Prospective VA Staff Request Thread

@ThePlaneFlyer you Must Be TL2 You’re TL1

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Guys please, only post if you have been given permission by the IFVARB team to post in this thread and request staff. Anything else should be moved in a Private Message.


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Hiring Is Closed!

  • At least 14 years old (Regulars Exempted)
  • TL2 account on the IFC
  • Active Discord Account
  • Prior VA/VO Experience

Current Staff:

CEO: @Thunderbolt35
COO: @Captain_Merka
Chief of Staff: @NathanD
Head of Internal Affairs: @ButterAllDay
Head of Public Relations: @AarkonTV
Route Manager: @BigBert10
Events Manager: @Luke_King-kong

Available Positions:

Hiring is closed, we will let you know when hiring is reopened!

To Join:

Please fill out the Google Form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

About Global Airtours

We were founded in mid-October 2019, and we are a tourism charter airline that flies our people around the world in our luxurious aircraft, featuring the Cessna Citation X, Boeing 737 BBJ, and Airbus A318 ACJ. There’s no wonder why one of our slogans is Flying the world in style. Our signature SkyCruises allow our pilots to explore the world, piece by piece.

Check Out Our Website!

Query Expiry: 2020-01-13T08:00:00Z
Status: IFVARB Approved!

Flying The Skies In Style!

> AirbusIFC Staff Opportunity
      We make it fly! 

The following staff positions are all vacant when this reply was written

  • HR Manager
  • Event Manager
  • PR Manager
  • Photographer
  • Website Designer
  • Graphic Design Manager

  • Must be 13+
  • Grade 3 on the IF
  • TL2 on the IFC
  • Try to be as mature as possible

Apply here

Need a website designer urgently

Note: I am not the CEO of this VO I am just the owner, if you have any enquiries please PM either @Gm2kmike20 (CEO) or @Benrdutch (COO). Also not mention we will be adding on more information to this reply as time goes on. Kind regards, our team.


Qatar Virtual Airlines

Going places together…

Website Operations Plan



Please take your time to read over the following list of requirements needed to become a successful applicant for the upcoming positions.

  • Trust Level 2 minimum
  • Good standing with the IFVARB, No suspensions on the forum or from previous VA’s
  • Minimum age of 15 years
  • High level of maturity
  • Must have a valid Infinite Flight Pro Subscription
  • Must have access to Slack
  • Grade 3 or higher

New Vacancies

Qatar Virtual is now officially hiring. We’re looking for a couple of dedicated and motivated staff members to assist us in running and leading this Virtual Airline into the future. However, there are limited vacancies available and applications close soon.

Events Manager

One of the many things among the most successful Virtual Airlines have are events. Events bring pilots together to fly professionally in a fast moving and exciting environment. We hope to deliver this in our Virtual Airline experience but to do so we’re looking for a creative mind. Events Manager entitles coming up with event ideas, managing the events team and so much more. In saying this we require you to have a creative mind, grammatical skills, past/current experience creating 5 or more events and an advanced knowledge of event layout and thread structure.

Lastly, if you’re interested in any position, don’t hesitate to myself @Luke_L or @Alphadog4646!

Status: Being Reviewed

Expiration Date: 2020-01-16T14:00:00Z



Asiana Virtual Airline [Now Hiring]
Motto: Fly Beautiful, Fly Asia


This text will be hidden

COO-Must be Above the age of 14, Does most of the work well not all because this is a first time making a VA (Help me)(NONE POSITION OPEN)

Internal Affairs-Must be above 14, Controls the group from inside makes sure the group is stable and reports to me after a certain time.(2 POSITIONS OPEN)

External Affairs-Must be above 14, Controls the groups external affairs makes Code Share routes with other VAs, Replies to people on IFC, Essentially controls the groups like a diplomat.(2 POSITIONS OPEN)

Social Media Manager-Must be 14 or above and must maintain activity on the group HQ with pictures.
Shows off the group on the following platforms Twitter(Main), Instagram(Main),(And if we get enough people we will open) Snapchat(Secondary)(1 POSITION OPEN)

Chief Pilot-The main pilot of our VA, Always third person in a fly out, but the first pilot to be spoken off, Must be 14 or above MUST BE Grade 3 or over, Grade 2 will be taken but you need to be super skilled, This post will be a Training position were you will train along side trainers.(1 POSITION OPEN)

Event Manager-Make event, Make VA Fly outs, Make them with style and amazing style.(1 POSITION OPEN)

ATC Manager-Must be 14 or above, You dont have to be IFATC Approved but, You need to be quick in ATC Skills. Be ready to be ATC In out fly outs(4 POSITIONS OPEN)

Website Manager-(Make us a website please) Must be 14 or above have skills in making websites(You will be praised as a god)(AS MANY AS I CAN GET)

Board Of Directors(Chads)-Help me make educated thoughts control the airline from within and externally be help full and have good ideas(4 POSITIONS OPEN)
Our Goals

CEO Message-Im very chill super chill I love memes and aviation, Our goal is to make a fun environment for flying, All I want is at least 2 logged flight per month, Be active. Our goal is to show people around Asia with the most unique routes from Ki Tak to Paro. We are not strict nor are we real serious, Be Active,Be Flying, Be There.

Please contact me @TheGuy (CEO) (EST US) Contact me to talk about it, On Weekdays Im home After 3pm and on Saturday,Sunday Im on from 11am to 8pm.

Status with IFVARB:Awaiting Approval (We are like second in line)

Applications Expiration Date:2020-01-10T13:00:00Z

Hope you join and good luck.


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IFHUB needs you!

We are very excited to announce that IFHUB is in the process of becoming certified, and in the mean time, we need staff!

We are looking for anybody with a passion for leadership, responsibilities, and most importantly, Infinite Flight to help run our VO.

We are looking to bring pilots and controllers together from all over the world, and unify them. We look to bring out the best in both pilots and controllers, by having them fulfil their potential. We look to do this by having training to all of our members, whether they like to fly the skies or control them. We aim to be able to hold large scale events, which bring both fun and unity to the community.

You must be 14 years old or older

You must have access to an Infinite Flight Pro subscription

You must be at least Grade 3 or have 500 ops (ATC only)

You must have access to Slack

CEO - @rebal15


Chief Pilot - @Jeremy351

Pilot Admin - @DavidRos03

Chief Controller - VACANT

ATC Admin - @Jamie_Ye

Marketing Officer - @flying_infinitely

Recruitment Manager - @IFphotography127

Events Manager - VACANT

Job Descriptions


You will be in charge of most day to day operations at IFHUB. You will be who staff members come to most, in need of help, or advice. You should have some good leadership skills, and should know how our VO runs, and how it should work. You will report directly to the CEO. This is the highest position up for offer, and so places are competitive. If you want to apply, drop me message ASAP, to secure your position!

Chief Controller

You must have a minimum of 1000 ops in ATC to be eligible for this role. You will be in charge of training controllers when they have just been recruited. You will be the first person that controllers come to regarding training and general ATC issues. You will be in charge of taking the practical exam needed to be a controller with us, and thus will need to talk to the Chief Pilot to organise which pilots will be assisting with the exam.

Events Manager

Because IFHUB is focused around large scale events, you will have many responsibilities organising them. You will report directly to the CEO and COO about events. You should have some experience with this, and should be able to communicate with other VAs/VOs on joint events. You will need to discuss with the ATC Admin about who is controlling airports for the event, and should have all of this filed for reference. You will also need to discuss with the Marketing Manager about how to advertise the event.



Mission statement can be found here

Experience statement can be found here

We use phpVMS as our crew centre, and that can be found here. Please note that it is not fully set up yet, but you can still see what being a pilot or controller with us will be like!

Our main website is here, and again it is still slightly unfinished. It looks its best on desktop by the way!

Our forum is here. Please sign up, even if you are not a member!

Queries end: 012359JAN20 (1st January 2020)

Current status: in review

Fly to the future, with the future


EVA Virtual Corporation

Forever Flying Forward

Available Positions

Role: Executive Advisor
Role: Graphics/Media Manager
Role: Flight Manager
Role: Marketing Officer

Please note, the position of Flight Manager includes specific requirements. PM @Humars for details


  • Grade 3 on Infinite Flight
  • TL2 on the IFC
  • Good Standing on the IFC (No suspensions)
  • Must have access to Slack
  • Must have an IF Pro Subscription

*For any inquiries or questions, please PM @TaipeiGuru or @Humars

Status: Being Reviewed


CIVA China Airlines Virtual

Hiring Staffs!

Staff we need

Staff Positions

CIVA is hiring!In order to be eligible for a staff position,you must meet the following requirements:

  • At least Grade 3 on Infinite Flight
  • At least TL2(Member) on the IFC
  • Can use the Slack
  • At least 14 years old
  • In good standing with the IFC

All of the requirements WILL BE CHECKED

Please contact @Steve_Jiang , @CrisY or @Ray_Wang for inquires regarding a staff position.

@Steve_Jiang You can contact him anytime
@CrisY You can contact him on weekends and Fridays.
@Ray_Wang You can contact him anytime

Hiring time 2019-12-13T16:00:00Z2020-01-30T16:00:00Z

Our Website

Status:IFVARB Approved

This Thread is still available,if you want to join,still PM @CrisY and @Steve_Jiang


LogoMakr_58eQZL LogoMakr_7dv5fJ

Welcome to Aloha Virtual, Hawaii’s First and Only Virtual Airline.

|image |image|!image|image|

Aloha! We are Hawaii’s newest and only VA. We are the bridge connecting the Pacific together. We were founded in 2019, when the CEO noticed there was no Hawaiian VAs, where he made a promise to make Hawaii’s First VA the Best it can possibly be.

Welcome to the Hawaiian Heart, where the fun has just begun.

That’s right! We’re hiring Staff! As we are a new VA, we are in need of the following positions to be filled.

Available Positions: Live Needed

CFO Chief Fun Officer
The CFO is in charge of making sure that our new pilots are having fun and inviting them to partake in several activities.

Simply use this link and the CEO will check your application within 3 Days.


Be 13 Years of Age or Older
Have an active live subscription(Live Only Positions)
Have access to Slack
Have a legal copy of Infinite Flight (Old Versions of IF Allowed under conditions)

Major Request to Fill Spots! We are now under review!


Mission Statement

CEO Experience

Update Log

New Banners.


Welcome to Turkish Airlines Virtual


Turkish Airlines Virtual is now hiring. We’re looking for dedicated and motivated staff members to assist us in running and leading this Virtual Airline into the future. However, there are limited vacancies available and applications close soon.


HR Manager = Vacant
PR Manager = Vacant
Media Manager = Vacant
Events Manager = Vacant
Recruitment Manager = Vacant
Chief Controller (IFATC) = Vacant


  • Trust Level 2 minimum
  • Good standing with the IFVARB, No suspensions on the forum or from previous VA’s
  • Minimum age of 15 years
  • High level of maturity
  • Must have a valid Infinite Flight Pro Subscription
  • Grade 3 or higher

If you are interested in applying to become a staff member please ccontact me @Ben_Murtagh1 or our COO @CaptainHugh

Application closing date 2020-01-05T00:00:00Z

IFVARB Status: Being Reviewed

Turkish Airlines Virtual is a virtual airline exclusively for the mobile flight simulator Infinite Flight. We have no connection or affiliation with Turkish Airlines or any other real-world airline. All photos belong to there respective owners.



Asiana Virtual Airline, Is Hiring to make sure when we launch that we are ready to succeed in our mission. We are looking Motivated and Ready people to help our Mission

Website being worked on


Come join the Asiana Club, As an Pilot or a Staff Member the following posts are open

Pilot-Always open and earn respect and rise through the ranks

Media Manager- We need a Media Manager to Promote our Airline on Instagram and Twitter

Event Manager-This role involves making amazing fly-outs for the Airline and for the Community to enjoy and show people what its like to fly Asiana

Recruitment Manager-Recruit people to the VA make Forms when recruitment is open, Make sure that all Staff And Pilots are up to pare

Chief Pilot-You will be responsible for the Training of the Pilots and the
standards that they fly at, Pilots will follow your step in how you fly and how you train

ATC Chief-You must be IFATC and you will pick a team that will serve Airports during our events and our flights, You pick your team of IFATC Controllers

Website Devs-We have a website Dev but we might need more


                                   Staff Requirements

Must be TL2,Must be Grade 2 and professional,Good standing with IFC,Minimum age of 13, Also a valid IF Subscription

    Our Mission
  1. I would like to start a VA to open new opportunities for Infinite Flight pilots and gain some experience by flying and discussing with other members of the VA. It also broadens their horizons with new routes, ranks, and aircrafts.

  2. I really hope to gain some experience by working with members of the community, getting their opinions and advice to create a successful VA that is a safe and healthy environment for all.

  3. I have some knowledge as to how a VA works and I have a broad number of contacts who can help me, such as, the CEO of Virgin Virtual Group and @ran, a member of the community. This way, no matter whether a member of the community is part of a VA as staff or

  4. Pilot for Virgin Virtual Group and the USCG VA (U.S. Coast Guard)

    Applications Closing-2020-01-30T05:00:00Z

IFVARB Status-Being Revived

Hope you join and hope to see you, If you want to join Contact me @TheGuy, Or @BadPlane, Thank you bye


Air Caraïbes is looking for new Staff Members!

All Positions available until taken or time ends


Operations Plan

Positions Available

  • Supervisor - Vacant
  • Events Manager - Vacant
  • Graphic Designer - Vacant
  • Social Media Manager - Vacant
  • Recruitment Manager - Vacant

Line Checkers

We are looking for line checkers aswell! Line checkers make sure our new pilots are eligible to fly for us!

  • 13 Years of Age
  • Grade 2 (Pilots)
  • Grade 3 (Staff)
  • TL1 (Pilot)
  • TL2 (Staff)



Hi! Sorry I wasnt able to get through to you in the other thread I wasn’t quick enough.

You need to go through the IFVARB application process to have an official VA in the IFC.

This post will also get removed quickly. You can’t post here about anything other than VA staff.


Vietnam Airlines Virtual. Now recruiting staff! | NOW UPDATED REQUIREMENTS

Staff positions are now open at Vietnam Airlines virtual. We are looking for interested individuals who can devote at least 5 hours a week to help VAV get through the reviewing process and further on help make VAV one of the best VA’s in IF. Given below are the requirements and the list of staff positions available:

Board of Directors


A group of 5 individuals responsible for proper management of the VA. Area of influence includes each and every aspect of the VA.

  • Minimum XP of 400,000 ( Can be waived)
  • At least TL2 on IFC
  • Good standing with IFVARB
  • Previous experience in VA management\
  • At least 15 years old.
  • Able to dedicate 5-7 hours per week for the development of the VA in the initial stages and 2-3 hours after.

Routes Management team


A team of 2 individuals responsible for creating and maintaining the vast routes of the entire VA on Airtable and adding/removing routes according to day-day changes.

  • Well familiar with the use of Airtable, FlightAware and other software.
  • At least TL1 on IFC
  • Good standing with IFVARB
  • Previous experience in VAs.
  • At least 13 years old.
  • Able to dedicate 7-10 hours per week for the development of the route database in the initial stages and 1-2 hours after for updating it.

Website and graphics manager


A team of 3 individuals, responsible for managing the website, crew center and all other graphical related stuff for the VA including banners, badges, thread, etc.

  • Knowledge and ability to run and operate phpVMS
  • At least TL1 on IFC
  • Good standing with IFVARB
  • Previous experience in this area
  • Basic knowhow to use software like Canva, Snapseed, Wix, Weebly, etc.
  • At least 12 years old.
  • Able to dedicate 5-6 hours per week for the development of the VA in the initial stages and 1-2hours after.


Status of vacancies
Staff position Status Member
Board Chairperson Filled @Siddhansh
Board Member Filled
Board Member Vacant
Board Member Vacant
Board Member Vacant
Board Member Vacant
Route Manager Vacant
Route Manager Vacant
Website Manager Vacant
Website Manager Vacant
Website Manager Vacant

Operational Plan

Here is our Operational Plan
Query expiration date: 2020-05-26T18:30:00Z

All interested applicants click Here

or contact me @Siddhansh on IFC.

Thank you and wishing you a good day!



Libyan Airlines Virtual
Now accepting Staff

Positions needed:
Recruiting officer
Media officer


  • Must be 13+

  • Must be able to pass the interview

  • Must be Grade 2+ and in good standing

  • Must be able to send infinite flight Stats Table

  • Have the ability to type in English with fluency

  • Must be active and check in on the VA discord daily

  • Have a good level of maturity

If you wish to apply please PM @LibyanPilot01

Current Status Of The VA:
Awaiting Review

Operations Plan

Experience Statement

MAY, 6TH, 2020

Why should I join Libyan Airlines Virtual?

The reason you should join Libyan Airlines Virtual is very easy. At LAVA, we strive for realism. In fact, one of the main reasons why Libyan Airlines Virtual was founded was because we wanted to create a realistic and educational learning environment for Infinite Flight Pilots who want to take Infinite Flight Simulation to the next level!
The other reason why LAVA was founded was because we want to promote flying in the North African, Middle Eastern and African regions of Infinite Flight. These regions have in our opinions, the best sceneries in Infinite Flight. So that means while you are having a realistic experience of being in an airline, you can enjoy the best scenery in Infinite Flight!


Hey all,

(Not sure if this is the correct place to post this) XVAO is in the process of becoming a certified VAO through IFVARB and is now taking staff applications. You can view our staff page at (currently I’m the only member).

If you’re interested in a Virtual Aviation startup tailored to General Aviation and high-risk high-reward missions and flight navigation then I would love to hear from you. At XVAO, we love all things challenging. From high-altitude approaches in places like Lukla to island hopping in the Pacific, we exist to provide virtual pilots with realistic, well thought, and detailed missions that aren’t for your average commuter. If there’s adventure to be had, and it’s something that could be pulled off in the real world, we’ll fly it.

Visit our featured TBM9 tour or head on over to our routes page to see what XVAO is all about and if interested, send a PM to @Socata_1.

Current Status of the VA:

Being Reviewed

Operations Plan

Experience Statement

Query Expiry

June 1, 2020