Proper climb

In real life, what is a proper ascending rate in terms of vertical speed (if there is one)?
What factors should a pilot consider while climbing and what has to be done accordingly?

Also, when is it OK to turn off seat belt signs?


3000 fpm should be about right.

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It depends on your weight, current altitude and speed. Shortly after departure you can climb at a pretty high V/S rate but after that you have to reduce it.
A lot of airlines keep the “Fasten seatbelts” signs on the whole time because of safety reasons. But if there isn’t any strong winds, you can turn it off.

A useful website:


here is a pretty easy guide also


It matters what kind of plane and airport I always look up departure charts on sky vector for information.

Definitely depends on plane, weight, outside conditions. For example the C130H, unless they update how power is calculated, you will never be able to figure out your true climb:( because it doesn’t use N1. It uses TIT and Torque limitations for engine power.

Another thing to consider: In busy airports you typically want to climb faster than you normally would in lower traffic areas because you want to get up and out so that other traffic can come through as well, if you are climbing like a snail, you could be a traffic hazard and could cause extra work for the already busy ATC. Don’t stall though, its not worth that.

This is only one of the factors to consider, so take into account everything.

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