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How to create a VA? || Application Process || IFVARB Feedback and Questions

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@Brandon_k North, Central and South American VAs
@BluePanda900 European and African VAs
@Aquila Asian, Middle Eastern, and Oceanian VAs
@Danman Fictional VAs and VOs

This thread can be used for any prospective VA currently in the VA approval process to recruit key staff. Only one reply is necessary. Please refrain from posting staff requests in other places on the IFC until your VA is approved to begin IFC operations. It is advised that users only ask for 2-3 positions as a maximum to maintain a professional image and prevent member saturation, though this is not yet a requirement.

Thread Guidelines

  • Only VAs that have been allowed to begin the approval process can post
  • VAs should only use this thread if they have attempted other methods of seeking staff and have been unsuccessful
  • All responses to staff requests should be made through private message, not through thread replies
  • Thread replies should only be VA Staff requests. Any comments or feedback should be directed to the IFVARB Slack discussion channel or the Feedback Thread.
  • All replies should be formatted in the following fashion. (Note that users who reply in an incorrect format will receive a private message from someone associated with the VARB. Mini-moderating is not permitted.)

VA Name
Type of staff
Link to Mission Statement/Operations Plan (Make sure it is on view only)
Query Expiry

  • Once a staff query has been fulfilled, please update the “Status” section of the reply.
  • Once a reply is posted, please update the “Staff” Section of your Operations Plan noting that you are seeking staff through this thread.
  • As always, we welcome any feedback and/or questions you may have regarding this thread.

Example Reply

VA Name: Panda Airways
Type of Staff: Website designer, COO
Link to Mission Statement/Operations Plan:

Query Expiry: 07/04/1776
Status: Web designer, COO – Vacant


Korean Air Virtual Is Hiring Staff Members

What we are looking for in a chief pilot
We are actively seeking a Chief pilot to help train new pilots. we are actively developing a training program that any ilot can attend that will help our pilots with flying our fleet of aircraft in Infinite Flight. Our chief pilot will be expected to work with the other chief pilots to set up a test flight in the B739. Our chief pilots will alternate weekly to hold at least 1 training session in landing and take off and general flight procedures. we will start a weekly training series. If this sounds interesting and something you would like to do please fill the application out.

Chief Operating Officer@Alex_p
Flight Manager @esant_15
Route Manager @Matt777
Event Manager @John_Yang
Hiring Manager @Albatross_Prince
Chief Pilot (3 of 3) @IconicUndead230 ; @TylerShah ; @Sudhanva_Ganesh

Mission Statement

Query Expire : 04/09/2019
Status : All positions are fill


Any questions feel free to DM me.We have no affiliation with Korean Air

*We are actively seeking more staff to join our VA 1 more chief pilot.


SAS Virtual is hiring!
Mission Statement/Operations Plan


Thank you to all applicants. We have hired all the necessary staff. However, we now have an opening. As much as it saddens me to say this, once SAS Virtual is IFVARB approved, I will be stepping down as Manager of Airline Operations. I will be personally interviewing each and every candidate to make sure my replacement is the best there is. Please DM me if interested.

Want a job flying overseeing one of IF’s biggest fleets? Want to fly and manage some of the most beautiful routes IF has to offer? Want to bring others to one of IFC’s most diverse and friendly VAs? Then this job is for you! Here at SAS Virtual, we fly to beautiful destinations around the world, from Copenhagen to San Francisco, from Oslo to Tokyo!

Must be fluent in English OR Finnish (NOT google translate)
Must be 13 years or older
Must be friendly, something we want to be known for
Be available every day (or close to it)

Available positions:
See above.

Note: If hired, as a staff member you will be able to fly the full SAS Virtual fleet!

Thank you to all applicants!
We will get back to you within 24 hours!


Hello, I hope and they are well.

It is time to make the Central American region shine and I am looking for those who are willing to be part of the best airline in Central America and the fifth most punctual in the world.

Why would we like you to join our team?
Because we are the best option to choose at the level of the continent of america, with us your experience will be better. ​In addition to this, we teach you and we would like you to know how our team works and how our pilots are. If you join us we will work for being a great VA, for being a great work team, for you to talk about what you wanted, for some crazy people passionate about aviation and for you to connect to the American continent in the best possible way .

Our mission is to make this airline one in which you can share different types of cultures, where you can have a good time talking about aviation or other issues. We want you to pilots love this airline and feel comfortable here.


  1. Being older than 14 years.
  2. Have original ideas.
  3. Have daily availability.
  4. Speak English or Spanish.
  5. Be a mature person and have good values along with good behavior.
  6. And finally and very important not to be on the VA blacklist.

If you meet all the requirements you are allowed to fill out the application form.

Positions available:

  • Head of Internal Affairs
  • Recruiter
  • HR Manager
  • Chief Pilot
  • Head of Public Relations
  • Website Manager

Apply: here

Website: here

Operations Plan:

Experience Statement:

No more thank you very much and I hope and you join our great VA. I hope that we will be able to form a great team and take this VA to the top. Thank you very much and greetings.

If you have any questions or want more information. Send me a PM or a message to the mail.

CEO: Pirro_BV

Copa Airlines Virtual Connecting the dreams of the American Continent

Welcome the Northwest Virtual Airlines

Here at the NWVA we empower members of the IFC to test their Staffing skills and see if they have got what it takes and seek new opportunities to make a bright impact on the VA

Main Hub-KDTW(Detroit Wayne Metropolitan Airport)


Operations Plan (View Only)
Query expiry- April 12 2019
Status-In Progress

Upper Management
COO-@Latvia (Until further notice)
HRO- @Jens_Severin

Lower Management
Senior Advisor-VACANT
Recruiting Manager- @JIA_345
Events Manager- @Luke_Sta
Flight Manager- @NiharG
Media Manager- @GiulioRomano
Chief Pilot-VACANT
Board Member-VACANT

Must have Slack app
Must be able to access training server on Infinite Flight
Must be on or above TL1(Basic User)
Must be at least 10 years of age
Must not be on the IFVARB Blacklist(I will check thoroughly)
Must be able to complete a check ride(Will be conducted by chief pilot or CEO-Only for under Grade 2 pilots)

Please Apply then PM J2S when finished

Our Instagram

Our Northwest Virtual Airlines Promo Video


Our Website-

For any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact me or through our new email address-

We hope to see you in the skies and we hope you join the revolution and show the community how to Fly The Horizon

Legal Stuff

We are in no way affiliated with the real Northwest Airlines or its real life merger Delta Airlines

Thanks for reading we hope you join here’s my badge


VA Name:
Type of Staff:
Link to Mission Statement/Operations Plan:

Query Expiry: 05/22/2019
You can DM me @Devon_Mo_piedmont114 or @preston68156 with Inquiry for positions or questions
We have no affiliation with SkyWest Airlines and its partners in the real world.

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Welcome from the CEO
I would like to personally welcome you to the prospective Virtual Airline, Thomas Cook GVA. We are currently in the application process and strive to provide Infinite Flight users with another VA, open to everyone! No matter how much experience you have we will help you to strive and achieve your goals! Why not become a staff member for this great brand new VA. We are looking for passionate and hardworking team members to join us!

I look forward to speaking to some of you very soon!

Oscar Shaw
Chief Executive Officer
Thomas Cook Group Virtual Airlines

Staff Positions Available

  • Chief Operation Officer - Must be at least Grade 3 and be TL2 - @Cloudrush
  • Chief Pilot - Grade 3 as standard required
  • Events Manager - Have TL2 on IFC
  • Media Manager - @Cormac_Rocks

For all above Vacancies you must have access to Slack and be aged 13 or over!

To apply please message @15shawo or email with a short summary of why you think you are the best for the job!

Additional Information


We are vRYR

Low fares are our priority


vRYR is a Ryanair-enthusiast group of experienced members willing to do their best at flying for vRYR.
Our VA is a VA that is more unique than others. A custom-made logo, a highly professional communication platform, website, an exciting yet dynamic promo video, and super kind staff members that are willing to help out at any moment. Scroll down below! Maybe you’ll like it.

Instagram: vRYR Official (account on hold due to an update on-going)
VA Name: Ryanair Virtual
Positions needed: ATC Team Members (3 available), Chief Pilot
Operations Plan: Click here

All staff members will be interviewed

We may decline your interview at any given moment.


  • At least 12 years old
  • A very good/good level of maturity
  • You must know very good English and minimal grammar mistakes
  • Grade 2 in IF
  • You must file a PIREP once a month
  • You must be active.

Wanna see our promo video?
Sure! It’s right here.

See you soon!

Contact @Nono45_FR if interested


The Avianca Virtual Group is now looking for staff members! You will be interviewed for jobs that are available.


  • Must be at least 12 years old
  • Must be mature
  • Fluent in English
  • Grade 3 on IF (please provide a screenshot of your Grade progress)
  • TL2 on the IFC
  • Access to Slack

Staff Positions Available:
CEO: @Altaria55
COO: @Albatross_Prince
HR Manager:
Senior Advisor:
Chief Pilot 1: @EverettM
Chief Pilot 2: @Captain_Mike_787
Events Manager: @anon82246052
Media Manager: @anon82246052

Contact @Altaria55 to talk about positions!

Query Expiry: 28 June 2019

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Binter Canarias Virtual
Be International

Welcome to Binter Canarias Virtual, thank you for taking the time to read this. I am AH_aviation, CEO of Binter Canarias Virtual. We are in the process of being IFVARB approved and about to begin our operations. BCVA is the Canary Islands only virtual airline. We operate the CRJ1000 on many routes to Spain, Portugal, Cape Verde and the West of Africa, untouched wonders of the world. Our VA consist of two sections. We have the flying side and the air traffic control side. Our ambition is to create an excellent VA with members from across the globe to fly professionally and to provide air traffic control services on Infinite Flight. If you’d like to know more about the VA, then please read on or visit our website. Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

Type of Staff: Head of Flying Operations/ Head of ATC Operations

Who we are looking for to become Head of Flying Operations
Head of Flying Operations is responsible for planning flying events, moderating the flights and events and more. We need someone who is both dedicated and reliable as well as being able to plan ahead.
We will host flying events every week and sometimes even more. Our events primarily use the CRJ1000 aircraft. Requirements include being able to be contacted throughout the week, have a general aviation knowledge, good team member and be able to moderate flying events on the expert server. Please PM me if this is something that you would like to apply for. You can also visit our website.

Who we are looking for to become Head of ATC Operations
Similar to the Head of Flying Operations, we are looking for someone who is responsible for moderating ATC sessions, planning and organising ATC events and has an exceptional ATC knowledge. When operated correctly, air traffic control can massively help organise and control and airport however a bad air traffic controller can cause unnecessary delays and confusion. That’s why having someone who can manage the upkeep of the controllers is important. Requirements include being able to be contacted throughout the week, have an exceptional ATC knowledge and have access to the training server. Please PM me if this is a role you’d like to get involved in. You can find out more on our website.

General Requirements
Must have Infinite Flight Pro Subscription
Must be active on IFC
Must have Discord
Must be a good team player
Must speak English or Spanish
Must be able to be contacted throughout the week
We have no age restrictions however you can be failed based on maturity

Mission Statement

Query Expiry: 23/04/19

CEO @AH_aviation
Head of Flying Operations Needed
Head of ATC Operations Needed


Welcome to Scoot Virtual. Love where you fly.


Website! - Mission Statement!

Before we Takeoff, a quick message from our CEO and founder, @Starz_Flyz! No Pun Intended

Welcome to the Official Scoot Virtual Thread. We’re glad that your choosing us to be your airline. Before you strap your seatbelts and make your decision, please read closely to make sure we’re your choice.

Scoot Virtual all started with One YouTube video. The one video that influenced me to start Scoot Virtual. That was a DJs Aviation video. That video talked about the 787, where at one point, showed a clip of a Beautiful, Yellow 787 taking off. I was intrigued to learn more. I rewinded, and there she was. My delicious banana milkshake. Of course, I did my research, and figured the IFC could use some Asian VAs.

Meet the Squad! Our squad of staff is hand picked by the CEO himself, to promise you comfort and care. We’re doing our best to get the VA working better than ever.

CEO COO HRO Recruitment Manager Partnership Manager Events Co-ordinator Media Manager
@Starz_Flyz @IconicUndead230 @iJazzyman @Frenchie Now Open @ca.denz @Cormac_Rocks

What are the Requirements?


To Join SCV, We have very flexible requirements.

You Must have a Decent level of maturity
No Age Requirements anymore,
Grade 2 with 25,000 XP
10 Landings
Understand what a Pattern Is

How active do I need to be?


For Staff, since we are a late VA, we recommend that you do 1 flight every 2 weeks. This is to help show activity.

How do you Communicate?


Inter-VA communication is made possible by Slack, with @Starz_Flyz in the IFVARB slack.

We’re hiring! We recently got an extension until April 13, so we are trying our best to get running faster!

Here are some job descriptions and application format:

Jobs Available

Flight Log Manager - The flight log manager manages all PIREPS on phpVMS, our Crew Center.

Events Manager - The Events Manager Creates Events, and posts them to IFC. He/She is also required to fly at the event. The event Manager can also add special routes, departing from one of our hubs, to the destination.

Partnership Manager - Partnership Managers are in charge of Representing SCV at other VAs when a codeshare is made.

Booking Manager - The Booking Manager is in charge of all bookings for passengers or cargo.

Media Manager- Media Manager creates badges and runs all the accounts.

Check Pilot - You will be in charge of all new members to do their flight KLAX-KSFO for their test.


Recomended Format for when applying through DM:
Job you want
Grade in IF
A VA that you have experience with, and the @ of one of their staff.
E-mail Address

Every week, pilot or non-pilot, we allow people to spot Scoot Aircraft, as long as the logo is visible, you get a chance of being featured on our IFC thread, Instagram, and Pilots gets 3x Hours!

Feel Free to ask any questions!

See you on the other side, Captain.

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Connecting Ukraine to the World

Staff positions available

▪COO- Vacant

▪Chief Pilot- Vacant

▪HR Manager- Vacant

▪IFC Manager- Vacant

▪Flight logger- Vacant

Applications For Staff Members will not be accepted after we have filled all the positions available

Requirements if you want to apply is you must have access to Slack and must be aged 13 or over.

If you are interested in applying for any of these positions just click the link below or contact @Matthew_20204


Some additional information:

Our Mission Statement

Our website

Just note our website is still under construction

Our destinations



VA Name: emirates

NOT IFVARB CERTIFIED (Post approved by @Aquila)

Hello and thank you for viewing our Staff Request Thread. Here at Emirates Virtual, we have 2 open positions. If you feel you’re qualified, please leave an application!

Our Operation Plan: Click Here

Query Expiry: April 30th, 2019

Emirates VA is currently looking for a moderator that can moderate our discord. We are also looking for a trainer that can train new pilots. We have an application that is ready for responses.

Open Positions:

  • Trainer

  • Moderator


Our current requirements to be staff:

  • At least 14 years of age

  • Be active in general

  • Have social skills

  • Be mature

  • Have experience training people if applying for the “Trainer” position

Application link located here

If you have any questions, please contact me or @Nils_Esser


Hello! My name is Dmitri and I am the founder and CEO of Fiji airways Virtual. We are currently recruiting high staff positions. Positions are as followed

Head of internal fairs


HR manager

Head of public relations

Once we fill these positions we can start with the verification process. If interested please PM me here, with your name and what position you are interested in. Thanks!

Dmitri G,

Founder, CEO.


We are


We are Hiring!

We are looking for people who are committed to be apart of Infinite Flight’s new chapter of Canada!

To work with us, you must:

Be mature and professional at all times
Pass our staff exam
Be in a well standing on the IFC
Be at least a Grade 2
And be able to commit your time, and be available at reasonable points of time
Have experience with Slack

We are looking for:

3 Group Managers

Job Description:
You are in charge of a group of pilots that have graduated. You will verify and accept their PIREP’s, you will allow bonuses and events for your group, you will arrange competitions with the other groups, and create a safe, fun environment for the people in your group.
You will have between 0-40 people in your group.
Like the sound of this?

Welcome to the team…


We are looking for:

1 Route Manager

Job Description:
You will be in charge of keeping our routes in check with WestJet’s actual routes. You will be in charge of removing out of service and season end routes, and adding new and season start routes.
Like the sound of this?
Route Manager:

We are looking for:

2 Full-Time Trainers and 1 Part-Time Trainer

Job Description:
You are in charge of training the pilots! You will fly with them on their first few training flights, and will be in charge of determining what training program they go into, beginner, or experienced. Full time trainers will be asked to be on call at reasonable times for them on most days, and part time trainers will be asked to be on call at reasonable times for them on some days.
Like the sound of this?
FT Trainer 1:
FT Trainer 2:
PT Trainer 1:

Our Operations Plan

Operations Plan!


This offer expires on:
Monday, April 29, 2019

Contact us!

Please PM this account for inquiries. Please allocate 48 hours for a response as we may be busy.

On behalf of Isaiah Krause and Vincent Gold, we thank you for considering WestJet Virtual Group, and we hope you:

Love Where You Are IF-ing!


Website | Twitter | Instagram


Mokulele Virtual
Aloha to cheaper prices!

Current Available Positions:

Event Planner: @Matthew_20204
Recruitment Manager: @Sashaz55
Head of Checkrides:
IFC Manager:
Brand Designer/CBO:
Social Media Manager:
Website Designer (Will redesign it):
Flarum Maker:
Checkride Instructors (4):
see below

Our mission statement/operations plan:

How to apply: PM me (@JacksonAviation) and I will ask you a few questions. If you pass those, @Dylan_M Dylan_M, the CEO will be added and will also question you on why you would be a good fit to the team. Please be sure to mention which position you are applying for in the PM. Please note, that applications may be busy, so expect to wait a few days for a response at most.

TL2 or Above (Exceptions can be made)
Ability to fly 2 or more hours per every two weeks
Ability to join events

Query Expire: June 26, 2019

Why Mokulele: Mokulele Virtual is your place to go for fun, friends, and professionalism! Every pilots application is closely looked over and checkrides are done at high standards. This helps us guarantee that you are getting the most out of your VA!

Checkride Instructors: Your interview will be different, and please have a photo of your IF stats ready when you apply.

(That also means goodbye!)


Mission Statement // Website // Apply

Website is not complete.

Our Staff

Here at Frontier Virtual, we’re looking for mature, knowledgeable staff to work for us.


TL2 (Member) or above on IFC
Must have access to Slack
Active Infinite Flight Pro Account
Valid Email

To be granted as staff, you must pass with an 80% or higher on a written test provided in a PM.

Chief Executive Officer Chief Operations Officer Recruitment Manager Event Manager Route Manager Chief Pilot
@InfiniteNick @Airbus_737 Vacant @Kacey @esant_15 Vacant

Once you have applied, you will receive a PM within 24 - 48 hours by @InfiniteNick or @Airbus_737.

Query Expiry: May 11, 2019


DHL Virtual is Hiring!

Here at DHL Virtual we pride ourselves in flying the worlds cargo to where they need to be so that everyone gets their packages all safe and sound and on time.

Our Operations Plan:

Our Website:

That’s OK! Their is a first time for everything so this opportunity is designed to gain experience of working in a VA to help with other opportunities in the future. We are a very welcoming team who are always willing to help each other out. Does it sound like the thing for you? We have many available staff positions for you!

  • Mature
  • At least a TL2 Account on the IFC
  • Experience with Slack

For COO and Chief Pilot Positions Please PM me ( @Ash_Rand ) With:

  1. Why you should have that position
  2. A photo of your Stats in IF - For Chief Pilot Only
  3. Any previous experience with VAs or VOs (If none that is OK)
  4. Your Name and a Valid Email Address

You should receive a response within 24hrs. If not, feel free to bump the message.

Expires on the 12th of May 2019 (12/05/19)

Cheers! Have a Great Day!



Mission statement

Ethiopian Virtual is recruiting staff team

We are a brand new VA, and right now we are going through the certification process. Before we start the recruitment of pilots, we need to have a good and responsible staff team. Therefore, we open the staff recruitment for Ethiopian Virtual. You can find all the vacancies and how to apply down below. Be prepared to soar the skies of Africa with us!


List of available staff positions

Event Manager - @Bangkok_VTBS and @Joseph007
HR Director (must have an experience as a HR manager in the past) - (available)
HR Manager - @Albatross_Prince and @George_Anastasis
Flight Supervisors Director - @Eiknixsis
Flight Supervisor - @TurkishPhotographer ( 1 more position available)
Moderator - ( 2 positions available)
Server manager (Must be an experienced Slack moderator/admin) - (available)


• 14 years or older
• Active Infinite Flight Pro subscription
• Valid email
• Be at least a Grade 3
• Be in a good standing on the IFC
• At least have a TL2 Account on the IFC

How to apply

Wanna be a member of staff at Ethiopian Virtual? Make sure you answer these questions below, and we will be looking forward to welcome you as a staff member!

• Why do you want to take this role?

• How many time can you spend for your job?

• Do you have an experience in the position you are applying for? If no, what makes people professional in their job?

• After you will send me answers to the first 3 questions, you will be asked about a situation regarding your position, and you will have to solve it the best way. Keep in mind that the more patient you‘ll be, the more chances you will have to get this position.

Contact us

Got a question left? Contact me or @GZhynko and we will get all of your questions sorted out!

Query Expires: 2019-05-30T21:00:00Z