Proposal for updating report user function

It would It sure, but would it really have the desired effect?

The report button would help a lot, but lets think about this,

Personally, I report people, but does it usually work? No, it honestly doesn’t. And lets be fair, what percentage of people on PG who see someone misbehaving would actually take their time to report, this would make it easier, but are we not about realism here at IF, no pilots have to report pilots multiple times during their flight, or have to deal with players doing barrel rolls over the airport.

Let’s be honest, there isn’t that much I can do to win this argument, its a one sided debate, but I’m saying this would be effective, but not too effective, and that PG mods would save players time and effort, but also, I’m sure many people here, would not even think about doing something as outrageous of doing a barrel roll in a 747 if people are actually watching

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Carson, the reason for the other thread is because reporting has not brought about the results players are looking for in terms of providing a great practice environment for those wanting to move on to the Advanced server. Yes, it would be nice to have a feasible reporting protocol but the fact of the matter is that its not going to aid in providing such an environment when reporting is providing ineffective results.

That’s exactly what we’re trying to fix, it takes 3 users to ghost, but hardly anyone does it now. If you had the report button right there within one click people would be using it much more often.

Ok reporting isn’t working like it’s supposed to, wouldn’t the obvious answer be to fix the report button?

okay, so can we move to have this implemented as swiftly as possible? if it doesnt work we try other means. Carson, what will it take to have this expedited up the proper channels to the Development team?

Community desire, if a lot of people want this and comment it will get more attention, the same goes for other ideas:)

Brandon, could you create a poll so we can have as many members of the IF community vote on this matter. I believe this would be a great way to show the community support for your idea and get this implemented as quickly as possible.

Would they really though?

Having PG mods is likely to remove the need for the report button anyway. Who is going to do something bad when they know that someone with authority is watching.

It’s like I said in a previous post,

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People just need to like the topic no reason to create a poll

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Take a look at this thread -

And tell us honestly what you would prefer

It’s not a preference thing, there are other factors. Playground mods come with many more issues than the report button fix.

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True. But at the end of the day, once you pass that cop arent you going to go back to speeding? I say we try this, if it doesnt work we move to other means like implementing your idea.

Yeah, that too, I just want to know what the guy thinks, but it would have a more successful outcome

When have the dev’s ever said that, anyway, times have changed, we don’t get anybody overseeing the PG server. And with the huge influx of players, its clearly not working

Your making it sound like I have made this idea for some sort of ‘fame’ or ‘authority’

I created this idea because I want PG to be a better place, and only that.

But of course, I would absolutely love to do this job.

No I see your pasionate about it but you’re coming off rude.

Brandon great idea. ColonelJeff great idea. Checks and balances have to start somewhere, right? Being that moderators is a step more severe than fixing the report button, I say we start small and work our way up. Why not work together and develop a strategy of things to try if a plan fails.

Alright, please talk about your issues via PM. No need for an argument, the insult has been removed.

Ah, guys, it’s just a bit of friendly banter, no insult was there, I’m not the guy to feel threatened by being called a donkey,

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