
  • Bullying is not acceptable, you will be banned immediately if you break this rule
  • No Spamming, Lying or Fraud of any kind, will also lead to immediate ban
  • Grade 3 Minimum
  • Minimum Age is 14
  • Must have an Active Infinite Flight Pro Subscription
  • Must have Slack and Discord (Discord is only for Mileage Adding and Voice Chat)

Our Team (Wanna be apart of our hardworking and friendly team of staff?)

CEO - @SahyaQFFlyer
COO - Vacant
CTO - Vacant
Head of Internal Affairs - Vacant
ATC Instructor/Trainer - Vacant
Chief Pilot - Vacant
Routes Manager - Vacant
Head of Divisions - Vacant
Head of Cargo Division - Vacant
HR Manager - Vacant
Flight Instructor - Vacant
Social Media Manager - Vacant
Events Manager - Vacant
Recruitment Officer- Vacant
Website Developers - Vacant (Needing Multiple for this position)
PIREP Manager - Vacant
Translation Officer (Russian and English) - Vacant

We also need someone who is capable of speaking English and Fluent Russian for pilots who can only speak Russia and will need someone to translate for them. Please PM if you fit the translator requirement of if you wish to have any of the jobs above.

Also, we require one person who is IFATC qualified to help those train for becoming apart of IFATC.

Operations Plan

Experience Statement

If you are interested apply for staff, please visit our website or PM myself or @Alex_E.

Status: Being Reviewed

Follow Our Instagram, Subscribe to our YouTube Channel TRVG Infinite Flight and Apply here

ig 194-1944646, pilot-of-airplane-comments-icon-pilote

Watch our wonderful Trailer made by @Alex_E , he has put an enormous amount of effort into this video. We highly recommend you watch this amazing trailer so you can see how we strive to be the best VO.

We are having two subsidiary virtual airlines, one called S7 Airlines Virtual and the other Aeroflot-Rossiya. Bringing the inner Russian Spirit and all the Russians out there and our aviation enthusiasts. We are so excited for the future and what it brings us with TRVG, S7 Airlines Virtual and Aeroflot-Rossiya Virtual. We will connect the three together and we will show the beauty of Russia.

У нас есть две дочерние виртуальные авиакомпании, одна называется S7 Airlines Virtual, а другая - Аэрофлот-Россия. Доведение внутреннего русского духа и всех россиян там и наших любителей авиации. Мы так взволнованы по поводу будущего и того, что оно приносит нам с TRVG, S7 Airlines Virtual и Аэрофлот-Россия Virtual. Мы соединим три вместе и покажем красоту России.

Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 3.54.00 pm

New Features Coming Soon!

  • Flight Booking System

  • TRVG Pilots will fly the passengers who booked their flight

  • Unique Boarding Pass and Frequent Flyer Card

New Features

  • New Crew Centre Interface Installed and Modified with the help of the amazing @KaiM

  • Our Customised Live Flight Tracking created and modified it for the VO by the awesome @AirChina196

Thanks again for both of your help @KaiM and @AirChina196, TRVG really appreciates the time and effort you have put in to helping us shine!

Новые функции скоро!

  • Система бронирования авиабилетов

  • TRVG пилоты будут летать пассажиры, которые забронировали свой рейс

  • Уникальный посадочный талон и карточка для часто летающих пассажиров

Новые особенности

  • Новый интерфейс Crew Center установлен и модифицирован с помощью потрясающего @KaiM

  • Наше индивидуальное отслеживание полета в реальном времени создало и изменило его для VO от @AirChina196

Еще раз спасибо за вашу помощь @KaiM @AirChina196 , TRVG действительно ценит время и усилия, которые вы приложили, чтобы помочь нам сиять!

Thank you so much for looking at our thread we hope to see you flying in the skies of The Motherland of Russia!

Огромное спасибо за просмотр нашей ветки, мы надеемся увидеть вас, летящего в небесах Родины России!


Korean Virtual
Type of staff: Ceo,Media manager, Head educator, head recruiter, head pilot, website manager.

Media manager- CLOSED

Recruiter- CLOSED

Flight Manager- OPEN 1/3

Head pilot-CLOSED

Website manager-CLOSED

Events Manager-CLOSED

Routes manager- OPEN

Mission Statement:

Query Expiration: 07/02/2020
Why, because Korean virtual is highly set on making any pilot feel welcome, there are no plane assignments for a rank, but there are some requirements,

  • TL2 or higher
  • Grade 3 or higher
  • Mmust be able to pass a KVA knowledge test
  • Have experience of staff from other VA’s


  • Must be able to pass a basic entry exam
  • provide an image of their grade table
  • Grade 3 or higher
  • TL1 or trusted TL0’s
  • Have access to an Infinite Flight Pro Subscription
  • Be able to log a flight at least once a month




Northern Air Connect (NACVA)
“The North is Only a Stop Away From Paradise.”

Current Staff Positions:
CEO: @KGJT-9149
COO: @Alex_E
Head of Internal Affairs: open
Public Relations Manager: open
Chief Captain: open
Human Resources Manager: open
Pilot Education Manager: open

Operations Plan:

Staff minimum requirements:

  • At least 13yrs old
  • In good standing on the IFC
  • At least Grade 3 on IF
  • Must complete the following application link in addition to PMing me (@KGJT-9149) with the requested position
  • Must have experience in past VAs (being a pilot in a past VA is fine)

Stay safe and have a good day


Mission Statement | Website | Operation Plan

Open staff position(s)

| Position | Status |
| Assistant Chairman (Internal) - Recruitment & Training | OPEN |
| Assistant Chairman (External) - Events & Public Relations | CLOSED |
| Human Resources Manager | OPEN |
| Events Manager | OPEN |
| Chief Pilot | OPEN |

How to apply

Please send a direct message to @Jack_White stating the following:

  • What position you want to apply for
  • Why you want to be this position
  • Any experience you might have which will help you in this role

Website | Experience Statement | Operations Plan

Our Goal

Our goal in the long run is to introduce the Infinite Flight community to Korea as we believe it is of the most underappreciated regions on Earth. We’re here to change that with a great, kind community and a great variety of routes to almost every corner of the world.

Requirements and Open Positions:

To apply, you must have all of these requirements:

  • Experienced and Active Pilot,
  • Grade 3 in Infinite Flight (Some Grade 2’s might be considered but a rare occurrence.)
  • Previous VA Experience (Doesn’t need to be staff, unneeded for Events Manager position.)
  • Trust Level 2 on the IFC

CEO - @Jster82x
COO- @Tsumia
Head of Internal Affairs - @NYFLFlyer22
Routes Database Manager - @Rilej_aviation
Events Manager - @Aviation3
Social Media Manager - @Airborne_Canuck
Trainer - @Elefanths (May be more if needed)

If you are interested, don’t be afraid to PM @Tsumia or @Jster82x.


Spirit Virtual

To Apply just click here and the CEO will contact you within 24 hours
To visit our website just click here

Spirit Virtual was founded in 2020 with the idea of brining people together to have fun time and enjoy the Simulator. We also wanted to expand the opportunities of low cost VA in America.

Chief Pilot
Head Of Internal Affairs
Routes Manager
Head ATC

If you want more information please contact @Javier_Arnau_Avila

  • Be 13 years of age or older
  • Have an active IF subscription
  • IFC TL1
  • Have access to slack


Applications Closing Date 2020-04-29T22:00:00Z


JVA is hiring! In order to be eligible for a staff position, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Grade 3+ on Infinite Flight
  • Must have valid email address/IFC Account
  • 13 years or older to ensure maturity
  • In good standing with the IFC
  • Have an active IF Pro Subscription

Requirements WILL BE CHECKED.


Executive Team
CEO: @PilotPatrick
COO: Taken
President: @PrestonThePilot
Vice-President: @Cptphil

Leadership Team
General Manager: Taken
Logistics Manager: @deaconstar003
Events Manager: Available
Marketing Manager: Available
HR Manager: Available

There are several pilot positions available as well

Please contact @PilotPatrick for inquiries regarding a staff position!

Status: Currently Under Review as of 04/26/20

To Apply Please Visit Our Website (Linked Below)

Our Website

Our Ops Plan

Our Experience Statement



Staff Application System

Features subject to change, please note that below position is not an open position and is an example.

The IFVARB Admin team has been hard at work in improving the ability for our Virtual Airline and Organization staff in recruiting and managing their staff.

Over the last few months, we have listened to many suggestions on how we can help our VA/VO crews out, as well as help out new CEO’s coming into the community for certification.

While we are very early in this testing phase, and staff system, we are happy to note that it is coming along quickly and will be a tool that we will be rolling out in phases.

Certified VA/VO’s will receive access to our staff management system first, and as we complete the transition, we will begin to look at how it will apply to new CEO’s that have posted in this thread.

As noted, features subject to change.



Screenshot 2020-05-17 at 21.20.32
Hello Infinite Flight Community! I’d like to introduce Jet2 Virtual to you all. We are currently waitlisted, with an expiration date of 2020-08-12T23:00:00Z. We have many great schemes our pilots can take part in, keeping with the traditional Jet2 Fleet, with a couple of extras in to keep things fresh.

Website | Operations Plan | Experience Statement

Screenshot 2020-05-17 at 21.19.37

Prospective pilots wishing to join Jet2 Virtual must:

  • Be at least 14 years old
  • Be at least grade 3
  • Have a valid, legitimate copy of Infinite Flight Pro
  • Have a valid account on the Infinite Flight Community
  • Be able to complete at least one flight every 3 weeks
  • Be willing to use your real identity

In addition to this, prospective staff members should be in good standing in the community, have trust level of TL2 or higher, and MUST not be on the IFVARB’s user watchlist. You should also display a good level of maturity in communications with us.

Screenshot 2020-05-17 at 21.19.48
Our management team consists of the following:

Please send me a DM via the IFC if you think you’d be suitable to apply, I look forward to hearing from you!

Screenshot 2020-05-17 at 22.37.42



Hello Infinite Flight Community. My name is Zack, the CEO of El Al Virtual. We began the IFVARB approval process on 2020-05-12T04:00:00Z and become approved on 2020-06-01T04:00:00Z. Below I will leave information if anyone would like to check us out!

Website | Instagram | Experience Statement | Operations Plan/Mission Statement


Prospective pilots wishing to join us must meet the following requirements:

  • Age 13+
  • Valid and active Infinite Flight subscription
  • Grade 3+
  • In good standing on the IFC
  • Must be active and be able to file a flight at least once every two weeks
  • Must have access to Slack and Airtable


Our current management team is as follows:



(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 3 hours unless flagged)


Ryanair Virtual is hiring!

That’s right, Ryanair Virtual is coming back to the Infinite Flight skies and community!

Of course, we will need a team of enthusiastic, mature and active staff members. Interested? Well, you are in luck, discover our website and a lot more below.

Website | Instagram | Experience Statement | Operations Plan

For applying as a Ryanair Virtual pilot, you must meet a set of requirements, find out more below.

Pilots must:

  • Have a valid IFC account, in good standing
  • Have a valid e-mail address
  • Have access to Slack and airtable
  • At least be 13 years of age
  • Be able to log a flight at least once a month
  • Be Grade 3 or higher
  • Have no more than three level 3 violations in the past 12 months.
  • Be able to pass a written exam
  • Own an Infinite Pro Subscription
  • Act mature at all times on the IFC, in the Slack and while operating under the FRVA callsign

Please note that pilot applications are not open yet; we are under review.

Interested in becoming staff? Here are the details of the positions available, please note some positions’ requirements may differ from the pilot requirements.

Position IFC Name Additional requirements
CEO @Rian_OShea At least 14 years of age
COO @Vortex At least 14 years of age, see above for more.
Head of Internal Affairs @Sharan.Somayaji At least 14 years of age, see above for more.
Chief pilot @JornGroen At least 14 years of age, see above for more.

Interested in becoming staff? Shoot me a DM, and I will explain everything regarding your responsibilities, perks and more!

On behalf of Ryanair Virtual, we thank you very much for your interest in our VA.


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 3 hours unless flagged)

It is said in the thread to contact @alberto_lopez, so please contact him. Thanks.


Thanks @Thunderbolt.

Hey @Adrian_K! Feel free to send me a PM.

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About Us:
Vueling Virtual are a brand new Virtual Airline, currently being reviewed and founded officially on the 2020-06-22T23:00:00Z, striving to become one of the best!

Below is some information:
Website | Operations Plan | Experience Statement | Instagram

Prospective Vueling Virtual Staff must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 14 years old and display maturity at all times
  • Always fly professionally at all times whilst using the VLGVA callsign on the expert server
  • Own a legal copy of Infinite Flight
  • Be in good standing with the IFC and IFVARB
  • Agree to complete at least one flight per week at Vueling Virtual (Unless LOA is requested)

Available Positions

  • Chief Executive Officer: @Charlieab29
  • Chief Operating Officer: @Igor_M
  • Human Resources Manager: @DanG387
  • Recruitment Manager: Vacant
  • Events manager: Recruiting from within VA

If you meet all the requirements, and would like to be part of the team, please message @Charlieab29 here on the IFC.


Vistara Virtual

Fly the new feeling!

Hey there! My name is Henry, the CEO of Vistara Virtual. We are currently being reviewed on the IFVARB. Vistara Virtual strives to become one of the most friendly VAs in Infinite Flight, and we also maintain lots of professionalism. Our main hub is at VIDP and our secondary hub is at VABB.

This airline has been worked on since 2020-04-12T23:00:00Z and has been founded on 2020-06-29T23:00:00Z

Important Information:

Website | Operations Plan | Experience Statement | Instagram

If you would like to apply, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 13 years old
  • A valid email address
  • Have the pro subscription for Infinite Flight
  • Always fly professionally while operating under the UKVA callsign
  • A valid IFC account with TL1 (Basic) or above
  • In good standing with the IFC and IFVARB
  • Have access to the Slack app
  • Bad language should be next to nothing
  • Vistara Virtual has a no-tolerance policy for picking on lower value members. If caught doing so, the person will be removed without warning.
  • File PIREPs at least once a month (unless stated otherwise)

If you are interested at working at Vistara Virtual, and you meet all the requirements, kindly shoot a PM to @Henry and I will get back to you ASAP. We look forward to welcoming you onto the team!


Hello all!

My name is Jarrett Schiedemeyer, founder and CEO of Air China Virtual, a new VA coming to you soon! We have a website and fully integrated crew center. Air China Virtual is here to serve you as China’s newest, friendliest, and most professional VA. With over 250 worldwide destinations and over 400 flights to choose from we have something for every pilot!

| Website | Operations Plan | Apply

CEO: @JarrettFlies
Co-COO Head Phoenix Divisiont: @Joseph.Barnett
HR Manager: @Shane
Chief Education Officer: @Matt_B
Supporting Education Officers: @lucaviness @Oskapew and @Brad
Temp. Head of Peony Division and Event Manager: @yoshi_flyer
Head of Internal Affairs and Route Manager: @Namir_Thobani
Recruiting Officer: @TranX, @Brad, and @Pilot_Dave
Chief Pilot: @Yaoring

Thank you to everyone for applying! I will accept 1 or 2 more if interested, but Official positions are full!

Requirements to join:

  • Must be 13 or older
  • Must have access to a Slack Account
  • Must be at least Grade 3
  • Must be able to stay active in the VA



Finnair Virtual

We are an IFVARB approved VA, we hope to offer pilots an amazing Experience, We have many codeshares, many routes and aircraft to choose from! did we convince you to join? fiil this form!

Here is some Important Info about us!
Operations Plan
Our Website
Our Instagram

  • Must be at least Grade 3 in Infinite Flight

  • Must have an Active IFC account

  • Should Be 13 years or older

  • Must have an Infinite Flight Pro Subscription

  • Landings/Violation ratio should be no more than 0.25

  • Swearing, cursing, sexism, racism or discrimination WILL NOT be Tolerated.

  • Must have access to Slack and AirTable

CEO: @Hardlanding_Hussain
COO: @That_Guy14
Routes Manager x3: @That_Guy14, @tunamkol, Vacant
Flight Supervisor x2: Vacant, Vacant
Mentor x2: @tunamkol, @GBKarp
HR manager: @anon50451935
Media Manager: @FLIGHT2

Thank you Everyone!

This thread was created by @Hardlanding_Hussain and @DeccyB


Our website has been temporarily unpublished. Please contact @CaptJackson if you would like to fill out an application. We apologize for this inconvenience, and hope to have our site up soon.

NetJets Virtual aims to be the most innovative and unique VA on the Infinite Flight Community. Our goal is to provide pilots with one-of-a-kind features to create an experience like no other VA has to offer. We believe that innovation, professionalism, and transparency are all key to creating a successful virtual airline. Led by a seasoned VA veteran, NetJets Virtual is ready to take the VA experience to the next level.

Our Purpose (Mission Statement): At NetJets Virtual, we are committed to providing a fun, innovative, and unique virtual airline experience through the use of new and original features, an open and inviting atmosphere, and a responsive and dedicated support team.

Our Vision: Our vision at NetJets Virtual is to become one of Infinite Flight’s most trusted, most flown, and most loved virtual airlines.

NetJets Virtual is looking for five talented individuals to lead our main Departments:

  • Flight Operations (FLOPS)
  • People Operations (POPS)
  • Feature Development (DEV)
  • Public Relations (PR)
  • Information Technology (IT)

We believe everyone has something to bring to the table. That is why, for our first round of staff recruiting, we have no basic qualifications for applicants. While previous virtual airline experience is a plus, professionalism, maturity, and a good work ethic are far more important. If you describe yourself as a trailblazer, innovator, or pioneer, you are probably a good fit at NetJets Virtual.

We are also looking for individuals to join our Launch program. As a Launch Ambassador, you would be assisting pilots with the onboarding process from the submission of their application until they feel comfortable at NetJets Virtual. The Launch Ambassador is responsible for explaining procedures, accompanying pilots on their first few flights, and promoting activity in the skies and on our Slack channels. The Launch team is separate from the staff team, so pilots can feel comfortable reaching out to them with any questions, concerns, or criticisms.

If selected, you would be leading one of the six core departments of NetJets Virtual. These departments are the heart of the VA, and are responsible for creating new features, moderating pilots, and managing all operations. As this is a new VA, you would be building your department from the ground-up, creating policies and documents, determining different roles and responsibilities, and setting the direction and purpose of your team.

All staff members are expected to:

  • Assist with moderation of the Slack channel.
  • Assist the President and other departments when necessary.
  • Interact with pilots, answering any questions, and making them feel at home.
  • Manage their team and determine the purpose and direction of their department.
  • Abide by NetJets Virtual flight requirements (at least one flight every 14 days).

For specifics for each role, please see the dropdown below:

Role-Specific Responsibilities

Executive Vice President, Flight Operations

  • Manage the entirety of the pilot team.
  • Create and manage our in-house education platform.
  • Assist pilots with the rules, regulations, and policies of the VA.
  • Create and manage events, group flights, and flash flights.
  • Create and manage scheduled routes, including our EXperience platform.

Executive Vice President, People Operations

  • Managing applications, the recruitment process, and the onboarding process.
  • Administering written exams for prospective pilots.
  • Sending invites to the Slack channel, and helping pilots get acclimated once admitted.
  • Managing any disciplinary or code of conduct breaches.
  • Maintaining pilot and staff records.

Executive Vice President, Feature Development

  • Manage the development of new features for pilots.
  • Work with other departments to successfully implement new features.
  • Maintain and update existing features to make them even better.
  • Interact with pilots to better understand what types of features would appeal to them.

Executive Vice President, Public Relations

  • Managing the brand and public image of the VA.
  • Managing our Instagram and Twitter accounts, and creating original content for social media.
  • Collecting responses from pilots on their experience at the VA, and using these responses to create testimonials and other marketing campaigns.
  • Coordinate with the IFVARB on any issues (along with the President).

Executive Vice President, Information Technology

  • Manage the Crew Center and website.
  • Manage the creation of new Crew Center accounts.
  • Answering any questions relating to the Crew Center, website, or Slack.
  • Monitoring flight activity, and notify FLOPS when a pilot has reached an inactivity milestone.
  • Assigning awards and ranks in the Crew Center.

Launch Ambassadors

  • Assist prospective pilots with the application process.
  • Be a guide to new pilots, assisting them with onboarding and their first few flights.
  • Create tutorials and guides for different parts of VA operations.
  • Help boost activity by engaging pilots, leading group flights, and any other way you see fit.
  • Answer any questions from prospective or current pilots.

Having access to the Expert Server is a plus so you will be able to fly with pilots of all levels. The Launch application is separate from the staff application. Please see the links below. Feel free to submit an application for both.

To apply, please send @CaptJackson a DM. Once you have applied, we will provide a short questionnaire to determine if you would be a good fit at NetJets Virtual. After reviewing all applicants, we will send result notifications via the Infinite Flight Community. You may be offered a different position than you applied for if we think you would be better suited for a different department.

For more information about our organization, please see the following links:

Still have questions? Send @CaptJackson a direct message.

Some applications may close earlier if we have found the right candidate. You will receive a result notification by August 19, 2020, for EVP positions and August 14, 2020, for Launch positions.

Position Status Closing By Positions Available
EVP, Flight Operations Position Filled Closed 0
EVP, People Operations Position Filled Closed 0
EVP, Feature Development Accepting Applications August 17, 2020 1
EVP, Public Relations Accepting Applications August 17, 2020 1
EVP, Information Technology Accepting Applications August 17, 2020 1
Launch Ambassador Accepting Applications August 11, 2020 2

Job listing posted on July 21, 2020. Last Updated August 9, 2020

We are not affiliated with the real NetJets. For their website, please visit