Proper joystick support

Sorry if this is the wrong topic, I can’t find the features one.

So, I recently got IF when I decided I needed a way to play a FS without lugging my PC everywhere. I was hoping to connect my joystick, so I googled it. I saw “Liveflight Connect” which seems to be deprecated. I watched a couple of YT videos only to find out that you need to have a computer to use a joystick, which defeats the whole purpose of me buying IF. The only other way I can thing of is buying some sort of Bluetooth adapter for my current joystick as I can use an Xbox controller for it via bluetooth.

Kindest regards, Perry.


You can play IF without a joystick but if you need any help just say!


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You could consider getting an Android as you don’t need LiveFlight Connect to fly with a joystick:

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Hmm, thanks for the help.

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