Proper Fueling

I’m not sure if I’ve been doing my fuel input correctly. I usually just look up the average flight time between the two airports and base it off that. I’m not entirely sure if this is the most reliable source when flight planning. I’d love to know if there’s a proper way to approach a vital part of a flight plan.

  • I usually don’t take into consideration any weather briefings either.
  • I don’t take into consideration my cruising altitude either
  • I don’t take into consideration the aircraft I’m operating in as well.
    I hope this is enough information!

SimBrief. Have you tried it? In the liners, I can add about a thousand to the Block fuel and I land with just below 20%. Very hefty tool 👍🏻


Use That’s all the advice I have


Is it available on App Store?

Simbrief. Hands down.

EDIT: And everyone beat me to it.


Nope. It’s a Website

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Haha! Thanks though!

I know I can look this up, I figured it’s easier just to ask. There’s no subscriptions or anything like that right?

I belive there are subscriptions to upgrade your AIRAC (which isn’t really necessary), but other than that you should be all set.

@Klax.aviation here’s a tutorial about it:

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Sounds good! Thanks a lot, I’ll be sure to check it out as soon as possible!

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Just create an account and you’re good to go! Follow the tutorial that was posted above.

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Really appreciate this! Thanks a lot!

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Thanks a lot! Appreciate it!

You need to take multiple things into consideration like speed, altitude, climbing and descending, turbulence, wind and even temperature. If you decide to take 1.5 hours extra fuel on a 8 hour flight and you have to face a 150-200 knot head wind for 2 hours or more you will either land with a few minutes of fuel left or you will run out. The lower your altitude the faster the burn. You will have less fuel if you fly at 32,000 feet vs 35,000 feet.

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Thanks so much! How would a get information for a weather briefing?

I get wind patterns, altitude and speed on either on the Windy website of the Windy app. It will save your flight in some instances.

All your weather related questions can be solved by taking a look here :)
Winds, Temperature, anything with weather pretty much!

Since many of you here are long haul flyers and almost run out of fuel by the time you reach your destination airport after 12+ hours… what are the circumstances that would cause you to consider dumping your fuel …so far l have not committed to anything more than a six hour flight yet due to device limitations !!!

I do long hauls at least once a day and yet i haven’t been short of fuel when nearing my destination airport.
Personally i’ve never been in a situation where i have to announce emergency fuel on long hauls.
I almost everytime have 10-20% spare fuel left when nearing the end of my long haul and those fuel that are left have been carefully calculated by me ahead of time before i takeoff from my start airport and those fuel go to in case i have to divert and land somewhere else.

Reasons to dump fuel? Well i’d say if i ever dump fuel it’d be if i’m too heavy on approach.

If you calculate your fuel, weight and the winds correctly then you shouldn’t have a problem.