Pros and Cons of Being an Airline Pilot

hello everyone i have a question for all the pilots and everyone who wants to become one. i want to become a architect when i grow up i have a passon for it. but i love airplanes so much i allways think what i want to be. i asked my parents and they said if you become a pilot its great but you wont have such a family life when your allways flying somewhere and most pilots go to teh air forse befor they become a commercial pilot. so i dont know what to do lol ! any one here have any comments. ps. i hope i did not affend anyone here and if i did im so sorry

happy landings !

Maybe @Aernout can help.

@Erj145, @Heavydriver, anything to say?

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Much like a career in medicine, engineering, architect, aviation, and such you will have to do your time. By that I mean long hours of work and low pay initially. I know many young architects who pull all nighters for projects.

As far as family life is concerned, it’s who you marry that matters. My wife is a doctor. She worked very hard and made lots of sacrifices to get where she is today. She understands my job and most important of all she trusts me. With the amount of travel pilots do it’s tough on couples. Pilots also have one of the highest divorce rates for reason.

As HD once stated if you don’t love flying and have passion for it you will hate it at times. Let me put it this way, I fly as a career, on my day off I teach people how to fly, and on my time off from there I take my wife up flying. So, yes, I love flying.

Pay isn’t the best initially. In fact, it’s pretty borderline bad. So, if you don’t keep the big picture in mind, it will be very tough on you.

All the best with whatever decision you make. Again, this just my opinion and it will vary pilot to pilot.


thank you very well said.

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Do you have to go into the Air Force to become a pilot?


Did you ever go to army

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A lot of pilots say they went to the army

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Nope. It’s super tough to make it as a pilot in the forces in my opinion. Yes, it’s “free” so to speak. Competition is very very tough. A small score differential or physical discrepancies could keep you out and at that point you will either become a mechanic or navigator.

I did it through a flight school. It’s expensive, but it gets the job done.

Hope that helps :)



Do you fly commercially

Yes, sir, I do

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What airline

It did, because my mom doesn’t want me to go into it anyways. I wouldn’t mind, as long as I get to become a pilot. If you don’t mind me asking. What type of plane do you fly?

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Your mom doenent want you to become a pilot


My parents wanted me to become a doctor or engineer, but loved flying way too much. Ha.


What airline do you work for

It’s a regional airline mate and that is all I can say ;)

If I were to fly for any airline, what would be the most I’d get paid per hour? @Erj145

He flies one of them planes with the weird yokes. :)


My parents are exactly the same, but they only want the doctor (dad is an OB/GYN, mom is a resident, who will join my dad in practice).