Proper procedure for a pusback with limited room to move

Hey, I am curious, what is the proper procedure to pushback when you are the last gate against the wall. When you can’t push towards the taxiway from the ramp? Do I push back for the entire ramp/apron until I get on the main taxiway?

Some airfields have special lines for pushbacks so drivers now where to position the aircraft. I usually find this on Google earth! Other than that, try and pushback onto larger taxiways when you feel you have to and when you can!

Yes, in some cases at least you do. I know this is done in Frankfurt and Singapore for example. You push out of the “bay” or area and push to the next big taxiway. Sometimes what they do is that they at first push the aircraft to the right for some time and then do the 120-degree turn to the left (or the other way around) to get to the original taxiway, basically creating space by pushing roughly 30 degrees in the opposite direction of the eventual turn (if space allows).

I was over at MMMX doing a flight to MROC in the Avianca A320, and I was in that little apron in Terminal 1. A lot of traffic there today with that event. I had a nice departure with about 6 heavies queued up in from of me.

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