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I’ve been flightsimming for a while(Extreme Landings ages ago, X-Plane, FS20) and one of my friends suggested I check this app out because I recently got an iPad. I did my research and to be honest, I’m not sure if it’s worth 10 bucks a month to buy. Simply put, is it worth the money and why?

AngryOcto :)


The money that we pay of customers of Infinite Flight is certainly worth it in my opinion.

To be able to fly to any airport in the entire world, in any aircraft available in game with multiple different liveries, HD Scenery, 3D buildings, multiplayer human ATC and so much more… I personally couldn’t ask for more bang for my buck!

Infinite Flight is great. The developers are always continuing to improve the app with new and updated features.



Honestly in my opinion it is totally worth buying. You get access to all planes, you also get access to live servers once you hit grade two you will get access to the training server, this is where you can get a feel for what it’s like to fly with other Pilots and Air traffic control, also while on the training server you can control airports. Once you hit grade 3 you can fly on the expert server and be under the command of infinite flight Air traffic control. On the expert server you will find more experienced Pilots and highly professionally trained Air traffic control. These controllers are known as IFATC. In order to control on the expert server you must apply. Once you apply you’ll be given a written exam which you must pass with a minimum percentage of 80 and if you do then you’ll be given your practical exam. Some recruiters will give you the option of getting professional training before your practical exam. Also by buying the subscription you get access to global airports meaning you can literally fly anywhere in the world.

I hope this helps!

Michael_Sides1 (IFATC) (subscriber)


It’s a little bit expensive in my opinion for what it is but not that much (i’m talking about the subscription to IF Pro) and buying the app itself is 100% worth it.

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I pay for Infinite Flight only during summer, because the rest of the year I have no time to play, unfortunately. But I do think is 100% worth it having IF Pro for two months for just 22€. I’ve got an iPad Pro and playing multiplayer on it is just amazing, as well as practicing ATC.

If you think about it, you’re contributing to make the game even better, and supporting the developers, that are just amazing. The community that has created this game and the way they are always in contact with their costumers is really appreciable! Sometimes I think we don’t realise how good and uncommon that is.

Paying for it makes me proud of where I spend my money.

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  1. The sim just added buildings and clouds which makes the sim even more realistic and enjoyable.

  2. Devs are constantly adding new 3D airports and new reworked aircrafts with live cockpit to keep the diverese experience of flying alive.

  3. Have a wonderful community (maybe the best of all the sims there are), which is very active and provides you with options like joining interesting VAs/VOs, to make flying even more fun.


  1. If you are looking for a ATC based sim then I’m sorry to say that this sim is currently quite inefficient in its ATC system, you as a pilot cannot predict where the ATC will be to plan your flights, unless you fly in some of the community event where you need to adjust your schedule according to the event time to get some traffic and ATC coverage.

  2. Staff generally dont care about the community and take decisions (which will effect all the customers) internally, and you as a customer felt left out, or someone who has not got the product you desired or at least something closer to it.


So yes if you dont care about ATC or major changes which might effect your experience, then go ahead and try the PRO, i would take the liberty and say that if you haven’t ever tried this SIM then you should definitely buy it atleast for a month and then look for yourself.


@AngryOctopus Considering MSFS is coming out on all different xbox consoles within a month… I cannot see much of a reason unless you cannot afford that purchase. MSFS releasing on xbox opened up a much larger market now that it is playable on something other than an expensive PC. I cannot wait.

IF is great though for a mobile app… TBH, the best out there so if you cannot get an xbox or msfs, its absolutely worth it… Buy the annual sub and save money.

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I’m sorry…but what? If anything, Infinite Flight has one of the best communities that a flight simulator has to offer. You don’t get this type of stuff from other simulators, and to say that staff “don’t care” about the community isn’t justifiable whatsoever considering users of other sims don’t even have the luxury of being able to interact on a forum like we do.

I’ll also add that Infinite Flight has one of the best ATC systems if we’re specifically looking at mobile simulators now. Obviously, PC simulators such as VATSIM have more advanced and professional ATC operations, but for a mobile simulator, Infinite Flight is by far the most expansive, especially for the Expert Server.


Without the context of your experience with previous sims, I would say that its worth it. But you stated that you do have experience with MSFS and X-Plane 11 too, which for me doesn’t make it worth it for you then based on my personal experience in those sims. Declan gave benefits that are kind of standard across the sims you mentioned, making them somewhat redundent, especially because in other sims many of those benefits free…

A significant part of enjoying the game is getting yourself established in the community. Ex: Joining VAs, joining IFATC, etc. That something that takes time and dedication, if you don’t wanna do that you may not really enjoy your experience.

I do recommend however trying it out, buying the base game and a one month subscription, just to see if you enjoy it. 🙂


Thanks for the advice everyone, As for the PC flight sims the experience is very enjoyable but I’ve had to put a significant amount of time and energy learning and starting up each individual flight. My friend said that the learning curve here is less steep so I thought it might be a better option for me. I think I’ll try it out first and then go from there, hope to see you guys in the sky soon 😄


Much agreed. Infinite Flight and it’s pricing is totally worth it.

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I don’t know… really depends on where you live and how much you want to fly globally with all the aircrafts. $10 USD a month sounds cheap to Americans and Europeans, but if you’re in a East Asian country, where the conversion rate makes it $78 HKD… Not so sure anymore, considering you can buy yourself a meal for two with that kinda money (And live also costs double the hourly minimum wage here) so… I personally have bought live because I’m still waiting to get my hands on an Xbox series x for msfs, but till then. Infinite Flight Live is pretty damn good. Just expensive.

Side note: about the community not being a big part of decision making… I kinda agree with that.

I also am an avid user of X-plane11 and have made a lot of investments in both X-plane11 and in Infinite Flight. You could do everything in X-plane11 for half the price of a pro subscription for one year, and you only have to pay once. X-plane11 has dedicated users that create freeware products that are really excellent. In X-plane, the physics I would argue is the best in the flight sim industry. Along with this, there are customizable weather conditions including rain, snow, wind, wave height, etc. This is something that is not in IF. All in all, you could use the money from a pro subscription in Infinite Flight, and invest it into X-plane to create a really amazing flight sim platform for yourself. Although, IF was one of my first flight simulators that started off my X-plane11 flight simming. So for new flight sim users, Infinite Flight is great (For learning the basics). Or for example, if I am not able to fly on X-plane11, I would use IF.

For me, its a little expensive, but worth it considering you get all the planes, airports and ATC access in certain areas, all for one round price.

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All the pros people have listed are mostly correct! Fantastic community, 3D Buildings, Global server with thousands of airports, 55+ aircraft, Multiplayer, ATC, and VA/VO’s. The only real Cons I can think of are the following:

  • A321 Rolling left and right whilst using LNAV (Probably overcorrecting)

  • VNAV Does not yet have climb functionality

  • The scenery is not good from the ground

The scenery does look pretty good when you are up at cruise however. Even with some of these faults I do believe Infinite Flight is worth the price. Not only is the Dev team rolling out new aircraft but they are also reworking older ones with Live Instruments (Ex: 757-200, 737 Family, 777 Family, A320 Family) and airports are getting updated with 3D buildings.

As someone that flies on both the PC side (along with VATSIM) and here on IF for now 4 years there are a lot of pros and cons about them both…


  • Mobility - simply being able to load up on the ipad/phone and fly is a plus. Sometimes if you’re away from the computer, you can just load up and fly some patterns, do some flying away from home, and just generally have quick access to a good sim

  • Good community / Virtual Airline world: While there are some great VA’s on the PC side (i’m a part of Delta Virtual there), the VA community on IF is second to none. There are so many great groups to fly with and its much easier to see them in the app than on the PC side. With the VA/VO integration into the sim, you can see who is flying VA flights and group flights much easier.

  • Flight dynamics: IF has done a really good job, especially in the re-worked aircraft, in the flight physics. XP and other PC sims are very cartoonish sometimes with their physics.


  • subscription: IMO, the sub is worth it, but you do pay per month rather than just buying an aircraft and that be it on the PC side. It’s worth it to me, but yes, it is a monthly cost

  • in game voice: It’s hard to beat VATSIM. However, the IFATC is great here on IF. The voice just puts things over the edge sometimes. But for a mobile sim, it’s not that big of a deal


I’ll add in my two cents for this - I think most basic points for what you get have been talked about already.

What differentiates Infinite Flight for someone like me is the quality of development and user experience. As opposed to desktop PCs where the end user has to create everything from scratch, from locating and buying individual expensive add-ons to increasing hardware specs, Infinite Flight does all that in house, continuously updating and reiterating the basic app to create the “next big thing” in game. A prime example of this is when global came out, or more recently 3D buildings and clouds. You get an app, but you also get a dedicated team that’s focused on “what’s next?” and isn’t satisfied with the status quo.

The graphics in Infinite Flight are unparalleled on mobile, and in my opinion are really starting to rival what I see from desktop sims (Just a disclaimer though, I’m not big on videogames in general, and I don’t have the patience to sit for an hour starting a plane from cold and dark on a desktop PC. If I wanted to do that every day I’d go out and actually become a pilot. So my opinion relative to PC sims is certainly biased). As mentioned already, the selection of planes, and especially of liveries, is quite large, ensuring you never get bored flying the same plane or route every time. Of course global flight has absolutely no restrictions, and with 3D buildings now coming around the world the experience is getting even better. Plus new features like SIDS and STARS make for an easy flight planning experience and enhance realism dramatically. Not to mention a far superior, in my opinion, professional ATC experience that doesn’t allow for trolling and other common issues. All these features really make the sim feel more like a desktop sim with a basic, easy user interaction as opposed to a mobile “game”. Basically, much of the same experience as a desktop sim with little to no hassle and less wasted hours.

The way I look at my subscription is as an investment - I put in $80 a year, and in return I get a product that keeps returning an even better result, with many updates exceeding expectations and adding even more great features. Using a mindset of appreciating the numerous advanced current features and exciting possibilities of the future, as opposed to agonizing over the missing features at present, helps form a outlook where the price is absolutely worth every penny.


True. But the only reason their scenery sucks is because they use Terracolor for their scenery. 15 meter/pixel scenery is ok from a distance. But why use that when you could use something like OSM or Mapbox, it’s a heck of a lot more accurate, and is a lot smaller in size, the whole planet is only 104 gigs.


OP, the app itself is $1 and that the monthly sub is completely optional and can be cancelled at any time.

Try it :) it is much cheaper than trying any other sim out there!


But the only reason their scenery sucks is because they use Terracolor for their scenery

I know I am obviously biased but our scenery looks much better than most sims at cruise altitude. We intend to improve the quality at low altitude. Other sims just use repeating textures based on “landclass”; it tricks you into thinking it is higher quality except it doesn’t look at all like the real location.

But why use that when you could use something like OSM or Mapbox, it’s a heck of a lot more accurate, and is a lot smaller in size, the whole planet is only 104 gigs.

What is 104 GB in size?
Mapbox is very expensive to use for the whole planet (we tested)
We do use OSM for some things; we could use this more but we have other ideas to improve ground detail.