Proper Way to Intercept ILS Glideslope?

Hello Aviators,

I wanted to know what is the correct way to intercept the ILS glideslope during approach. What I usually do is maintain 3000 ft/175 kts (Boeing 738) and intercept from below (the arrow moving up from below). Is this the right way? Sometimes I crash into terrain at hilly regions, even if I maintain 3000 ft.


You should intercept the glide slope from below, arrow moving down from above.


When you say you crash in mountain regions even if you are at 3000ft perhaps you are using the altitude MSL instead of the AGL. I usually intercept it at 3000AGL (a321,a346 and 747) at 200kts. I dont know if is the really good one but i think is pretty realistic.

Search brother, search

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