Proplem With Updates On Other Devices

As Of July 4,2018 I decided to post this to see if I can get any reply or help to rectify this problem on a Cell Called BLU that runs on android play store infinite flight is on version 16.13.0 but the photo is up to date.


Could you add some periods here and there? Quite hard to understand what you are trying to say.

My guess is you are having trouble downloading Infinite Flight updates on your cellular network? I recommend downloading updates on WiFi.

It’s very simple you phone isn’t supported for anything higher then IF version 16.13.0 which was pre global. Essentially your phone doesn’t have the capability to run the later updates.


As Brandon said, your device may not have the capability to support Global.

Check the link above out if you’re looking for compatible devices, cheers!


Could you be a little more specific? There isn’t just one BLU device.

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Well what is happening is that when I download it, its already updated it claims.

As others mentioned you’ve updated to the latest version that your device supports ;)

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