Propstar Dash-8 Q300

Propstar is a regional airline in New Zealand owned by Jetstar and fly dash-8q300s from Qantas link requesting for the liverys

Not my photo from Australian aviation
Don’t say only request 1 thing per topic


Maybe a photo of the actual aircraft? ;)

Ok I’ll change it

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Is that a better photo 😀

The Dash-8q300 actually looks so good in this livery

I know I want it like a little kid and his lollipop

Please search for exact keywords. It is the Jetstar livery, therefore that would be a keyword you would search. This unfortunately is a duplicate topic:

And what we mean by ‘one request per topic’ is actually that you are only allowed one picture per feature request.

@Fynn @Qantas_Pilot Llease stay on topic!

Sorry mate sincere apologies

Would you mind replying to my duplicate comment? You’ve got to remember to type the keywords properly :-)

Sorry for pushing rules so much. You can take joking to PM. It doesn’t add anything to the topic.

Ok I’ll type it up now see what happens

It’s ok but you do have a good point
As usual

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It will come up. As this topic is now useless I will post this screenshot:

Even searching for the most basic keywords it comes up. If you are still confused watch this short video about how search engines work:

Thanks :-)

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Spaced the q300

Exactly, Jetstar and the original Q300 requests come up.

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Yeah sorry but when tap the search thing it goes blank don’t know about that

On an iOS device you have to scroll to the top of a topic before you search. And press ‘Show more’ once you have entered your keyword/s to get the full results.

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Oh I didn’t know that you learn something new every day

Yes, much better :)

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