Prospective VA Staff Request Thread


Staff application form link?


Please make sure you carefully read through next time as your answer is in his reply.


Thanks Chris.


Pacific Air Virtual (Korean) Is Hiring Staff Members
The following positions are available

Chief Operating Officer
Flight Manager
Route Manager
Event Manager
Public Relations Manager
Chief Pilot

Mission Statement

Query Expire : 04/09/2019
Status : All are open

Apply Here

Website (Under Construction)

Any questions feel free to DM me.


Ryanair Virtual: COO position (filled by @Jake_Savage)

Unfortunately, our COO, @Jack_White has decided to leave us due to his VA getting in the way.

VA Name: Ryanair Virtual
Type of Staff: COO
Operations Plan: Ops Plan
Query Expiry: 10/02/2019
Status: Expired


  • At least 12 years old.
  • A good level of maturity
  • IF Pro Subscription (14 days to say that you don’t have one, after that, you may get fired, if you tell in the 14 days, you won’t be fired)
  • Availability to be active daily

Checked these requirements? You are certainly welcome to join. :)

*We have permission to deny applications, there is no guarantee that you will be accepted.

-SpeedPlayz (CEO of vRYR)

vRYR Update

The COO position has been filled and we are happy to say that vRYR has gotten into the next step of the approval process by getting selected by one of the groups.

We wish all members at vRYR a good time and therefore to enjoy the environment whilst I continue in the certification process so that we can step up to the next level.

SpeedPlayz (CEO of vRYR)


Please make sure to link a google forms application form or say “DM me”


Welcome to the Northwest Virtual Airlines

Here at the NWVA we empower members of the IFC to test their Staffing skills and see if they have got what it takes and seek new opportunities to make a bright impact on the VA

Main Hub-KDTW(Detroit Wayne International Airport)

Operations plan

Query expiry- April 12 2019
Status-In Progress

Upper Management

CEO(Chief Executive Officer)- @J2S
COO(Chief Operations Officer)- @Oscar_Williams
HRO(Human Resources Officer)- VACANT

Lower Management
Recruiting manager-VACANT
Board Member-VACANT
Board Supervisor-VACANT
Events Manager-VACANT
Media Manager- VACANT
Flight Manager- @KevinEarley10

Thanks for reading please join if you want


Please follow the format above @J2S

VA Name
Type of staff
Link to Mission Statement/Operations Plan (Make sure it is on view only)
Query Expiry

You need to link your operational plan and anything else you’ve missed.


Done that @Jack_White


Swiss International Virtual Airlines is Hiring!

Position: PR (Public Relations) MANAGER

Minimum Requirements:

  • Grade 3 or higher in IF
  • 15 years of age or older
  • Good standing with the IFVARB
  • Experience of 2 months or more in a VA/VO
  • Strong experience in making neat, aesthetically pleasing IFC topics
  • Experience in managing Instagram accounts
  • An ability to work well with others
  • Most Importantly: A great attitude!


Query Expiry: Feburary 1st

Status: OPEN

Apply by PM’ing @Yacht

APPROVAL STATUS: We were recently selected by an IFVARB Group and are close to approval

Apply Today to join the VA of the future!