Prospective VA Staff Request Thread


Pacific Air Virtual (Korean) Is Hiring Staff Members
The following positions are available

Chief Operating Officer
Flight Manager
Route Manager
Event Manager
Public Relations Manager
Chief Pilot

Mission Statement

Query Expire : 04/09/2019
Status : All are open

Apply Here


Any questions feel free to DM me.

We are actively seeking more staff to join our VA


Ryanair Virtual: COO position (filled by @Jake_Savage)

Unfortunately, our COO, @Jack_White has decided to leave us due to his VA getting in the way.

VA Name: Ryanair Virtual
Type of Staff: COO
Operations Plan: Ops Plan
Query Expiry: 10/02/2019
Status: Expired


  • At least 12 years old.
  • A good level of maturity
  • IF Pro Subscription (14 days to say that you don’t have one, after that, you may get fired, if you tell in the 14 days, you won’t be fired)
  • Availability to be active daily

Checked these requirements? You are certainly welcome to join. :)

*We have permission to deny applications, there is no guarantee that you will be accepted.

-SpeedPlayz (CEO of vRYR)

vRYR Update

The COO position has been filled and we are happy to say that vRYR has gotten into the next step of the approval process by getting selected by one of the groups.

We wish all members at vRYR a good time and therefore to enjoy the environment whilst I continue in the certification process so that we can step up to the next level.

SpeedPlayz (CEO of vRYR)


Please make sure to link a google forms application form or say “DM me”


Welcome to the Northwest Virtual Airlines

Here at the NWVA we empower members of the IFC to test their Staffing skills and see if they have got what it takes and seek new opportunities to make a bright impact on the VA

Main Hub-KDTW(Detroit Wayne International Airport)

Operations plan

Query expiry- April 12 2019
Status-In Progress

Upper Management

CEO(Chief Executive Officer)- @J2S
COO(Chief Operations Officer)- @Oscar_Williams
HRO(Human Resources Officer)- @Starz_Flyz

Lower Management
Recruiting manager-VACANT
Board Member-VACANT
Board Supervisor-VACANT
Events Manager- @Luke_Sta
Media Manager- VACANT
Flight Manager- @KevinEarley10

Thanks for reading please join if you want


Please follow the format above @J2S

VA Name
Type of staff
Link to Mission Statement/Operations Plan (Make sure it is on view only)
Query Expiry

You need to link your operational plan and anything else you’ve missed.


Done that @Jack_White


SAS Virtual is hiring!
Mission Statement/Operations Plan

Want a job flying overseeing one of IF’s biggest fleets? Want to fly and manage some of the most beautiful routes IF has to offer? Want to bring others to one of IFC’s most diverse and friendly VAs? Then this job is for you! Here at SAS Virtual, we fly to beautiful destinations around the world, from Copenhagen to San Francisco, from Oslo to Tokyo!

Must be fluent in English OR Finnish (NOT google translate)
Must be 13 years or older
Must be friendly, something we want to be known for
Be available every day (or close to it)

Available positions:
Social Media Manager: Manage our social media pages!
Hub Manager: Manage hubs for “Hub Mode” and everything else hub-related.

Note: If hired, as a staff member you will be able to fly the full SAS Virtual fleet!

Apply here, DM me with inquiries.
Thank you to all applicants!
We will get back to you within 24 hours!


Yes, they are.


Oh, ok then. Is this some special exception?


No. The CEO is TL2.


Hello, I hope and they are well.

It is time to make the Central American region shine and I am looking for those who are willing to be part of the best airline in Central America and the fifth most punctual in the world.

Why would we like you to join our team?
Because we are the best option to choose at the level of the continent of america, with us your experience will be better. ​In addition to this, we teach you and we would like you to know how our team works and how our pilots are. If you join us we will work for being a great VA, for being a great work team, for you to talk about what you wanted, for some crazy people passionate about aviation and for you to connect to the American continent in the best possible way .

Our mission is to make this airline one in which you can share different types of cultures, where you can have a good time talking about aviation or other issues. We want you to pilots love this airline and feel comfortable here.


  1. Being older than 15 years.
  2. Have original ideas.
  3. Have daily availability.
  4. Speak English or Spanish.
  5. Be a mature person and have good values along with good behavior.
  6. And finally and very important not to be on the VA blacklist.

If you meet all the requirements you are allowed to fill out the application form.

Positions available:

  • Head of Internal Affairs
  • Recruiter
  • HR Manager
  • Chief Pilot
  • Head of Public Relations
  • Website Manager

Apply: here

Website: here

Operations Plan:

Experience Statement:

No more thank you very much and I hope and you join our great VA. I hope that we will be able to form a great team and take this VA to the top. Thank you very much and greetings.

If you have any questions or want more information. Send me a PM or a message to the mail.

CEO: Pirro_BV

Copa Airlines Virtual Connecting the dreams of the American Continent



Qatar Virtual

Available Positions:

All positions filled

Our Operations Plan, my Experience Statement and Our Core Values can all be found here and our website can be viewed here.
These positions will expire when they are filled. Please only PM me if you are Grade 3 or above.


Do you have any positions available at IFVARB?

Now hiring staff!

The IFVARB currently don’t run any hiring runs for members. They are picked by admins based on experience


Oh okay. Makes senese.



Low fares are our priority -=- Website


ATC Team and ATC Manager needed! image

Position (s): ATC Team Members (max. 4 members), ATC Manager
Status: Active
Expiry: Until IFVARB Approvement
Mission Statement: Click here!

See you soon!


Would you like a unique experience in the Infinite Flight VA Comunity?

Would you like to help create something great?

Good news! The Virtual French Air Force is hiring!

We are looking for experienced and motivated staff members with past experience who are creative and driven to be a member of our community here at the VFAF.

To join us, we ask that you have/are:

  • At least 15 years of age at the time of application

  • Have past experience in an Infinite Flight VA/VO

  • Possess an active IF Live account

For more information about vacant positions please see both:

We are hiring Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers, Staff members as well as staff and pilots for our stunt team, the Patrouille Francaise.

Specific specialist roles we would like to fill follow below:

Command Staff

  • Chief of Air traffic Control
  • Chief of all flight operations
  • Chief of combined operations
  • Second in Command of the Virtual French Air Force

Patrouille Francaise

  • Aerobatics Expert
  • Public Relations Officer
  • 2 Pilot slots

See you in the skies!

Général d’armée aérienne (Virtuel) E. Bourguignon


We are very pleased to have @Luke_Sta as our new events manager as his job he’ll be making some events that you and indeed the NWVA can take part in

We hope he has a great future with us and if you want to be in the action just PM NWAPPLY and I’ll get you setup

Must have the slack app
Must be Grade 2+
Must be over 10 years old and over

We hope to see you in the skies and we hope you fly the horizon



United States Air Force Virtual is looking for expirienced staff.

USAFV open positions

  • Head of (fighter, tanker, airlift, VIP) division
  1. Making a list of featured routes every week
  2. Organizing group flights as well as training sessions
  3. Making all senior decisions inside your division
  4. Being In charge of all flight instructors inside your division


  1. Previousy held an upper staff position in any VA/VO, served in the military or having any real world flying expirience
  2. Ages 15+
  3. Being in good standing with the VARB
  • HR Manager
  1. Taking care of our crew center
  2. Reviewing applications seeing if they meet our standards
  3. Being the first person to contact new recruits
  • Flight instructor
  1. Training new recruits
  2. Giving type training to recruits
  • Media manager
  1. Managing our instagram account
  2. Official photographer at events and flights
  3. Taking care of our IFC account


  1. Already having a succesful IF related social media account or showing proof of photography talent.
  2. Knowing your way around the IFC

If you believe you fit any of these positions please PM either me or @TVANatalie471

Thank you in advance



This isn’t the same idea as GAF?

Also, if you’re CEO of another VA (Turkish Virtual), you can’t be a CEO of another VA.