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The VARB have noticed an increasing number of potential Virtual Airlines lacking in key staff to fuel growth and manage operations. We have also noticed an increasing number of threads of people requesting staff members. So as to not clog the forum, this thread can be used by any prospective VAs that are in the IFVARB approval process to seek staff members.

Thread Guidelines

  • Only VAs that have been allowed to begin the approval process can post
  • VAs should only use this thread if they have attempted other methods of seeking staff and have been unsuccessful
  • All responses to staff requests should be made through private message, not through thread replies
  • Thread replies should only be VA Staff requests. Any comments or feedback should be directed to the IFVARB Slack discussion channel or the Feedback Thread.
  • All replies should be formatted in the following fashion. (Note that users who reply in an incorrect format will receive a private message from someone associated with the VARB. Mini-moderating is not permitted.)

VA Name
Type of staff
Link to Mission Statement/Operations Plan (Make sure it is on view only)
Query Expiry

  • Once a staff query has been fulfilled, please update the “Status” section of the reply.
  • Once a reply is posted, please update the “Staff” Section of your Operations Plan noting that you are seeking staff through this thread.
  • As always, we welcome any feedback and/or questions you may have regarding this thread.

Example Reply

VA Name: Panda Airways
Type of Staff: Website designer, COO
Link to Mission Statement/Operations Plan:

Query Expiry: 1/1/1900
Status: Web designer, COO – Vacant


VA Name: Finnair Virtual Airlines (FVA)
Type of staff: Crew Centre Co-Manager, Chief Pilot, Trainer, Technology Manager (website & email)
Mission Statement/Operations Plan
Query Expiry: November 4, 2018 1:00 PMDecember 20, 2018 9:30 PM
Status: Crew Centre Co-Manager, Chief Pilot, Trainer, Technology Manager.
Thank you for reading!


Fly Bangor
Type of staff:Directors of recruitment
Mission statement
Query Expiry:It doesn’t because it’s an original VA, info from @BluePanda900
Status: All mentioned are open
please apply on the website:


@Captainjayden please DM the respective person to ensure this thread is kept clear.


Ryanair Virtual : Hiring Staff

VA Name: Ryanair Virtual
Vacant Staff Positions: COO, HR Manager, Events Manager, Chief Pilot, Chief Staff
Operations Plan: Click Here!
Query Status: Exxpired
Want to join? Direct all applications queries to @Nono45_FR.
Side note: We are not accepting pilots - please don’t attempt to join to be a pilot.


“Christmas Surprise”

One of our staff members, Natalie G-N4T1, has decided to resign from the events manager job.
Please PM @Nono45_FR If you would like to take the position!

Position Taken!

The events manager position has been taken.


We are hiring!
Looking for:
Hub Managers
focus city operation managers
Job description for Hub/ Focus city managers:
You are resposibe for creating new long haul routes as they are released in real life for Westjet VA. You will be responsible for also adding in voted new routes for Westjet Encore VA. You will also be responsible for approving flights on discord out of your hub/ focus city.
We are looking for people who are mature and willing to be active for the sake of WJVA/WEVA.
Offer expires on 1/1/19
CYYC hub manager: Reserved
CYVR hub manager: vacant
CYYZ hub manager: vacant
To apply please PM Me!
We hope we can get best of the best
Our website is

Mission statement is Here



Great Lakes Virtual Airways

We’re Hiring:

  • Foreign Affairs Manager
    Prerequisites: Great Communication Skills, Valuable IF Assets, Strong Relationships with other VA’s
  • Route Advisor
    Prerequisites: Extensive Knowledge on US and International Routes and Demands

Status: OPEN




EYV (Etihad Airways Virtual) Is now hiring Staff!

We are looking for experienced, mature IFC members who will be dedicated to the task of developing and helping run Etihad Virtual !

View our Mission Statement here

Available Staff Positions

Executive Team
Chief Operating Officer - POSITION FILLED
Senior Advisor - POSITION FILLED

Management Team
Chief Pilot
Media Manager

Minimum Requirements to Apply for these Positions:

  • Active PRO Subscription in Infinite Flight
  • 16 Years old
  • Experience as a pilot or staff at another VA/VO is preferred, but not compulsory.
  • Experience in making mature, aesthetically pleasing and neat, organized event documents and threads
  • Grade 3 in IF
  • Atleast 250 Flight Hours and 150 Landings in Live Server
  • Professional Attitude and Dedication to work
  • Good communication skills and able to converse with pilots easily
  • Previous experience with slack is also preferred, but not compulsory

**Staff roles are only given out to people who are enthusiastic about Etihad VA and which will add value to the VA and the community. If you believe you will add value to EYV and our community, please click here to apply. For any inquiries about a staff position, contact @Amaar_Viqar **

All above mentioned positions are vacant and are accepting applications, unless stated otherwise


Ansett Virtual

Time to experience a whole new type of service.

Hi everyone. Ansett Virtual is searching for an experienced individual for Operations Manager.

You must be able to and have the following.

  • Be a kind, caring individual who is passionate and dedicated to virtual airlines
  • Know how to add up and tally flight hours into a weekly chart
  • Be able to answer queries and help new pilots find out how we operate in the Australian Market
  • Handle partnerships between other carriers and Ansett Virtual
  • Be over 13 years of age
  • Experience at prior VA’s is not compulsory

Please send a PM to me if you are interested in applying for this position

Ansett Virtual is currently in the process of being IFVARB certified. Please look at our website for more information.



Saudia Virtual Group is recruiting staff!

Available Jobs:

  • Marketing Director

  • Human Ressources Director

  • IT Director


  • An Infinite Flight Pro Subscription

  • Have experience in another VA/VO

  • Be able to use Discord

  • Be mature and be able to work in a team

Apply here!

Mission statement

Status: Open


Hey! EgyptAir Virtual Needs You!

Here Are The Positions We Need!

  • Flight Logger - Taken
  • Human Resources Manager - Taken
  • Events Manager - Taken
  • COO - Open
  • Chief Pilot - Open
    Expires Until Spots have been Taken =D

Here Is Our Operations Plan!

Click Here to Apply!


We Are Hiring For Route Manager and Flight Log Manager!

Mission Statement: Here

At Alaska Virtual, we need experienced people to help run our staff, we currently have 9 staff, but we are looking for a route manager and flight log manager suited to fit the job!

Route Manager Status: OPEN

Flight Log Manager Status: CLOSED

Please send me a PM to me via IFC if you want this position

What will you be doing?

Route Manager: You will be making edits to our routes, we use Airtable for our routes, as well as assisting anyone who needs assistance out like any of our staff, we would like you to be able to help with anything needed.

Flight Log Manager: You will be approving flights and being administrator for the VAM, as well as assisting anyone who needs assistance out like any of our staff, we would like you to be able to help with anything needed.


Passionate Alaska Airlines Fan

Experienced with Virtual Airlines

Minimum Grade 3

Good standing on the IFC

Kind and caring being

Able to be active in the chat every day, unless on break or vacation ;)

Good amount of free time on your hands, we don’t want anyone stressed about work, life is more important.



We Are Hiring for staff!

Watch our mission statement: Here

Routes manager-TAKEN

Routes manager will be responsible to update the routes database and help us to complete it. We are using google drive for the database, you will get a link for editing our database.

Partnerships manager-TAKEN

The partnerships manager will be in charge in the partnership stuff, his job will have to check if there is a new update in the partnerships of Vietnam Airlines with other airlines. Also, this manager will have the authority to start a new partnership (If you saw some VA and you like it you have the authority to contact them, offer them a partnership and decide which routes we are sharing with them).

HR manager-TAKEN

The HR manager will be the guy to contact if someone wants to join. He will create an application form for our VA and will need to check the application, invite the applier to our slack group and decide if he is good for our VA or not.

Website designer

The website designer will help us to design and build or website. You need to have experience with websites

Requirements for ALL positions:

  • Be grade 3 pilot at IF
  • You must to be active everyday
  • Have enough time
  • Be friendly, our staff is very friendly and we want to keep it
  • Be TL1 at least at IFC

To apply, contact me via PM

Our website

We are currently 10 members


Our Routes Manager @Noam_Bechhofer has left his job, we are searching for a new routes manager. You have to follow the the requirements + know to work with FR24 or Flight Aware so you can help us to make and manage our database. To apply contact me or @anon91707592


Update! COO position available, website working again!
Update JAN4: New Way to sign up for events! GO to “Events Signup” on our website, and buy your free tickets asap!
Update JAN13: Less Restrictions!
UPDATE JAN26: COO still available!


Hello there! I am @Starz_Flyz, CEO and Founder of Scoot Virtual. Today i’ll be telling you why you should be a staff here at SCV.

Jobs Available

COO - Be able to manage the VA when the CEO is unavailable. TAKEN by @IconicUndead230

Flight Log Manager - The flight log manager manages all PIREPS on phpVMS, our Crew Center.

Events Manager - The Events Manager Creates Events, and posts them to IFC. He/She is also required to fly at the event. The event Manager can also add special routes, departing from one of our hubs, to the destination.

~Flight Manager - Flight Manager is in charge of adding new routes, and other nessesary stuff in terms of flight. (New Hubs, New Routes, Connection Routes, etc.)~ TAKEN

~Media Manager - Our Media Manager is in charge of running the social media accounts, such as the company email, Instagram account and more.TAKEN by @MLG_Man~

Partnership Representative - Our Partner Representative is to be present anytime we do a codeshare event, or other stuff in related to partnerships, and to answer questions about partnerships with other VAs.

Recruiting Manager - The Recruiting Manager is an important role, as they go over the application, and advertise the VA.


To be a staff for Scoot Virtual, you must have the following. Specific jobs may require other requirements.

  • At least Grade 2

  • At least experience as a pilot in 1 other VAs.

  • The abillity to be active 1 time every 2 weeks

  • An IFC account

  • Be able to do a minimum of 1 flight every 2 months.

  • Understand how to file a PIREP.

  • A Email Account For Slack

Recomended Format for when applying through DM:
Job you want
Grade in IF
A VA that you have experience with, and the @ of one of their staff.
E-mail Address.

We hope to see you join the staff team soon! For any inquires, DM me. To apply, DM me. Thanks for reading! We’ll see you next time.

Our Old But Stable Website

New Website (Will have often updates)

Please Note: If you see a safety screen, do not worry. It’s just a glitch. You may proceed to the website.

Our Operations Plan

Disclaimer: We have the abillity to deny any applications, but we try not to.


![image](upload://jag3EyGsjA8172lBt5a7RWdPDKR.png) We love places

Vueling Airlines, S.A. is a Spanish low-cost airline based at El Prat de Llobregat in Greater Barcelona with hubs in Barcelona–El Prat Airport and Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport in Rome, Italy. Its name comes from the Spanish word vuelo, which means flight. It is the largest airline in Spain by fleet size and the number of destinations. There are fourteen additional bases at A Coruña, Alicante, Amsterdam, Bilbao, Florence, Madrid, Málaga, Palma de Mallorca, Paris-Orly, Paris-de Gaulle, Santiago de Compostela, Seville and Valencia. A fifteenth summer seasonal base is located at Ibiza. Vueling serves over 100 destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Here at Vueling Virtual we are hiring staff to join an upcoming Virtual Airline! We are currently looking to hire for the following positions:

  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Chief Pilot
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Events Manager
  • Hub Manager, Barcelona El Prat (LEBL)
  • Hub Manager, Rome Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino (LIRF)

To apply for any of these positions please submit an application at the following link and all applications will remain open until further notice: Staff Application Form
For further information relating to Vueling Virtual then please have a look at the following documents, all comments are open via private message!

Operations Plan
Vueling Virtual Website


Staff application form link?

Please make sure you carefully read through next time as your answer is in his reply.


Thanks Chris.

Pacific Air Virtual (Korean) Is Hiring Staff Members
The following positions are available

Chief Operating Officer
Flight Manager
Route Manager
Event Manager
Public Relations Manager
Chief Pilot

Mission Statement

Query Expire : 04/09/2019
Status : All are open

Apply Here


Any questions feel free to DM me.

We are actively seeking more staff to join our VA