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I have a question upon take off. When taking off at a airport (Such as flying a 737, 757, crj series) What should my v/s be and my speed be?

V/S and speeds will vary based on a few factors. The general rule is to pitch to maintain a certain N1, and in the planes you listed above, you can expect 10-15 degrees of pitch. Check out Tyler’s Climb to Cruise Tutorial for more details.

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I usually go 3000 V/S at 250kts on a 737 / A320 takeoff.

For 777 / A359, I’m usually 2600 V/S at 250kts aswell hntil passing 10000ft

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lol, I would say 2500fpm is the max but it’s up to you @ItsBlitz

For which aircraft? I have talken to some Southwest Airlines pilots before at 3000 V/S is their usual takeoff v speed

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oh really? I thought +2500 was the max and above that people will start to feel bad

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Usually depends on your load but for the A320 / 737 family it’ll be 3000 :)

thanks for letting me know!


-Set your power
-Pitch for your airspeed
…Performance/climb rate comes after

Call me bold but in my opinion this is the most valuable thing you can learn about flying…
Its all an equation (attitude + power = performance [V/S])

The 757 irl does a initial climb to 5000ft at a vs of 3500fpm

Southwest is always a baddie when it comes to altitude. They cruise up to the max limit for their planes, 41,000 feet

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My dads gone to about 4500fpm before…

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I believe that’s just John Wayne KSNA airport you’re talking about. I’m not entirely sure about it.

@Will_W, indeed, SW loves to do everything quick and extreme. They’ll taxi at 25kts ground speed just to get to their gate lol

That is based on pitch and acceleration, not on V/S.

Here look at this.

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That seems inaccurate if it tells you to descend -3500V/S below FL100 😂

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It’s just guidelines for ATC I think

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