Prospective VA Staff Request Thread


The VARB have noticed an increasing number of potential Virtual Airlines lacking in key staff to fuel growth and manage operations. We have also noticed an increasing number of threads of people requesting staff members. So as to not clog the forum, this thread can be used by any prospective VAs that are in the IFVARB approval process to seek staff members.


Thread Guidelines

  • Only VAs that have been allowed to begin the approval process can post.
  • VAs should only use this thread if they have attempted other methods of seeking staff and have been unsuccessful.
  • All responses to staff requests should be made through private message, not through thread replies.
  • Thread replies should only be VA Staff requests. Any comments or feedback should be directed to the Feedback Thread.
  • In order to prevent saturation, please limit the number of positions requested.
  • All replies should be formatted in the following fashion. (Note that users who reply in an incorrect format will receive a private message from someone associated with the VARB. Mini-moderating is not permitted.)

VA Name
Type of staff
Link to Mission Statement/Operations Plan (Make sure it is on view only)
Query Expiry

  • Once a staff query has been fulfilled, please update the “Status” section of the reply.
  • Once a reply is posted, please update the “Staff” Section of your Operations Plan noting that you are seeking staff through this thread.
  • As always, we welcome any feedback and/or questions you may have regarding this thread.

Example Reply

VA Name: Panda Airways
Type of Staff: Website designer, COO
Link to Mission Statement/Operations Plan:

Query Expiry: 1/1/1900
Status: Web designer, COO – Vacant

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Photo credit: @NorthernSkyy

Mokulele Virtual
Now Hiring!

CEO: @Dylan_M
COO: @JacksonAviation
IFC Manager: @Brad
Events Manager: @Matthew_20204
Recruitment Manager: @Sashaz55
Flight Log Manager: @AviationJack
Routes Manager: @anon23647801
Chief Pilot: @N1DG
Social Media Manager: @Sasquatch

To apply, please PM @JacksonAviation

Checkride Instructors:
Availability: In need of one more

To apply, please PM @JacksonAviation

Status: Currently under Review!


Bold is only for pilots

Must be able to work at least 3 hours a week
Must have access to our VA’s forum
Must be Grade 3 in IF
Must have an active pro subscription
Must be TL2
Must be able to log one flight per two weeks

Experience Statement:
Operations Plan:

Query Experation: 7/1/19

Why Mokulele?
Mokulele Virtual is set to provide a realistic experience for our staff and pilots. Hawaii lacks a VA, but not for long. Mokulele will bring back the exciting thrill of island hopping and city hopping in Hawaii and California. These routes are operated on the C208 or E170. This gives us GA and Commercial aircraft did our pilots to choose from. Our number one goal is for our pilots to have the most realistic experience, which is why they take a checkride with one of our instructors before excepted into the VA.


Copa Airlines Virtual
We need:

  1. Head of Internal Affairs @Noah_P
  2. COO @Aircraft_videos
  3. Recruiter @Noah_P
  4. HR Manager @ItzAviaUk
  5. Chief Pilot @Abel_Kocsis
  6. Head of Public Relations @Noah_P
  7. Website Manager
  8. Schedule Manager
  9. Route Manager @ItzAviaUk

Our operations plan:
The Experience statement:

Query expiry: 29/6/2019

If you want to join contact me trough PM in IFC. We need you to create the first VA of Central America, we create dreams together. :)


Welcome to Saudia Virtual!

We’re looking for enthusiastic staff to help propel us through the approval process and possibly even beyond if we’re approved!


Current Staff

President - @Latvia
Deputy President - @Jens_Severin
Vice President - @Noah_P
Head of Public Relations - @GiulioRomano
Chief Pilot - @NiharG
Moderators - @Ondrej, @Noah_P, @Oliver_P
Media Manager - @ItzAviaUk
Flight and Aircraft Manager - @J2S

Staff Required

Media Manager - Taken - @ItzAviaUk
Moderator - Taken - @Ondrej, @Noah_P, @Oliver_P
Head of Web Design - Taken - @Noah_P
Routes Manager - Vacant
Flight and Aircraft Manager - Taken - @J2S
Recruiting Manager - Vacant

Operations Plan
Experience Statement

The expiration date of this request is: Sunday, July 28th 2019


Thanks, and we hope to see you soon at Saudia Virtual!


WOW Air Virtual Group.

going to iceland?

Staff Positions open.

CAO open
CTO open
CWO open
Chief Pilot (MUST BE GRADE 4 OR HIGHER) open
Route Manager open
Events Manager open
PIREP Filer open
Media Manager open


  1. Be Older Than 11
  2. Mature
  3. Have Prior VA experience
  4. Be able to attend events and slack meetings
  5. Staff still must do atleast 2-3 flights a month

Awaiting Review


Atlas Air Virtual is searching for Staff Members that:

  • Are motivated and active to be a Staff member.
  • Watching our discord server.
  • Are at least TL2 in the forum.
  • At least Grade 3 in Infinite Flight.
  • At least 12 Years old.

CEO: @JanYT_Ferrari
COO: @Maksimiliannjr_11
Head of Internal Affairs: @CapA
Recruiter: Vacant
HR Manager: @if.england
Chief Pilot 1: infinite flight uk
Chief Pilot 2: @Plnelovr
Head of Public Relations: Vacant
Social Media Manager: Vacant
Website/crewcenter editor: Vacant
Route manager: @Nils_Esser
Chief Pilots need to be at least Grade 4 and have a good knoledge how to make flying more realistic and fun.

Please contact @Maksimiliannjr_11 for more information.

Our Website: (if you want to join as a pilot, apply on our website)

Operations Plan:

Experience Statement:

We hope we see some of you applying for us and see you soon in our server, making our VA better!
Go beyond with Atlas Air Virtual


Now Hiring!

From Finland, To The World



  • Flight Manager
  • Events Manager

Find all Job Descriptions HERE


Star (*) indicates “Exceptions Apply”

  • Grade 3 Pilot in Infinite Flight;*
  • At least TL2 (Member) on the Forum;
  • Have Infinite Flight Pro;*
  • Knowledge on the uses of Slack;*
  • Experience with another VA; and
  • 15 Years of age

Ready to Apply? Click HERE

Query Expiry:

VA Status with the IFVARB:
Being Reviewed


TuiVA | Discover your Smile

Our Operations Plan

  • Must be at least Grade 3 in Infinite Flight

  • Must be TL2 (Member) on the IF Community

  • Be 16 years of age or older

  • Should have a valid IF Pro Subscription

  • Good standing in the IF Community

Staff Positions

CEO: @Cloudrush
COO: @vansh_purohit
SA: @Sudipto_B
Digital Media Manager: Vacancy-1
Human Resources Manager: Vacancy-1
Chief Pilot: Vacancy-1

Query Expiry

Being Reviewed

All interested in applying can send an email to with the position you are applying for.


High Sky Virtual is looking for qualified and motivated community members to help us in our mission to become one of the best VAs in the community. To qualify, you must meet the following requirements.

  • Grade 3 on IF
  • TL2 on the IFC
  • Mature
  • Contribute Positively to the Community


Please contact @jakey2_0, @Kian_Abbasi, or @KC3DLL for inquiries regarding a position!

[Our Mission Statement ]

[Our Experience Statement]

Status: Reservation Expires July 30th, 2019.

Our Website

Query Expiry: 30 July 2019


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)


Binter Canarias Virtual

Digital Marketing
Operations manager


Digital marketing - available
Operations manage - available


AVVA is hiring! In order to be eligible for a staff position, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Grade 3 on Infinite Flight
  • TL2 (Member) on the IFC
  • 14 years or older
  • In good standing with the IFC

Requirements WILL BE CHECKED.


Upper Staff
CEO: @Altaria55
COO: @Jake_Seitz
HR Manager: @samdog27
Senior Advisor:
Chief Pilot: @Micah_Brazil

Lower Staff
Flight Hours Manager:
Events Manager:
Media Manager:

Please contact @samdog27 for inquiries regarding a staff position!

Status: Currently being reviewed

Our Mission Statement

Our Website


If you’re approved, you don’t use the prospective VA staff request thread.

That’s right. Once you publish your thread, you can request staff in the posts below the main topic. Let’s stick in our PM for now.



AeroLogic Virtual
Now hiring!

Positions Available

CEO: @TCHeincy
COO: @WallisAgdeppa78
IFC Manager:
Events Manager:
Recruitment Manager:
Flight Log Manager:
Routes Manager:
Chief Pilot:
Director of Human Relations: @Jake_Seitz
Check Ride Instructor #1:
Check Ride Instructor #2:
Website Designer:
Director of ATC:
Event ATC:

To apply, please PM @TCHeincy

VA Status: Currently under Review!


  • Must be 13 years old or older

  • Must have an Active Pro Subscription

  • Must be at least Grade 3

  • Must have access to the Slack App

  • Mature Pilots Only!

  • Must be able to log at least one flight per week

To view our Handbook please click below:


Experience Statement:

Operations Plan:

For more information on our VA, please visit our website linked below:


Why AeroLogic Virtual?

The answer to that is because we aren’t FedEx and we most certainly aren’t UPS. We are German Cargo, done right! We believe in a tight knit community of highly experienced pilots. Through our great training programs, various partners, mature pilots, and state of the art aircraft, we think we can become the best Cargo VA on the IFC. Not to mention, as a member of ALVA, you will get to fly our state of the art aircraft throughout the whole world. As well as, the aircraft of our codeshare partners. We are new but through the help of staff we can become a known presence on the IFC. Nothing is possible without your help and support. We hope you’ll choose to do something bigger than yourself and join as a staff member for AeroLogic Virtual. Bis wir uns wieder treffen!

Query Expiry: 2019-10-31T07:00:00Z