Prospective VA Staff Request Thread

AVVA is hiring! In order to be eligible for a staff position, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Grade 3 on Infinite Flight
  • TL2 (Member) on the IFC
  • 14 years or older
  • In good standing with the IFC

Requirements WILL BE CHECKED.


Upper Staff
CEO: @Altaria55
COO: @Jake_Seitz
HR Manager: @samdog27
Senior Advisor:
Chief Pilot: @Micah_Brazil

Lower Staff
Flight Hours Manager:
Events Manager:
Media Manager:

Please contact @samdog27 for inquiries regarding a staff position!

Status: Currently being reviewed

Our Mission Statement

Our Website


Sounds Air Virtual is excited to help people explore the lesser known regions of New Zealand!

CEO: @Sashaz55
COO: @Latvia
Event Manager:
HR Manager:
Flight Log Manager:
Check Ride Instructor: @JacksonAviation

To apply please PM @Jake_Seitz

Status: In Review!


If you’re approved, you don’t use the prospective VA staff request thread.

That’s right. Once you publish your thread, you can request staff in the posts below the main topic. Let’s stick in our PM for now.



AeroLogic Virtual
Now hiring!

Positions Available

CEO: @TCHeincy
COO: @WallisAgdeppa78
IFC Manager:
Events Manager:
Recruitment Manager:
Flight Log Manager:
Routes Manager:
Chief Pilot:
Director of Human Relations: @Jake_Seitz
Check Ride Instructor #1:
Check Ride Instructor #2:
Website Designer:
Director of ATC:
Event ATC:

To apply, please PM @TCHeincy

VA Status: Currently under Review!


  • Must be 13 years old or older

  • Must have an Active Pro Subscription

  • Must be at least Grade 3

  • Must have access to the Slack App

  • Mature Pilots Only!

  • Must be able to log at least one flight per week

To view our Handbook please click below:


Experience Statement:

Operations Plan:

For more information on our VA, please visit our website linked below:


Why AeroLogic Virtual?

The answer to that is because we aren’t FedEx and we most certainly aren’t UPS. We are German Cargo, done right! We believe in a tight knit community of highly experienced pilots. Through our great training programs, various partners, mature pilots, and state of the art aircraft, we think we can become the best Cargo VA on the IFC. Not to mention, as a member of ALVA, you will get to fly our state of the art aircraft throughout the whole world. As well as, the aircraft of our codeshare partners. We are new but through the help of staff we can become a known presence on the IFC. Nothing is possible without your help and support. We hope you’ll choose to do something bigger than yourself and join as a staff member for AeroLogic Virtual. Bis wir uns wieder treffen!

Query Expiry: 2019-10-31T07:00:00Z


You are allowed to start recruiting staff if you’re are in the queue for awaiting review process.

Note: If I should be PM’ing the IFC account instead of replying here to present some information that are common and they may be mistakened with, please privately message me and I’ll delete this reply.

Once you are picked by an IFVARB Leader and the approval process has started, you can request staff.


That’s what I thought! Around a month ago, I posted one here for my VA (that had already started the approval process) but it somehow just disappeared altogether 1 week later. I contacted my reviewer, but he didn’t know either where it was. He said that if it was deleted, it was deleted. hm

You should have contacted your assigned leader or IFVARB admin. Let’s stay on topic now. Let me know f you need anything else via PM.


I had, as stated above. Anyway, let’s stay on topic like you suggested. I’ll post a new thread here soon.

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I was given direct permission from my review team to start recruiting staff.

Global Virtual | Flight by Flight, Bringing The World to You

instagram%20icon website%20icon youtube%20icon

Operations Plan | Pilot Handbook

  • Must be at Least a Grade 3 in Infinite Flight

  • Must be a TL2 (Member) on The Infinite Flight Community

  • Must be at Least 15 Years of Age

  • Must Have a Legal/Valid IF Pro Subscription

  • Must Have Access to Slack

Head of Public Relations

Head of Public Relations - this person’s role is to ensure that the Virtual Airline is associated with that of professionalism and if desired, realism. They must keep the website and main announcement thread up to date and relevant

Events Manager

Events Manager - This persons role is to design Each week’s event thread and Open Airports Thread. Once done, They would PM it to me (@Infinite_Flight_Sims). For additional information about this position, please PM @Infinite_Flight_Sims via Infinite Flight Community.

For any inquiries about these positions, please PM @Infinite_Flight_Sims to start your journey in this wonderful VO!

Query Expiry



IFVARB Approved


"Brussels Airlines Virtual - Empowering People"


To ensure that we have the best possible Staff, you will need to meet these requirements. (Other requirements can be added for the position you’re applying for.)

  1. Be at least Grade 3
  2. Be mature.
  3. Be in good standing with the IFC Community
  4. Don’t be too serious. :)

Are you interested to join this beautiful Virtual Airline? Apply by sending a private message to @Captain_George_IF or by contacting me via email:



The requirements to join PFG are as follows.

  • Must be Trust Level 2 Member or higher

  • Must be 13 years of age or older

  • Must be grade 2 or higher

  • Must have access to Slack

  • Must be mature

  • Good standing on the IFC

Position Availability Person Remarks
CEO Taken @Qantas094 The Big Boss
COO Taken @Matt_Croatia001 Chief Operating Officer
Head of Internal Affairs Available Will manage all internal affairs and work closely with other staff members.
Recruiter Available Will work alongside with the chief pilot, pilot union representative and pilot and atc trainers and examiners.
HR Manager Taken @Ryan_1872 Will work alongside the CEO, COO and the recruiter.
Chief Pilot Available The most skilled pilot and will work alongside with the ATC and pilot trainers and examiners.
Event Manager Available Will manage all events and will work alongside with the CEO.
Pilot Union Representative Taken @Gtmkm98 Will represent our pilots and discuss with them once a week.
Digital Marketing Manager Available Will manage most aspects of marketing and will work closely with the CEO.
Photography Manager Available Will manage all VA photography and partake in events for our VA, they will work closely with the digital marketing manager and CEO.
ATC Trainer Available Will train recruitments up to our standards and will work closely with the recruiter.
ATC Examiner Available Will examine trained air traffic controllers and will work closely with the recruiter and ATC trainer.
Pilot Trainer Available Will train recruitments up to our standards and will work closely with the recruiter.
Pilot Examiner Available Will examine trained pilots and will work closely with the recruiter and pilot trainer.

Our mission statement.

Query Expiry: 19/11/2019

Current Status: Being Reviewed


Japan Airlines Virtual
Minimum Requirements:
Must be atleast TL2 in IFC
Able to be active most of the week
Able to speak English in a formal manner
Have to be atleast.

Staff Needed:
Senior Advisor: @TylerShah
Events Manager: @Dimitri
Media Manager: @CaptainClark
HR Manager: @conner
Chief Pilot:
Mission Statement:

Operations Plan:

Query Expiry:
We are still under the process of our application.
Hi my name is Raphael i am the COO of JVA but in this case i am the Acting CEO as my CEO is busy.



Tanistic Air is Awaiting IFVARB approval

Here is our Mission Statement:


Airbus A320, A321, A330, A340, A380

Boeing 737-700, -800, -900, 747-400

Bombardier CRJ-700, CRJ-900, CRJ-100, Dash-8 Q400

Cessna Citation X

Dasher TBM-930

Embraer E190, E195

McDonnell Douglas MD-11

Ranking System:

Senior Executive Captain (Highest Rank) - 81+ Hours

Executive Captain - 71-80 Hours

Senior Captain - 61-70 Hours

Captain - 51-60 Hours

Pilot - 41-50 Hours

First Officer - 31-40 Hours

Second Officer - 21-30 Hours

Flight Engineer - 11-20 Hours

Recruit/Cadet (Lowest Rank) - 0-10 Hours


Hub to Hub flights only!



(American Hubs)

Pittsburgh (KPIT)

Savannah (KSAV)

Denver (KDEN)

Chicago (KORD)

San Diego (KSAN)

Seattle (KSEA)

(Eroupean Hubs)

London (EGLL)

Amsterdam (EHAM)

Frankfurt (EDDF)

Requirements to Join:

  • Must have an active IF pro subscription

  • Must be at least Grade 3 on IF

  • Must have at least 75 total landings

  • 15 Hours of total flight time

  • Less than 0.30 Violations to Landings Ratio

  • Must be 12 years of age or older

  • Must be active on the IFC

  • Must speak/type fluent English

I am looking for a trustworthy Board of Directors!

Apply here:

(Password: ai7Cli7Y)

Want to be a Pilot? Sign Up Below!

(Link Removed… Not yet recruiting)

Here is our website!

Tanistic Air Virtual Website

Happy Flying!


Iberia Virtual Airlines

We’re Hiring!

Staff Requirements
  • 14 Years of Age
  • TL2(Member) on the Infinite Flight Community
  • Mature
  • Infinite Flight Live Pro Subscription
  • Experience within another VA
  • Grade 3

Staff Positions

CEO - @Guxk
COO - @Will_A
Head of Internal Affairs - @Flying_Pencil
Public Relations Manager - @TRIavgeekMandy
Recruitment Manager - @Alex_Kyte
Chief Pilot - @Doonies
Route Manager(x2) - @Fouler10, @JackH
Graphic Designer - @Alehvel

Operations Plan

Query Expiry Date - September 19, 2019

Status - Being Reviewed

Please PM @Guxk for any inquiries or applications