Proposal to fix the current event structure

Hey guys,

So my last post of “Letting expert ATC ghosts pilot” had a lot of community feedback so I am really thankful for that and I am even happier to hear that there is already something like that in place.

This time I am requesting something more closely related to the forums. It’s about the event structure.

You guys ever get tired of: “Fill my home airport” or low quality flying events that always get cancelled. My proposal goes as follows.

  1. The community will elect 3-5 events mentors which will help other users with event creation
    1a. The commitee will help users create better events although they can post without suggestions. All feedback will be given via PM
    For a good standard event, this post is a GREAT example: [Arrived] AF-KLM presents Destination Saturdays Vol. 15: Bangkok | @ VABB - 141700ZAPR18
  2. All events should have a 2-3 hour interval between each other: Having 1 event at 1800Z and 1 at 1900Z is not possible let’s be honest
  3. Each user or virtual airline is limited to 1 active event at a time

Any thoughts, comments or concerns? Please leave them below. I am really open to ideas and suggestions

I’ll link Chris’ thoughts below


it is very possible as not every one does an event event 1 could be at egll and event 2 could be at klax and everything is fine

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It means that a pool of 100 community members will be split between 2 events instead of making one big event


I think this is a great idea and can improve the individual events that are getting posted. There are so many events on a weekly basis, many times posted over one another.

I think it will go a long way to start building more quality events (not that there arent many now). But will allow more communication between VA’s, as well as community members with great events as well that arent a part of a VA.


but what if they are completely different events and some people would prefer event 2 over event 1 and would not attend event 1 even if it were the only event


So, multiple virtual airlines cannot participate in a “fill the airport” every other week if they wanted? Sort of confused by this.

However, I do like this. This lets people have time to plan out for this one big event where no other fill the airports will be cancelled.

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Then they would attend event 2

The issue right now is, there are some very low quality events that are popping up and I don’t think this is possible.

VA’s cannot make a fill the airport event(Unless they’re chosen by the committee) but it counts as an event slot of them that week(But exceptions can be given for special circumstances)

Although I encourage VA to collaborate and participate in the Fill the Airport events together.

yes but with this system event 2 wouldnt exist

This is the main reason why I created the Infinite Flight Community’s Events Wiki.

It’s a first step to achieve more organization and participation within the community in the #live:events section.

The problem is that only a minority (it seems) participate in events. We need to find out why that is.


So I’m in massive support for this. After a conversation with @Matthew_Chan I see this as a very feasible idea.

There’s already been an event at KLAX, it’s lasted an hour and nobody can be bothered to hang around for another event. The second event therefore is lukewarm with very little reception.

Currently there are so many events, you run the risk of event 1 being ignored. Event 1 is a better quality event in this scenario, and it’s a waste of the organizers time.
You’re beginning to trigger me.

We have too many of these events. There is no limit on joining but it takes very little planning and effort for 30 people to spawn at KLAX in their favourite AvroCar. This is to allow higher quality events to have some reception.

This is the point myself and Matthew raised during conversation. I also said, when making an event, DLVA/AFKLM’S Skyteam event series is an excellent example of what needs to be done to make a quality event. If you look at the turnout, besides the IFVARB summit, they are the most popular events I’ve seen in some time.

We saw your first post. No need to use big letters.
Go take a nap and come back when you’ve calmed down


I think that thing should be managed by the board like the Virtual Airline database.

I still feel like having too many event at once or having low quality isn’t helping the problems

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Yes I am aware of this but Hawaii pilot replied to me with big words as well

It’s managed by regulars, you don’t need a board to add events to a calander.


I personally think let the community decide what they want to attend. The lower quality events and events that are regularly canceled by the same person will be realized and avoided. Members that post good, thorough, quality events will bring attendees in. Users will learn what makes a good event and a poor one. We don’t need more arbitrary oversight. Let the users decide individually what events will be successful


While I don’t necessarily think it would hurt anyone to oversee and approve events, I think the regulations you’re proposing are unnecessary.

I also don’t think it hurts for people to be able to try their luck at doing events and learn along the way. It’s a really great learning processes and allows people the chance to have an interactive role in moving up in the community.

With that being said, I would likely never vote or support this.


I feel like as new people try to make an event that the committee would slowly only start to trust regulars event makers and not allow young members to start events which would become unfair.

That doesn’t seem to matter, a small minority of the community participates in events. I think it would be more productive if we took the time to find out why that is, and the excuse can not be that you do not have enough time in the day.

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Exactly. Which is why we wont need an oversight board. Let members post events and those that want to attend, will. Simple as that. I agree, though, with discovering the reason for low event numbers (even the large ones are relatively low)

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Lamborghini and others alike, pipe down and keep it civil. Don’t use the excuse that someone else did so I will. Let’s not derail this thread now please!

1.) Handle it in a PM if feelings are hurt.

2.) Take a moment away and rationalize things.

3.) Or don’t participate in a civil discussion.

I think that the OP is on to something here and this forum is known for some great discussions and collaboration to make something like this successful

I will provide some insight and an opinion later as I would like to see the creativity our community fosters for a few moments.