Prospective VA Staff Request Thread

"Brussels Airlines Virtual - Empowering People"


To ensure that we have the best possible Staff, you will need to meet these requirements. (Other requirements can be added for the position you’re applying for.)

  1. Be at least Grade 3
  2. Be mature.
  3. Be in good standing with the IFC Community
  4. Don’t be too serious. :)

Are you interested to join this beautiful Virtual Airline? Apply by sending a private message to @Captain_George_IF or by contacting me via email:



The requirements to join PFG are as follows.

  • Must be Trust Level 2 Member or higher

  • Must be 13 years of age or older

  • Must be grade 2 or higher

  • Must have access to Slack

  • Must be mature

  • Good standing on the IFC

Position Availability Person Remarks
CEO Taken @Qantas094 The Big Boss
COO Taken @Matt_Croatia001 Chief Operating Officer
Head of Internal Affairs Available Will manage all internal affairs and work closely with other staff members.
Recruiter Available Will work alongside with the chief pilot, pilot union representative and pilot and atc trainers and examiners.
HR Manager Taken @RyanR Will work alongside the CEO, COO and the recruiter.
Chief Pilot Available The most skilled pilot and will work alongside with the ATC and pilot trainers and examiners.
Event Manager Available Will manage all events and will work alongside with the CEO.
Pilot Union Representative Taken @Gtmkm98 Will represent our pilots and discuss with them once a week.
Digital Marketing Manager Available Will manage most aspects of marketing and will work closely with the CEO.
Photography Manager Available Will manage all VA photography and partake in events for our VA, they will work closely with the digital marketing manager and CEO.
ATC Trainer Available Will train recruitments up to our standards and will work closely with the recruiter.
ATC Examiner Available Will examine trained air traffic controllers and will work closely with the recruiter and ATC trainer.
Pilot Trainer Available Will train recruitments up to our standards and will work closely with the recruiter.
Pilot Examiner Available Will examine trained pilots and will work closely with the recruiter and pilot trainer.

Our mission statement.

Query Expiry: 19/11/2019

Current Status: Being Reviewed


Japan Airlines Virtual
Minimum Requirements:
Must be atleast TL2 in IFC
Able to be active most of the week
Able to speak English in a formal manner
Have to be atleast.

Staff Needed:
Senior Advisor: @TylerShah
Events Manager: @Dimitri
Media Manager: @Liam13
HR Manager: @conner
Chief Pilot:
Mission Statement:

Operations Plan:

Query Expiry:
We are still under the process of our application.
Hi my name is Raphael i am the COO of JVA but in this case i am the Acting CEO as my CEO is busy.



Tanistic Air is Awaiting IFVARB approval

Here is our Mission Statement:


Airbus A320, A321, A330, A340, A380

Boeing 737-700, -800, -900, 747-400

Bombardier CRJ-700, CRJ-900, CRJ-100, Dash-8 Q400

Cessna Citation X

Dasher TBM-930

Embraer E190, E195

McDonnell Douglas MD-11

Ranking System:

Senior Executive Captain (Highest Rank) - 81+ Hours

Executive Captain - 71-80 Hours

Senior Captain - 61-70 Hours

Captain - 51-60 Hours

Pilot - 41-50 Hours

First Officer - 31-40 Hours

Second Officer - 21-30 Hours

Flight Engineer - 11-20 Hours

Recruit/Cadet (Lowest Rank) - 0-10 Hours


Hub to Hub flights only!



(American Hubs)

Pittsburgh (KPIT)

Savannah (KSAV)

Denver (KDEN)

Chicago (KORD)

San Diego (KSAN)

Seattle (KSEA)

(Eroupean Hubs)

London (EGLL)

Amsterdam (EHAM)

Frankfurt (EDDF)

Requirements to Join:

  • Must have an active IF pro subscription

  • Must be at least Grade 3 on IF

  • Must have at least 75 total landings

  • 15 Hours of total flight time

  • Less than 0.30 Violations to Landings Ratio

  • Must be 12 years of age or older

  • Must be active on the IFC

  • Must speak/type fluent English

I am looking for a trustworthy Board of Directors!

Apply here:

(Password: ai7Cli7Y)

Want to be a Pilot? Sign Up Below!

(Link Removed… Not yet recruiting)

Here is our website!

Tanistic Air Virtual Website

Happy Flying!


Iberia Virtual Airlines

We’re Hiring!

Staff Requirements
  • 14 Years of Age
  • TL2(Member) on the Infinite Flight Community
  • Mature
  • Infinite Flight Live Pro Subscription
  • Experience within another VA
  • Grade 3

Staff Positions

CEO - @Guxk
COO - @Will_A
Head of Internal Affairs - @Flying_Pencil
Public Relations Manager - @TRIavgeekMandy
Recruitment Manager - @Alex_Kyte
Chief Pilot - @Doonies
Route Manager(x2) - @Fouler10, @JackH
Graphic Designer - @Alehvel

Operations Plan

Query Expiry Date - September 19, 2019

Status - Being Reviewed

Please PM @Guxk for any inquiries or applications



We are Hiring!

The Australia & New Zealand Flying Club is a Relaxed, yet Professional VO based in Australia & New Zealand. We aren’t your average Virtual Organisation. We offer 5 different ways of flying, all with different fleets and events.

We are looking for 7 people to join our team. These people will need to be dedicated and hard working to help keep our VO running smoothly.


Position Description

The Military and Medical Divisions are 2 of the most important in the VO. The Military division has different squadrons, and fleet for each squadron. It also has different units for different types of transportation.

The medical division is a division that simulates the New Zealand Air Ambulance and the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia. It’s focused on remote flying, whether it be to rescue a patient or transport people to the nearest hospital, we have it covered.

To apply for this position, there are a few requirements.

  • You must have some sort of military experience

  • At or over the age of 13

  • A good level of maturity and dedication

  • Command Officers (3 People Required) (OPEN)

Position Description

The position of Command Officer is within the Military Division. You will be in charge of the unit you are assigned.

To apply for this role, there are some requirements.

  • You must have some sort of experience with the military

  • You must be at or over the age of 13

  • You must have a good level of maturity

  • Trainer (3 People Required) (OPEN)

Position Description

The position of the trainer is to train pilots that wish to enter the VO. The training will include:

  • Teaching Pilots about basic flight rules

  • Going on Checkrides

  • Organising flights with time zone challenges

To apply for this position, there are a few requirements.

  • Must know the basic and complex rules of flight

  • Must be at or over the age of 13

  • Must have a good level of maturity

  • Be able to teach others and work together

If you would like to apply, please PM @AviationMad.

Operations Plan | Experience Statement

Query Expiry



Being Reviewed

If you have any questions, please contact @AviationMad


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We're hiring!

Staff Requirements
  • 14 Years of Age
  • TL2(Member) on the Infinite Flight Community
  • Mature
  • Infinite Flight Live Pro Subscription
  • Experience within another VA
  • Grade 3

Staff Positions

Chairman - @Jack_White
Assistant Chairman (Training & Staffing) - @RTW1230
Assistant Chairman (Events & Public Relations) - @Ben_W
Human Resources Manager (Recruitment) - VACANT
Chief Pilot (Training) - VACANT
Public Relations Manager (Social Media) - VACANT
Events Manager - VACANT

Operations Plan

Query Expiry Date - December 19, 2019

Status - Being Reviewed

To apply for a staff position within Ryanair Virtual please contact @Jack_White via forum private messages!


" Flying because you want to"



Fiji Airways Virtual welcomes pilots from all backgrounds and experience levels. From the real world pilot to the flight simulator beginner, our doors are open to everyone … well, almost everyone. There are a few very simple requirements which must be met before you can join our organization. Please familiarize yourself with the following requirements, and once you are sure that you satisfy each, you may begin the application process!

  1. Must be 13 years or older
  2. Must be Grade 2
  3. Must have a good attitude


  • Vice-President @Zach007
  • Head of Internal Affairs vacant
  • Route Manager @Manav_Suri
  • Recruiter Vacant
  • Chief Pilot Vacant
  • Supervisors @PlaneGeek,
  • Back-end web developer vacant
  • Photographer @DmitrI-G

So wanna join a VA that you wont regret? We are waiting for you!
Message me, via direct message if your interested, looking forward to hearing from you


Being Reviewed


CEO: @Javier_Arnau_Avila

COO: @JulianQ

Recruiter: @anon41771314, @Diego_Blanco

Chief Pilot: @TylerShah

Head of Internal Affairs: @November-Kilo16

Route Manager: @Albatross_Prince

Head of Public Relationships:

Head of ATC:

Events Manager:

Website & crew center manager: @ThePlaneFlyer

Interested people send a message to @Javier_Arnau_Avila


Experience & Operations Plan



  • Have a good standing in IFC

  • Be active at IFC and in our workspace

  • Be TL2 in IFC

  • Must be grade 3 in IF

  • Have a pro subscription


Being Reviewed

Query Expiry



@ThePlaneFlyer you need more info. Try using the format of other Staff Requests or the instructions at the top post.

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I am applying now

@ThePlaneFlyer you Must Be TL2 You’re TL1

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Guys please, only post if you have been given permission by the IFVARB team to post in this thread and request staff. Anything else should be moved in a Private Message.


This topic is temporarily closed for at least 4 hours due to a large number of community flags.

Hiring Is Closed!

  • At least 14 years old (Regulars Exempted)
  • TL2 account on the IFC
  • Active Discord Account
  • Prior VA/VO Experience

Current Staff:

CEO: @Thunderbolt35
COO: @Captain_Merka
Chief of Staff: @NathanD
Head of Internal Affairs: @ButterAllDay
Head of Public Relations: @AarkonTV
Route Manager: @BigBert10
Events Manager: @Luke_King-kong

Available Positions:

Hiring is closed, we will let you know when hiring is reopened!

To Join:

Please fill out the Google Form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

About Global Airtours

We were founded in mid-October 2019, and we are a tourism charter airline that flies our people around the world in our luxurious aircraft, featuring the Cessna Citation X, Boeing 737 BBJ, and Airbus A318 ACJ. There’s no wonder why one of our slogans is Flying the world in style. Our signature SkyCruises allow our pilots to explore the world, piece by piece.

Check Out Our Website!

Query Expiry: 2020-01-13T08:00:00Z
Status: IFVARB Approved!

Flying The Skies In Style!

> AirbusIFC Staff Opportunity
      We make it fly! 

The following staff positions are all vacant when this reply was written

  • HR Manager
  • Event Manager
  • PR Manager
  • Photographer
  • Website Designer
  • Graphic Design Manager

  • Must be 13+
  • Grade 3 on the IF
  • TL2 on the IFC
  • Try to be as mature as possible

Apply here

Need a website designer urgently

Note: I am not the CEO of this VO I am just the owner, if you have any enquiries please PM either @Gm2kmike20 (CEO) or @Benrdutch (COO). Also not mention we will be adding on more information to this reply as time goes on. Kind regards, our team.


Qatar Virtual Airlines

Going places together…

Website Operations Plan



Please take your time to read over the following list of requirements needed to become a successful applicant for the upcoming positions.

  • Trust Level 2 minimum
  • Good standing with the IFVARB, No suspensions on the forum or from previous VA’s
  • Minimum age of 15 years
  • High level of maturity
  • Must have a valid Infinite Flight Pro Subscription
  • Must have access to Slack
  • Grade 3 or higher

New Vacancies

Qatar Virtual is now officially hiring. We’re looking for a couple of dedicated and motivated staff members to assist us in running and leading this Virtual Airline into the future. However, there are limited vacancies available and applications close soon.

Events Manager

One of the many things among the most successful Virtual Airlines have are events. Events bring pilots together to fly professionally in a fast moving and exciting environment. We hope to deliver this in our Virtual Airline experience but to do so we’re looking for a creative mind. Events Manager entitles coming up with event ideas, managing the events team and so much more. In saying this we require you to have a creative mind, grammatical skills, past/current experience creating 5 or more events and an advanced knowledge of event layout and thread structure.

Lastly, if you’re interested in any position, don’t hesitate to myself @Luke_L or @Alphadog4646!

Status: Being Reviewed

Expiration Date: 2020-01-16T14:00:00Z



Asiana Virtual Airline [Now Hiring]
Motto: Fly Beautiful, Fly Asia


This text will be hidden

COO-Must be Above the age of 14, Does most of the work well not all because this is a first time making a VA (Help me)(NONE POSITION OPEN)

Internal Affairs-Must be above 14, Controls the group from inside makes sure the group is stable and reports to me after a certain time.(2 POSITIONS OPEN)

External Affairs-Must be above 14, Controls the groups external affairs makes Code Share routes with other VAs, Replies to people on IFC, Essentially controls the groups like a diplomat.(2 POSITIONS OPEN)

Social Media Manager-Must be 14 or above and must maintain activity on the group HQ with pictures.
Shows off the group on the following platforms Twitter(Main), Instagram(Main),(And if we get enough people we will open) Snapchat(Secondary)(1 POSITION OPEN)

Chief Pilot-The main pilot of our VA, Always third person in a fly out, but the first pilot to be spoken off, Must be 14 or above MUST BE Grade 3 or over, Grade 2 will be taken but you need to be super skilled, This post will be a Training position were you will train along side trainers.(1 POSITION OPEN)

Event Manager-Make event, Make VA Fly outs, Make them with style and amazing style.(1 POSITION OPEN)

ATC Manager-Must be 14 or above, You dont have to be IFATC Approved but, You need to be quick in ATC Skills. Be ready to be ATC In out fly outs(4 POSITIONS OPEN)

Website Manager-(Make us a website please) Must be 14 or above have skills in making websites(You will be praised as a god)(AS MANY AS I CAN GET)

Board Of Directors(Chads)-Help me make educated thoughts control the airline from within and externally be help full and have good ideas(4 POSITIONS OPEN)
Our Goals

CEO Message-Im very chill super chill I love memes and aviation, Our goal is to make a fun environment for flying, All I want is at least 2 logged flight per month, Be active. Our goal is to show people around Asia with the most unique routes from Ki Tak to Paro. We are not strict nor are we real serious, Be Active,Be Flying, Be There.

Please contact me @TheGuy (CEO) (EST US) Contact me to talk about it, On Weekdays Im home After 3pm and on Saturday,Sunday Im on from 11am to 8pm.

Status with IFVARB:Awaiting Approval (We are like second in line)

Applications Expiration Date:2020-01-10T13:00:00Z

Hope you join and good luck.