Proper runway to land on

If you have never landed at a particular airport you are heading to and all the runways are green(open) what is the proper direction to enter. Example, KONT/KLAX/ KSAN just a few, you would enter on your final heading west. Now let’s go to KMIA you would enter on your final heading east or on runway12 would be southeast. It happened to me the other day I landed green (open) runway but the other runway next to me a pilot took off in the opposite direction so I’m not sure who was wrong. Thanks.

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I go whatever the strongest headwind is

Always look at the wind, no matter if it’s green yellow or red, you can’t always trust that. If your approaching a runway with a tailwind or headwind your good! But if the wind is under 10kts technically both sides are open in game if there is no atis posted. I would go on google and just type in ex. SFO current atis, whenever your approaching an airfield so you know. Can’t always trust the sim! :)

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Hey mate,

Your best bet is to firstly look at the METAR for the airport and land on the runways that are best suited to the current wind at the airport.

It’s also important to check the traffic flow at the airport as well, and be sure to land with the traffic flow, rather than against it.

For example, say KLAX had winds of 70@4KTS, but the traffic is landing on the 24/25’s, then you should land there as well.

The threshold we use in Infinite Flight, is that you can land with a tailwind if required for anything under 10kts.


At that point, look on FlightRadar24 and see what runways the planes are landing on. Simple.


Yeah i ususally do FlightRadar24 too and it will tell you the present wind speed at the airport, and what the actual air traffic is using


Also, wind headings tell you what runway is suitable to land on. Even if it appears green on Infinite Flight, it doesn’t mean wind is 0 KTS.

Yes Flightradar24 is my best friend I watch it all the time for direction of the aircraft. I just didn’t want to make a mistake on infinite flight. Thanks

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Thank you.

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If you want a R E A L answer, at least for US airports, look in the Chart Supplement (formerly AFD). This will contain tons of pertinent information about a given airfield, including the calm wind runways and preferred traffic pattern direction for each runway. This information is available online and is very helpful!

Let’s say at LAX, people in approach and using 24 or 25, follow them and land same direction as other are using. If i’m the only one in inbound traffic, then I look FR24 and see what real traffics are using and use it.

Thank you, I will check it out.

Yes I use Flightradar24 it’s great.

I will check it out. Thank you.

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Don’t trust the red and green. When you see the 24 is green at Lukla and you try to land on it… RIP

which ever runway sim brief recommends.

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