Props Across the Ocean, Props Across the Sea @ EGPE - 061300ZOCT18 [Canceled]

Props Across the Ocean, Props Across the Sea

Server: Expert


Time and Date: October 6, 2018 1:00 PM [1300Z]

Aircraft: TBM 930

NOTAM: This is a longer than average event, please be prepared for the length of this flight. Also since this is expert, please use unicom appropriatly.

Hello IFC, this event has been a while in the making. I came up with an idea for this event a few weeks ago and it is now ready. When you think of a cross-ocean trek, more often than not, it is in a twin-aisle aircraft such as the 777 or the A330, but I would like to bring something new to the table. General aviation.

This could be done as I direct route, but I think it would be more interesting to stop in a few places along the way.
There are three stops before the destination: BIRK-BGGH-CYKL
The flight should be around 9 hours, give or take some for the stops.


GA Apron NE A 01: [Open]
GA Apron NE A 02: [Open]
GA Apron NE B 01: [Open]
GA Apron NE B 02: [Open]
GA Apron NE A 03: [Open]

GA Apron NW A 01: [Open]
GA Apron NW A 02: [Open]
GA Apron NW B 01: [Open]
GA Apron NW B 02: [Open]

More spots can be added. If you would like to join only on a specific leg of the flight, that is okay. All of the runways at these airports have been tested and are all able to handel a TBM 930 at MTOW.

Four days left to get a spot, should be a fun event with some challenging and not often traveled to airports.

Sorry everyone, event had been canceled due to lack of intrest.